RealMe 1 Password,Pinlock ,Pattern Lock And FRP Unlock

RealMe 1 Pattern Unlock is a security feature designed specifically for RealMe 1 smartphone users. This security measure enables you to lock and unlock your phone using an individual pattern of your choosing, providing extra protection against unauthorized entry. With RealMe 1 Pattern Unlock, users can rest assured knowing their phone is secure from all potential breaches and attacks.

RealMe 1 Pattern Unlock requires setting up a pattern by drawing it onto your phone screen with your finger. After doing so, locking and unlocking is as simple as drawing another pattern onto the same screen – even if someone else gets hold of or steals your device without knowledge of its unique code. This ensures that no one else can access your information without knowledge of your unique pattern.

RealMe 1

Oppo RealMe 1 Password,Pinlock ,Pattern Lock Unlock

File Size: 713 MB

File Name:- Miracle Box 2.82 by

How to Unlock Realme 1 using Miracle Box Tool 2.82 Without Box

  • Step 1: Run Miracle Box program on your computer
RealMe 1 Password,Pinlock ,Pattern Lock And FRP Unlock

Step 2: Open the MTK Tab then click on Service Tab under MTK Tab.

RealMe 1

Step 3: Then select 8th Boot in boot menu & select “OPPO Redme 1” boot.

RealMe 1
  • Step 4: Then select “Format”, Uncheck Safe Mode & select “Advanced Frp” (Select only “Userdata & Frp”)
  • Step 6: Connect your phone to the computer using the USB Data Cable.
  • Step 7: Wait for Finish or Pass.

Important Notes: Take a Backup of your SmartPhone data before Flashing or Update Firmware as because during the Flashing process your personal data will be removed permanently

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