Nintendo’s latest director approval rate for 2023

Nintendo’s 2023 Director Approval Rate: The 2023 director approval ratings have been released, and most have barely changed from the prior year.

Particularly Shuntaro Furukawa, the president of Nintendo, saw his approval rating decline from 96.86 percent in 2021 to 88.32 percent in 2023. All six Nintendo administrators were elected with overwhelming support from shareholders during Nintendo’s 82nd Annual Normal Assembly of Shareholders; here are their individual outcomes.

Nintendo’s latest director approval rate for 2023
Nintendo’s latest director approval rate for 2023

Nintendo administrators approval charges 2023 vs (2021)

Name2022 Score2021 Score
Shuntaro Furukawa88.32%96.86%
Shigeru Miyamoto92.24%97.88%
Shinya Takahashi98.56%97.88%
Ko Shiota98.56%97.57%
Satoru Shibata98.56%97.85%
Chris Melandri99.25%99.31%


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