Redmi IMEI Repair Qcn File Tested File QCN file for all models

Redmi IMEI Repair Qcn File Tested File QCN file for all models

If you searched the Redmi IMEI Repair Qcn File Tested File QCN file for all models, you’ve come to the right place. We love our smartphones so much we can’t take our eyes away from them sometimes. We ‘re going to participate in various activities. However we sometimes lose some of our essential data due to an unexpected reason. Our activities can be limited to further action in terms of using our computer.Redmi Qcn File

For instance, if your computer loses its IMEI or WIFI address, can you cope with the implications? No, certainly not. It happens because after being used for a long time some data gets corrupted, and stops working. In such cases , the data must be executed from another device. So, for all models I’ll provide you with the Xiaomi QCN files. As a bonus, I’ll show you how to backup or restore QCN files on your Xiaomi-based Qualcomm devices.

Redmi IMEI Repair Qcn File Tested File QCN file for all models

Model DetailsSizeLink Here
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 QCN File _( 
Xiaomi Mi 8 QCN File_( 
Mi 6X QCN File_( 
Xiaomi _2_Redmi_Prime ( 
REDMI 3 ( 
Pocophone F1 QCN officialroms.com154KBDownload 
MI8 SE _ sirius_officialroms.com91KBDownload 
mi4i nv-qcn file_officialroms.com54KBDownload 
MI Max2_officialroms.com83KBDownload 
Mi A2 QCN File_( 
Xiaomi A1 MDG2_( 
A2 Lite_SW_VERSION_2018-08-20_19.56.55_( 
Redmi_Note_9s_ENG_QCN officialroms.com45 KBDownload 

What is QCN? (qualcomm calibration network)

QCN files refer to some secret smartphone files which contain useful information about the manufacturer. These files have IMEI, Bluetooth and WiFi addresses and are kept secret inside the firmware. So, they ‘re not easily updated or accessible. By the way, if your phone needs IMEI or WIFI related issues to be fixed, you need those files as a backup.


  • First Install All Driver Like Qualcomm Driver
  • USB Cable
  • QPST Tool
  • Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics driver on computer installed
  • Activate USB debugging to your smartphone

 Backup Process (QCN)

  • Click here to download the QPST tool. (Left)
  • Extract the package now, and place the files in a specific folder.
  • Then run the QFIL.exe code from the extracted tab.
  • Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Navigate from the device user interface to the Tools page. Then, click on Restore the QCN Backup. A window opens.
  • You can search from the window to pick a backup path, or it will backup to a default folder.
  • Then click on QCN backup, and start the backup process. Wait a moment, and the files are successfully backed up.

Restoring process

  • Function the application QFIL.exe
  • Go to Tools from the interface, and click on the Restore QCN Backup.
  • Click on browse from the window to select the backup file.
  • Finally , click on the QCN restore, and wait a moment.
  • The QCN Backup will be successfully restored.


So, you already knew about Xiaomi QCN file backup / restoration process. You can also select from the list which QCN file you need. Thanks for staying with us till the end. If you have something more to hear from us, let us hear. If you’ve enjoyed the article please don’t forget to share it with your friends and friends.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such useful info. Your simple tutorial and QCN file help me big-time finding the IMEI number. I hope your guide and download files will help many mobile users worldwide.


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