Poppy Playtime Characters: All the Characters (May 2024)

Characters in Poppy Playtime: Moonflower Productions, a small Canadian firm, created Poppy Playtime – an unsettling horror game. After its October 12, 2021 debut, it quickly gained notoriety for its unique gameplay and creepy ambiance. As new employees at the abandoned Poppy Playtime plant, players must retrieve various defective mechanical toys while uncovering dark secrets about Poppy Playtime toys as well as its founder’s evil plans during a tour through its creepy factory.

Poppy Playtime Characters: Poppy Playtime is an engaging horror-puzzle game where players must use logic and skills to escape a plant, with captivating action, an unsettling atmosphere, and subtle shocks bringing praise for this title.

Now that we understand the game stakes let’s focus on its characters:

Huggy Wuggy

Poppy Playtime Characters: Huggy Wuggy is Playtime Co.’s most iconic character, his silly smile and iconic waves inspiring both joy and fear in players around the world. Created in 1984 by Playtime Co., Huggy Wuggy quickly became one of their most beloved toys; in Chapter 1, he serves as your main adversary and follows you around every corner.

Huggy Wuggy is a tall, lithe blue-furred toy who likes hugs. But inside him lies an evil monster with sharp fangs, big eyes, and deadly intent; although he still enjoys giving hugs he prefers ones where you let me suffocate and bite your face instead.

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Kissy Missy

Kissy Missy, Playtime Co’s “better half and cute companion,” features bright pink fur and long, dark eyebrows. She was created in 1985, one year after Huggy Wuggy debuted.

Chapter 2, Kissy Missy opens a gate for you and leaves without attacking. This contrasts with the intense animosity and violence of her other toys, including her male equivalent. It has led many theory makers to speculate she might be an ally of sorts – Huggy Wuggy’s better half? We won’t kiss her until we understand more about her goals and past.


Poppy Playtime Characters: Cat-Bee is an adorable Swap-imal toy created by Playtime Co. that looks like an amalgamation of bumblebee and cat. In Chapter 1, use the Make-A-Friend machine to assemble one of many Cat-Bee toys found scattered about.

Chapter 2, you hear Cat-eerie Bee advising you to “get out of here”, with her familiar laugh and expression suggesting she may only be kidding. We don’t know much more about her other than these brief cameo appearances but can guarantee she will return!

Candy Cat

Treats! Oui. Candy Cat, created in 1979 by Playtime Co., is described as a free-spirited icon who “always Julyes to her own music” and who children have been known to treat themselves to treats on her Digital Collectible page.

Candy Cat, a starving blue cat with an enormous maw and long pink tongue, appears in-game as a cardboard figure that you can “feed” by pressing the big red button. She was given to Makayla Hyssop as an orphan; players believe Candy Cat to possess Makayla’s soul.


Poppy Playtime Characters: Bron, a 1961 Playtime Co. brontosaurus toy, appears in Chapters 1 and 2. Playtime Co. describes him as an ambitious hard worker who strives for success. He appears on many in-game banners, cardboard models and ads as a big red dinosaur with funny vocal lines from his cardboard figure voice lines; however his evil side comes out when he calls himself “the fiercest dinosaur.”

Poppy Playtime Characters

Boogie Bot

Boogie Bot, a battery-operated green robot manufactured in 1993 and featured in Chapters 1-2 of Playtime Co’s Adventures in Robots series, rarely appears as either a toy or cardboard model. Both children and adults deemed him one of the most automated Playtime Co. has ever encountered; quickly becoming everyone’s favourite character! We can only hope his adorable face doesn’t become disfigured; otherwise his character would surely become less endearing!

Mommy Long Legs

Poppy Playtime Characters: Playmate! I loved Mama Long Legs (aka Project 1222 or Marie Payne), she is Betty Spaghetty crossed with a spider – with four long arms writhing beneath her and parts like an insect cephalothorax and belly.

She runs on all fours and climbs walls and ceilings as though made of plastic or rubber, appearing nimble enough to move easily across any terrain. In Chapter 2, her neck and arms appear flexible enough to be extended to great limits – according to the Move Request she submitted, they could stretch hundreds of feet.

Bunzo Bunny

In Chapter 2, the Musical Recall minigame introduces Bunzo Bunny, a bunny toy. He always wears green dungarees and a party cap and features golden fur, long ears, and big buck fangs. From his “happy birthday” cardboard figure, we infer that he was an official Funtime Co. symbol for children’s birthday events.

Mini Huggies

Poppy Playtime Characters: Better than One Big Huggy Wuggy? Mini Wipes! Mama Long Legs claims, “These creatures used to have ropes tied around them so they could be pulled back when too close to children; now Playtime Co has provided these freebies as part of Wack-a-Wuggy!”

PJ Pug-a-Pillar

Playtime Co.’s Pug and Cat characters have tall furry bodies with big, beaming pug faces. We see him on signs and wooden models around the plant, as well as in Chapter 2.


Poppy Playtime Characters: Daisy is an automaton with flower-like features: flower head, stem arms, leaf hands and feet that only appears on Elliot Ludwig’s plaque. She may be too scary for children and may cause them to cry during shows; one room page mentions this fact as well as her wooden figure saying: “I’m pulling for you! Root?”

Boxy Boo

Created for Project: Playtime, an uneven co-op horror game, Boxy Boo is a terrifying spring-armed jack-in-the box. Playtime Co.’s 1966 creation is cheerful and lively but its beast form is feral and ravenous; capable of eating humans all at once but hiding in his box until the right moment arrives.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our article on Poppy Playtime Characters. I hope you found it informative and please don’t forget to tell me which character was your favourite in the comments below!

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