Pixel Buds Pro Head Tracking: Spatial Audio with Head Tracking

Pixel Buds Pro Head Tracking: Google created wireless Pixel Buds Pro. They replaced the 2019 Pixel Buds and were introduced in 2021. Pixel Buds Pro’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology reduces background noise for a more immersive listening experience. Adaptive Sound changes loudness depending on ambient noise in the earphones.

Pixel Buds Pro boasts 12mm dynamic speaker drivers for rich, clean sound. For streaming music, the earphones support the high-quality AAC audio codec. With a vented design to ease ear pressure, Pixel Buds Pro are pleasant and secure. They have several ear tip sizes to accommodate your ears. The earphones are sweat- and water-resistant for exercises.

The touch- and voice-controlled earphones work with Android and iOS smartphones. Google Assistant lets you play music, obtain directions, and make calls hands-free. Pixel Buds Pro with ANC last 5 hours and 24 hours with the charging case. A USB-C cable or Qi-certified wireless charging pad may charge the case.

Pixel Buds Pro Head Tracking

Pixel Buds Pro Head Tracking

Pixel Buds Pro Head Tracking: In the next Pixel Buds app software update, the Google Pixel Buds Pro could finally acquire the Spatial Audio with Head Tracking function. Google has already said that the capability would be accessible, albeit as of right now, the Pixel Buds Pro only support spatial audio.

Google’s new Spatial Audio settings page was forcefully enabled in the most recent APK Insight by 9to5Google. On the page, users have the option to activate or disable the “Head Tracking” function as well as spatial audio.

The website also has a demo video that allows viewers to experience both Spatial Audio in general and with Head Tracking enabled. Along with officially supporting spatial audio and head tracking, the newly released OnePlus Buds Pro 2 compete with the Pixel Buds Pro. The function is comparable to that of the Apple AirPods Pro.

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