Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock Password, Pin Free Bypass 2024

Here is the method to remove Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock Without Any Auth id or Box Method by Msm Download Tool Software: this software makes it easy to remove passwords and bypass FRP from Android devices; all you have to do is download and install it on your computer, connect your device with it, then remove both password and Google Account easily using Oppo CPH1853 Hard Reset.

Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock Without Any Auth id Without Any Box

Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock Password, Pin Free Bypass

It can be incredibly frustrating when users forget to lock their phones. You may think your device cannot be unlocked unless you visit a servicing center, but this is untrue. This article will show you how easy it is to unlock Oppo A3s Pattern Password Pin & FRP Lock using the Pattern Unlock tool.

If you have forgotten your pin lock, password or pattern for some reason and can’t perform a factory reset, this tutorial can be very useful. There’s no need to connect to the internet or download any Oppo A3s pattern unlock tool – all that’s required is some basic computer knowledge!

Oppo A3s User Lock And Screen Password?

Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock, Disassemble Phone Open Screw Warranty May Be Void Warranty Open Sticker Foil Protected on Cpu And Ram Find Resistor According Photo, Short it With Gand Connect Cable And Wait Qualcomm Port Appear Start Operation Battery Connected Need

  • The best way to mill reset OPPO A3s?
  • way to wipe all information from OPPO A3s?
  • The best way to bypass display lock from OPPO A3s?
  • The way to restore defaults from OPPO A3s?

This tutorial shows all technique of master reset OPPO A3s. Because of this your OPPO A3s will soon be as fresh and your Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 heart will operate faster.

Download Oppo A3s Flash File And Free Tool 2024

Before flashing your device with MSM Download Tool, you must first configure it. If you don’t already possess an activation license file, then you will need to purchase one.

Make Sure: Only use the official premium version of the MSMDownload tool or check below to activate for free.

Oppo A3s Mbn Loader All Files

Oppo A3s EDL Mode:

Turn off your Oppo A3s smartphone. Every phone comes with EDL Mode (Emergency Download Mode), and Oppo also provides this option. To enter EDL Mode on your phone, press the following key combination.

  • Hold the volume down and power keys together until Oppo Fastboot Mode appears on your screen.
  • To select Recovery Mode, use the importance up/down key and press the power key to confirm.
  • Now, your Oppo A3s will boot into Recovery Mode.
  • Below, you will see VER click VER 5-7 Times.
  • Your device will then be rebooted into EDL mode.
  • Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

If the device is appropriately connected to the computer, it will create a ” Qualcomm QRLoader” comport in the device manager.

  • Right-click on “My Computer=> Manage=> Device Manager”.
  • The MSM Download Tool will then detect your device in EDL Mode/ Emergency Download Mode or Qualcomm D Loader Port and automatically flash it.
  • Wait for the Flashing to stop. It will take about 10-15 minutes.
  • After Flashing is complete, disconnect your device and turn on the device.
  • Next, you will need to set up the first steps.
  • Next, verify your Oppo A3s Password and Pin Unlock successfully.
  • Done.

Oppo MSM Pattern Unlock with Download Tool

Important Note: MSM download tool is the official flashing tool for Oppo devices. It requires an internet connection to flash any oppo device.

  • First, download the flash tool and flash files to your computer.
  • Extract them with 7zip, or WinRAR.
  • Copy all files from the flash folder to your Flash folder.
  • As administrator permission, run “MSMDownload.exe.”
  • You will now see a login popup.
  • Enter the correct password and login-id. Otherwise, your device won’t be able to flash.
  • We have an easy solution to activate the MSM download tool.
  • You can also search Google for the email ID and password. 
  • Oppo MSM Download tool activation
  • After you have successfully logged in, the MSM Download Tool will open.
  • The primary process begins from here.
  • Please follow all steps carefully.
  • To load the firmware file completely, click on the Start All button.
  • The tool will then verify your PC’s memory checksum.
  • It will take just a few minutes.
  • Connect your Oppo A3s with your computer via USB cable.
  • Now, press the Oppo A3s Boot Key.

Oppo A3s Pattern password Pin unlock with Find My Device

Android smartphones all come with the Find My Device feature, which can help locate, erase, lock and secure your device in case of damage or theft. You might also discover more about what this feature does and how to unlock your phone using it.

Be sure to delete all your personal information, including images, videos, files, and many other things.

  • Go to Google Find My Device.
  • Log in using that same Google Account ID and Password that you used to log in to your phone’s Oppo A3s.
  • Now, you will find you’re Device name and model at the top left.
  • There are “3” options; choose to erase the device.
  • Take a few minutes until you’ve finished the eraser.
  • After the Erase process is complete, Your device will reboot.
  • That’s it.

Oppo A3s Remove Pattern/ FRP using Z3x Jtag/ UFI box

The process for using both Z3x Jtag and UFI boxes is the same. In this particular instance, I will be using the Z3x Jtag box; however, should you have UFI, you can use the same procedure to unblock your smartphone. Here I provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide so that no part is skipped.

If you don’t complete this process, you won’t be able to claim your warranty on the device as you will need to disassemble it. Bypassfrpfiles.com takes no responsibility for any damage that occurs as a result of this procedure; now that is complete, you may begin proceeding with it.


  • A functioning Windows PC or Laptop.
  • UFI / Z3x Jtag box
  • Jumper wires
  • USB cable.
  • Mobile Toolbox

How do you connect Oppo’s A3s with Z3x simple Jtag

  • The first step is to turn off the Oppo A3s. Open the cover on the back of your phone with the mobile toolbox.
  • Remove the motherboard from the camera of the device display, battery.
  • Z3x jtag box has an adapter for connecting. Remove your adopter and connect it to your UFI box. It comes with six jumper ports. It would help if you, therefore, connected all the ports on your phone. Look at the ports below:
  1. Data
  2. CMD
  3. CLK
  4. CQC
  5. VCC

Review the images below, and then connect the jumper wires with care.

  • Find the jumper pinouts for six jumpers on your motherboard.
  • The majority of them are close to the EMC IC of the majority of phones. Oppo Android phones.
  • It is now time to be cautious when connecting the 6jumpers with your phone or UFI adopter.
  • Be sure to join CMD in CMD and DATA in DATA, GND to GND, and the same with other devices.
  • After you have successfully connected all jumpers to the Z3x Jtag box adapter, then click the Z3x Jtag Box to your computer.

Get rid of pattern lock Oppo A3s using Z3x’s easy Jtag

  • First, install the Oppo Preloader driver onto your computer.
  • Install and run the Z3x Jtag box on your computer.
  • Click on your eMMC tab. (Run UFI EMMC tool for this).
  • Then click detect. It will locate the Oppo A3s device.
  • Click here and then click Advanced.
  • Click and find the Reset OPPO.
  • Be patient until you reach the end. (It may take two or more hours)
  • After completion, unplug your device from the Z3x Jtag.
  • Make sure the phone is assembled correctly.
  • Then turn on your Oppo 3s and verify that you have successfully unlocked The pattern as well as the FRP.

If you have any doubts, check our FAQ section.

New Latest Method Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock Using Loader CMD Command

  • Download and save from the Oppo A3s All Loaders MBN File onto your computer
  • Shut off your Oppo phone.
  • Download your Qualcomm USB Driver before connecting your device.
  • Set your phone to its EDL (Qualcomm QDloader 9008 Mode)
  • Connect it to the PC
  • Then press the Right Click and Shift buttons simultaneously and select Open CMD
  • Paste and copy the following codes, and then press Enter for unlocking FRP Lock Pattern Pin Password FRP Lock quickly.
1-->>>> check port

emmcdl -l

Be sure that you don't forget to update the COMPORT No

2-->>>> info

emmcdl -p COM10 -info

3-->>>> Read Partition

emmcdl -p COM10 -f prog_firehose_ddr_fwupdate.elf -gpt

4-->>>> Erase Userdata partition

emmcdl -p COM10 -f prog_firehose_ddr_fwupdate.elf -e userdata

5-->>>> Erase Frp partition

emmcdl -p COM10 -f prog_firehose_ddr_fwupdate.elf -e frp

6-->>>> Erase Config partition

emmcdl -p COM10 -f prog_firehose_ddr_fwupdate.elf -e config

We are getting close to finishing the article. I hope you enjoyed the article and have learned how to unlock Oppo’s A3s and the FRP Lock.

I hope you’ve learned the right way to get rid of Oppo A3s Pattern and FRP lock. If you have any questions concerning Oppo unlock or have any difficulties using the code, please email me using the below comments box. Also, please provide me with ideas on how I could make it better.

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