Here is a quick Xiaomi Redmi Y2/S2 Mi Account Remove MIUI 10 & Fixed Relock Problem. It’s 100% working and tested method for Xiaomi Redmi Y2/S2 Miui 10 Oreo 8.0 Working on Pie mobile. Best part of this Mi account removal trick is that no need to flash MIUI fastboot ROM. Moreover, user can remove Mi account on Redmi Y2/S2 without unlock bootloader.

Redmi Y2/S2 Mi Account Remove MIUI 10 & Fixed Relock Problem

Xiaomi Redmi Y2/S2 Into EDL Mode

EDL mode is the most important part of this Mi account bypass method. If the bootloader of the device is locked then you can’t flash MIUI fastboot ROM directly. Mi flash tool will show the error.

So we are assuming that your Redmi Y2/S2 bootloder is locked and we will boot it into edl mode via test point. Process is here.

  • At first open device Manager on your pc & don’t close the window. [My Computer >> Right Click > Manage > Device Manager]
  • Next power off the locked Redmi Y2/S2 properly.
  • Open back cover of the device safely. Process is little bit technical, so please Do Google to learn “how to open back cover of Redmi Y2/S2]
  • Once the back cover removed, remove the battery terminals first. [Don’t forget to remove battery points, its important]
  • Next, short the test point using any copper wire or pin. Check the below screenshot and short the same points only.
Redmi Y2/S2 Mi Account Remove MIUI 10 & Fixed Relock Problem
Redmi Y2/S2 Mi Account Remove Without User id Or Password
  • At the same time of shorting test points, connect the phone with pc via USB cable. [If getting difficulty, take help of your family member or friend]
  • As soon as you will connect the device with pc, Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Port will reflect in device manger.

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Please NoteQualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Port must be visible under the Device Manager section. If it’s not reflecting, repeat the above process properly.

  • Now keep the phone aside and don’t unplug the cable.
  • Device is now connected with pc into edl mode and you are ready to delete Mi account.

Redmi Y2/S2 Mi account Remove File Download

Name: Redmi Y2/S2 Mi Account Unlock File Without Auth
Size: 367 KB
Password: officialroms

Click Here TO Start Download

Miracle Thunder 2.82 Free Download (Working Without Dongle)

File Name:- Miracle Box 2.82 by
File Size: 
713 MB
File Link:-

Click Here To Download Now

Redmi Y2/S2 Mi Account Remove MIUI 10 & Fixed Relock Problem in Hindi

Bypass Mi Account From Redmi Y2/S2 Using Miracle 2.82 Tool

Once the device booted into edl mode, use free Miracle 2.82 flash tool to remove Mi account verification.

  • Disable antivirus on the pc. Otherwise it will remove Miracle loader.exe file.
  • Extract the downloaded Miracle 2.82 and run Miracle setup as administrator.
  • Wait to launch Miracle 2.82 properly.
  • Navigate to “Qualcomm” >> “Extra” tab.
  • Click on “Port” button and select “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” port.
  • Tick on “Mi Account Unlock” and select “Redmi Y2/S2 ” option from drop down menu.
  • Hit on “START” button to start Mi account bypass process on Redmi Y2/S2 & Redmi S2.
  • Tool will start it’s work and just in few second device will reboot automatically.
  • All Done!!!! Mi account removed from Redmi Y2/S2 MIUI10 successfully Fixed Relock Problem.
  • Attach the battery connector again, fix the back cover properly and reboot it normally.

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Device may take long time to reboot after applying the mi account removal process. So sit back and wait for normal boot.

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