Picross S8 Release Date: Nintendo Switch 2024

Picross S8 Release Date: Jupiter’s Switch-exclusive puzzle game Picross S8 is coming shortly.
Jupiter has revealed Picross S8’s Nintendo Switch release date. Jupiter is doing something extra for Picross S8 that most fans won’t see. While there won’t be a new game mode or extra puzzles, Picross S8 will incorporate a social feature.
Picross S8 adds local multiplayer. Picross S8 will come on Nintendo Switch with four-player co-op. Each player’s pieces will be coloured to show who did what, faults and all. Picross S8 is local co-op only. Online multiplayer is missing. Perhaps Jupiter will add it.

Picross S8 Release Date

Picross S8 Release Date

Picross will premiere on September 29. It’s nearly time for Picross S8. Jupiter validated the new nonogram game’s features. Over 300 puzzles will be accessible in the conventional Picross and Mega Picross game modes, 30 Color Picross puzzles with animated graphics, 150 Clip Picross puzzles, and five enormous Extra riddles, with three locked for Picross 4, 5, and 6 owners.

Jupiter has one more surprise for Picross S8. The new game supports touchscreens so nonograms may be solved with a stylus. Jupiter will patch all Switch Picross games to allow touchscreens and local multiplayer. Picross S8 will provide updates for earlier games.

Those who haven’t tried Picross or nonograms won’t have to pay to play. Picross S8’s trial version arrives on September 22. You can see whether Picross is worth your time.

Picross lovers will be thrilled to have additional puzzles to complete, local multiplayer and touchscreen capabilities notwithstanding. It’s wonderful to play on breaks, before bed, or to unwind. Jupiter publishes new games so often and cheaply that there are constantly more riddles.

Switch gets Picross S8 on September 29.

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