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Peso Pluma Net Worth 2023: Early Life, Career and More

Peso Pluma Net Worth 2023: Peso Pluma, a Mexican rapper, singer-songwriter and socially conscious lyricist has quickly achieved international renown over recent years. His music is recognized for its catchy melodies, clever lyrics and socially aware themes; two studio albums by Peso have both been certified gold; he has even won multiple awards such as Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist!

Who is Peso Pluma?

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known by his stage name Peso Pluma, was born June 15, 1999. While still young he honed his guitar playing and used his creative energy to compose original songs inspired by regional Mexican music traditions.

Peso Pluma embarked on his musical career by releasing two studio albums – “Ah y Que?” in 2020 and “Efectos Secundarios” in 2021 – in 2022. Together with Raul Vega, Peso Pluma also collaborated to produce “El Belicon,” an album that garnered critical acclaim and sold 480,000 copies; further evidenced by eight Platinum Latino certifications from RIAA. Since then he has released the EP “Sembland,” along with performing duet performances with Luis R. Conriquez called “Siempre Pendientes.”

Peso Pluma Net Worth

Peso Pluma has established himself in the musical landscape with his distinct blend of corridos tumb ados–corridos combined with urban music, trap and reggaeton elements–into his distinct sound. This hybrid genre has played an instrumental role in reinvigorating this genre within Mexican music scene while his global popularity can be measured through being Mexico’s most streamed artist.

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Peso Pluma Net Worth

Peso Pluma has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 Million. His main source of income is music performance; however he also makes money through brand endorsements and advertisements.

Early Life and Career

Peso Pluma (born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija in Mexico City on June 15, 1999) began his musical journey early on, developing an affinity for hip-hop music from an early age. A major turning point came with his release of “La Pluma,” his initial single that gained great fame and elevated him into stardom.

Peso Pluma dedicated much time and energy honing his musical craft before embarking on an impressive collaboration with Roberto “Tito” Laija Garcia of his cousin Roberto Pluma Family Music Production. Together they produced two engaging live albums which received high acclaim. Peso Pluma released “Disco en Vivo, Vol. 2” under El Cartel de Los Angeles on February 21, 2020; both compilations served to showcase his live performances throughout Jalisco State. On April 20, he released his inaugural studio album entitled, “Ah y Que?” The collection consisted of 12 tracks that featured collaborations from prominent artists like El Choforo, Lalo Reyes and Jorge Morales El Jilguero.

In the year 2021, specifically on March 19, Peso Pluma unveiled his second studio album “Effects Secundarios.” The album was preceded by the release of the singles “Con dinero baila el pero” and “Lo que me das”. Peso Pluma dedicated efforts towards crafting a unique musical style, as seen in the single “Por Las Noches” released on June 11. This particular track, which is a slowed-down Sierra piece narrating an unintended breakup, stands out. Peso Pluma also presented “Todo Es Playa,” a song centered around the theme of smoking marijuana. This single marked his final release under El Cartel de Los Angeles before transitioning to George Prazin’s Prazin Records.

On February 4, 2022, Peso Pluma collaborated with Raul Vega for the single “El Belicón,” a corrido trap anthem that explores local narcoculture. Following this, on April 20, he treated his fans to an extended play titled “Sembrando,” which featured the new song “Signal” along with four others. Additionally, Peso Pluma and Junior H jointly released “El Azul” on February 10, accompanied by a live performance video directed by Johnny Ragr.

In a notable achievement, Peso Pluma reached the number one position on the Spotify Global weekly chart dated April 20 with the track “Ella Baila Sola.” Billboard reported on April 24 that the song had risen from 10th to 5th place on the Hot 100 chart, breaking its previous record and becoming the first regional Mexican song to reach the top five in the chart’s history. Peso Pluma continued to release music, presenting the solo track “Bye” along with a music video directed by Edgar Nito on May 26. Additionally, on May 31, the singer collaborated with Argentine producer Bizarrap on the fusion track “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 55”.

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How much does Peso Pluma make each year?

Peso’s earnings depend on the year, but he usually nets approximately $2 Million annually.

What are Peso Pluma’s major sources of income?

Peso Pluma relies mainly on his music career, brand endorsements, and advertisements as sources of revenue.

What is Peso Pluma’s most well-known song?

“La Pluma,” Peso Pluma’s most well-known track has been streamed over 500 million times on Spotify alone!


Peso Pluma is an emerging star in the music industry and his net worth is expected to continue growing over time. A talented artist with an immense fan base, Peso will no doubt continue entertaining and inspiring listeners worldwide.

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