Punishing Gray Raven Tier List (May) 2024 PGR List

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List :Punishing Gray Raven is an exciting mobile game featuring an extensive cast of characters with different strengths and abilities, each having their own special strengths and abilities to bring to battle. Players may become overwhelmed when it comes time to select characters for battle; don’t fret though; there is assistance available!

To address this concern, the game provides players with a tier list for easy selection.

What is a Punishing Gray Raven PGR Tier List?

The New Tier List is an interactive system used in video games to classify characters based on their overall strength and usefulness. In Punishing Gray Raven, characters are ranked according to abilities, versatility and battle effectiveness; players often refer to this list when choosing characters suitable for certain scenarios.

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

How is the PGR PGR Tier List Determined?

Punishing Gray Raven’s PGR Tier List is created by an experienced group of players with extensive knowledge of its mechanics. Game developers regularly update this list with any new characters or modifications to existing ones.

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PGR PGR Tier List Tiers

The Punishing Gray Raven tier list is divided into All Four PGR PGR Tier List: S, A, B and C. Each tier represents the relative strength of characters within it.

S PGR Tier

The PGR S tier contains the strongest and most versatile characters in the game. These characters can excel in various situations and easily dominate battles; however, they are rare and challenging to obtain.

  • Karenina Blast
  • Nona Ouroboros
  • Karenina Ember
  • Bianca Veritas

A PGR Tier

The PGR A tier features characters who are still powerful and useful in battle, but not quite as versatile as those in the S tier. These heroes tend to be more accessible and easier to acquire than their counterparts in the S tier.

  • Bianca Zero
  • Chrome
  • Liv Luminance
  • Watanabe Astral
  • Nanami Storm

B PGR Tier

The PGR B tier contains characters who are still useful in battle but not quite as powerful or versatile as those in the A and S tiers. These characters are generally more commonplace and simpler to obtain than their wealthier counterparts.

  • Liv Eclipse
  • Liv Lux
  • Sophia Silverfang
  • Lucia Crimson Abyss
  • Ayla Brilliance
  • Kamui Tenebrion
  • Nanami Pulse

C PGR Tier

Characters in the PGR C tier List May not be as versatile as their counterparts in higher tiers, but they still possess strengths which can prove helpful in certain circumstances.

  • Lee Palefire
  • Lee Entropy
  • Watanabe Nightblade

PGR Top Tier Characters

Iris, Lucia, Liv and Lynn are some of the top tier characters in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR). These characters possess versatility and effectiveness during battles, making them great choices for both PvE and PvP content.

S TierS1AssaultLucia Crimson Abyss
S TierS1AttackerKarenina Ember
S TierS1AttackerBianca Veritas
S TierS1AttackerLee Entropy
S TierS1TankDark Kamui
S TierS1TankPulse Nanami
S TierS1SupportLiv Luminance
A TierA2AttackerSophia Silverfang
A TierA2AttackerAyla Brilliance
A TierA2AttackerLucia Dawn
A TierA2AttackerKamui Bastion
A TierA2AttackerLee Palefire
A TierA2AttackerKarenina Blaster
A TierA2AttackerBianca Zero
A TierA2SupportLiv Lux
A TierA2AttackerWatanabe Nightblade
A TierA2AttackerWatanabe Astral
B TierB3TankNanami Storm
B TierB3SupportLiv Eclipse
B TierB3AttackerLucia Lotus


Are only characters in the PGR S tier worth using?

No, there are many powerful characters in A, B and C tiers who can be effective in battles.

How often is the PGR Tier List Updated?

The tier list is regularly updated to reflect any changes made in game play.

Can characters move up or down in the tier list?

Character rankings can adjust due to changes made in game or changes to the metagame.

Is it possible to obtain S-tier characters without spending money?

Yes, through the game’s gacha system you can acquire S-tier characters; however it May be difficult and require a great deal of luck.

Can lower tier characters still be effective in battles?

Yes, lower tier characters can still prove helpful and efficient in certain circumstances.


By understandings the strengths and tiers of each character, players can build more effective teams and win battles more easilys. The tier list serves as a useful references point when selecting which characters would work best in various situations in Punishing Gray Raven (PGR)s.

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