Pokemon Shining Pearl Poketch apps and Locations 2024

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you may use a total of 21 different Poketch Apps. While some, like ‘Dot Artist,’ are only entertaining, others, like the Dowsing Machine and the Egg Monitor, which displays the present state of the Pokemon nursery, may be rather helpful.

Within this guide, you’ll find a complete catalogue of the Poketch applications available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, as well as information on how to get them.

Pokemon Shining Pearl Poketch apps and Locations

About App Information Poketch apps

App Name :Pokétch Apps Shiny Hunt Counter
Package Name:com.poketch.app
File Size34MB
DeveloperBrandon Fearing
Download Link (Play Store)Visit Here


A guy working at the department store in Veilstone City can hook you up with the “Counter” Poketch app. When the plus sign (plus) button is clicked, the counter increases by 1. Most often, this is used to keep track of how many eggs have been hatched or how many interactions have occurred when looking for shinies.

Analog Timepiece

Get the Analog Watch Poketch app by chatting with the Blackbelt at the bottom-left residence in Celestic Town. This shows the time as set on the Nintendo Switch, much like the Digital Watch.

Placement of Marks on a Map

Once you’ve earned three badges, you may visit the Poketch company’s president in Jubilife City to request the Marking Map. You can see where Mesprit and Cresselia are on a map of Sinnoh, and you may use the app to mark their positions with icons.

An Example of Using a Coin to Decide

You can get the ‘Coin Toss’ Poketch app by chatting to the Rich Boy in his isolated residence at Hotel Grand Lake, which requires Rock Climb to access. It’s just a simple programme for flipping virtual coins, and it can randomly choose either heads or tails.


The guy in the eastern residence of Sunyshore City will give you the Calendar if you show him a Pokemon with the Serious nature. A monthly calendar with today’s date highlighted is shown.

The Dot Artist

Show the guy in the Eastern home in Sunyshore City a Pokemon with a Naive nature, and he’ll give you the ‘Dot Artist’ Poketch app. Dot Artist is a pixel art drawing apps. Simply sketching on top of a pixel will make it darker.

Digital Watch

The time that is currently set on your Nintendo Switch will be shown digitally on the Digital Watch. This accessory comes included with the Poketch.


One of the most basic regular calculator out there. The Poketch has it as part of the package.

Keepsake Reminiscence Book

The Memo Pad allows you to jot down ideas or sketch pictures with your finger or the cursor. After obtaining one badge, go to the Poketch headquarters in Jubilife City and ask to speak with the President. You can find him at the western part of Jubilife City, on the ground level of the Poketch Company building.


Your in-game activity is recorded by the pedometer which you may reset by pressing the “C” button. The Poketch comes with it.

Pokemon Checklist

The ‘Pokemon List’ tab details who’s in your party how much HP they have, and whether they’re equipped with any items. You get one with your Poketch purchase.

Friendship Detector

You may get the Friendship Checker from the lady at the Pokemon Center in Eterna City. In this way, the player may keep tabs on how friendly each of their Pokemon. For the level of friendship between two people to be at its highest, their hearts must be completely filled.

Equipment for Taking Depth Readings

After meeting with either Dawn or Lucas on Route 207, the player receives the Dowsing Machine. When the player touches the app, a scan is performed to locate any concealed goods.

Monitoring the Eggs

You may find the Egg Monitor in the nursery of Solaceon Town. You can check to see which Pokémon are currently in the Nursery and whether or not they are carrying an egg by using this programme.

Background on Pokemon

Talk to the Pokemon Ranger to the left of the Pokemon Center in Solaceon Town to get the Pokemon History Poketch app. A user’s most recent twelve Pokemon captures, hatchlings, and evolutions are shown in this app.


For the ‘Spinner’ Poketch app, visit the guy at the eastern residence of Sunyshore City and present him with a Pokemon of the Quirky type. This programme allows users to both sketch and spin a central spinner.

An Counting Chain

If you visit Professor Oak at Ramanas Park, he will provide you with the ‘Chain Counter’ Pokech app. The quantity and types of Pokemon in each of your three PokeRadar chains are recorded here.

Home Kitchen Clock/Timer

In Ramanas Park, if you show the girl a Snorlax, she’ll give you the ‘Kitchen Timer’ Poketch app. The timer may count down from a maximum of 100 minutes, which the user specifies.

Swatches of Color

The girl in Ramanas Park may be given a Kecleon in exchange for the ‘Kitchen Timer’ Poketch app. Using this feature, the user may alter the Poketch display coloration indefinitely.

Hidden Moves

The ‘Hidden Moves’ Poketch app is obtained naturally through Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s story. Players may employ these Hidden Moves to get access to previously inaccessible locations and movement options. You’ll earn new Hidden Moves as you progress through the tale, and the app will automatically add them.

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