Project Shining Silver codes (May 2024)

Project Shining Silver codes (May 2024): Project Shining Silver is a Roblox game strongly influenced by the Pokémon series. It offers a free to play experience where players can capture, train & engage in battles with Pokémon.

Regularly, Project Shining Silver provides codes for players to redeem in exchange for in-game rewards, which may include complimentary Pokédollars, items, and even Pokémon.

About Project Shining Silver

An independent Pokémon game called Project Shining Silver draws inspiration from the tradition of Pokémon Brick Bronze. Players can start their journey as ambitious Pokémon trainers in this Roblox adventure. Players are offered the opportunity to search and capture a diverse range of Pokémon within this immersive world. Additionally they can nurture and train their Pokémon to enhance their combat capabilities by unlocking new skills. Within the game there is also an in game currency that can be utilized to purchase a wide array of items, including Pokéballs for capturing untamed Pokémon.

Project Shining Silver codes
Project Shining Silver codes (May 2024)

Active Project Shining Silver codes (May 2024)

Here are all of the active Project Shining Silver codes as of May 2024:

PSSMarchPackRedeem for 25k Pokédollars, 15 Poké Balls, 10 Potions, 5 Super Potions, 5 Antidotes, 5 Paralyze Heals, and 20 Rare Candies.

Expired Project Shining Silver coupons

The following Project Shining Silver coupons have expired:

Promo CodeReward
HappyFebruaryRedeem for 25k Pokédollars
FerroseedWhenRedeem for Level 5 Shiny Stage 1 Starter
HappyValentineRedeem for Level 25 Heart Pikachu
WillYouBeMine?Redeem for 100k Pokédollars
SafariZoneHypeRedeem for 5 UMV Batteries
TimeForSafari2023Redeem for 100 BP
StarterPackRedeem for 20 Pokéballs, 15 Potions, 10 Paralyze

How to redeem Project Shining Silver codes

To redeem a Project Shining Silver coupons, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Roblox.
  2. Boot up Project Shining Silver.
  3. Click on the Menu card. It can be found on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click on the Options button.
  5. A window will appear. Paste the code into the field and hit Enter.
  6. Redeem your rewards!

How to Get More Project Shining Silver codes?

To access additional codes for Project Shining Silver, consider becoming a member of their official Discord channel dedicated to the project. Within this channel, there is a designated section for Codes, where the developers regularly share their latest code updates. Additionally, you can conveniently bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the most recent codes immediately upon publication.

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