Nikke Advise Guide 2024 | Work & Answers

“Goddess of Victory: Nikke” boasts an expansive and detailed world filled with characters who engage players, immersing them into its strategy and bonding dynamics. One key aspect of the game is the advising mechanism which allows players to interact with and strengthen bonds with Nikkes – this guide seeks to give you all of the knowledge you need so as to maximize interactions with these wonderful friends!

About Nikke Advise Guide

Advisor is an integral component of “Goddess of Victory: Nikke.” Players can utilize its assistance not only for character advancement and level ups but also by consulting advisors regarding her individual tale. Every character possesses distinct personality traits which players may explore by consulting an advisor – this offers additional insights into Nikke’s history while unearthing side stories revealing more details of who she truly is!

Nikke Advise Guide | Work & Answers

How Does Nikke Advise Work?

Advising is a daily interaction with Nikkes that provides players with an opportunity to advise five Nikkes of their choice once every day. To start an advising session, players need to navigate from Outpost to Command Center before clicking Advise tab in Bond Management page to view ranks for Nikke and then choose either gifting them or engaging an advising session.

Nikke Advise Answers

Nikkes will often engage players in casual conversations during an advising session, asking their opinions on various subjects and seeking their responses on those matters. Players’ answers could significantly determine bond points they receive based on how Nikke responds. It’s essential that players consider her personality before selecting an answer – for instance advising someone who loves shopping to stop spending might not be effective when discussing financial troubles; understanding likes and dislikes might lead to providing answers which resonate more with her interests, strengthening bonds in return.

Understanding Nikke’s Advise Work System

Nikke’s intricate Advise Work system is key to its success; to use it effectively, players must fully comprehend its inner mechanics. Let’s dive deeper into its core elements:

Role of Advise Work

Advise Work in Nikke is more than a mere side quest–it plays an instrumental role in shaping your character’s progression and includes various tasks designed to build up skills while providing access to essential resources.

Task Categories

Nikke divides Advise Work into specific tasks, including combat missions, resource gathering, and diplomatic ventures. Each category requires its own approach – our guide can explain all its intricacies!

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Task Prioritization

Not all Advise Work tasks are equal; we offer a tiered approach for prioritizing tasks so you can stay focused on activities which align with your character strengths and goals.

Resource Optimization

Efficiency is the name of the game! Learn to optimize your resources–be they time, energy or currency–for maximum Advise Work outcomes by following our comprehensive guide with its illustrated resource flow mermaid diagram for an easier visual aid.

Unlock Side Stories

As players establish relationships with Nikkes, they have the chance to discover side narratives about her background and traits – insights which may prove instrumental in subsequent counseling sessions.

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New Question & Answer

NikkeQuestionGood answerBad answer
admiWhich do you prefer: dogs or cats?I’m more fond of cats.I prefer dogs.
admiIs there anything I can do to help her out?Just say ‘Thank you.’ She would appreciate that.Tell her you’ll help her with her work from now on.
admiWhen will she ever grow up?It’d be better if you just gave up on that idea.Someday, she will. Someday…
admiWhat’s your favorite place in the Outpost, Commander?The courthouse, because it’s where you are.The Commander’s room.
admiCommander, what kind of weather do you like?Rainy days.Sunny skies.
admiAre there times when that makes you feel sad, or even hateful toward us?Never.Yes, there are times.
admiCommander, do you have an ideal type?Someone who is cute.Someone who is mature.
admiDo you agree with that?Eternal love does exist.Eternal love is a lie.
admiCommander, where do you go when you want to relax and unwind?A park without too many people.Downtown, somewhere crowded.
admiBut… I’m not quite sure what kind of hobby to choose.What about looking at cat pictures? Or taking cat pictures?What about exercising?
admiWhat are your thoughts, Commander?I can’t give up, not until I know how it all ends.You just need to start fresh.
admiAny ideas?Some alcohol.A vacation.
admiWhat type of music do you typically listen to, Commander?Subdued and solemn music.Upbeat and exciting music.
admiDo you dream often?No, not very often.Yes, all the time.
admiIf we manage to reclaim the surface, how would you feel?I’d be elated.I’m not sure how I’d feel.
admiI tried it several times but can’t seem to grab anything.I’m the claw machine master.Honestly, I’m not very good.
admiI’ve never tasted anything so sweet.I’ve eaten a lot.I’ve barely tried anything.
admiCommander, out of curiosity, is there anything you would like as a gift?Your time.A cat doll.
admiI may have gone a bit overboard.Not at all, as long as you finish reading all of them.Just a tad.
admiHow do they make that sound, I wonder?Not as cute as your voice.*Meow*
aliceHiya, Rabbity! Where is the rabbit in this song going?It’s searching for a happier world.Naturally, rabbits prefer the hills.
aliceWhat if Sleeping Beauty gets hungry while she’s sleeping?She’ll have plenty to feast on in her dreams.If she gets hungry, she’ll wake up.
aliceIs there a way we can ask her to stop?We could soothe her nerves with a cup of black tea.Actually, the snow has nothing to do with Ludmilla.
alicewhich taste do you prefer – sweet or salty?I like salty-sweet carrots.Actually, I don’t like carrots at all.
aliceWhat makes Splendamin so splendid?It puts you in a splendid mood.It gives you a splendid body.
alicewhat kind of weather do you prefer: sunny or snowy?Snowy.Sunny.
aliceI don’t think I’ve ever seen them go to sleep, not even once.That’s why we have to make them all go to sleep.They’re under an insomnia spell.
aliceOh! Rabbit! Do you always wake up this early?That’s right! I’m gonna go drink some spring water.I was just sleepwalking.
aliceI don’t know what to do.They will be fine as long as you stay with Ludmilla all the time.Let them stay hidden.
aliceRemember?OK. I will try my best in every race.I won’t take part in any race.
aliceWhenever you sleep, do you dream?All the time.Not very often.
aliceWhat do you like to do whenever it snows?Have a snowball fight.Make a snowman.
aliceRabbity, sing with me!Join in and complement her singing.Sing along jokingly.
aliceWhat other animal friends are you close with?A dog.A tortoise.
aliceHave you ever eaten snow before?Sure, I’ve eaten snow that’s fallen on the ground.Never.
aliceDo you like cotton candy, Rabbity?I like it because it’s sweet.Not really, I think it’s too sweet.
aliceWhat goes through your mind when you can’t fall asleep?I imagine tea time with you.I lay down and try to keep my mind blank.
aliceWhat should I make them look like?Like a rabbit.Like a snowman.
aliceWould a cloud melt like cotton candy do?Sure, and it would probably taste the same as well.I doubt it.
aliceIf you were the main character in a movie, what would you be?A hatmaker.Alice.
anchorAre you good at fishing, Captain?I’m a master angler.Catching people is my specialty.
anchorMarine life have faces only a mother could love, don’t you think?That’s part of their charm.They sure do.
anchorWhat should I do when my head hurts?Touch Anchor’s forehead.I’ll take you to go see Mary.
anchorIf I hadn’t become a Nikke, what would I be doing?You’d be a member of the navy rescue team.You’d be a starfish.
anchorWhat kind of swimsuit should I choose?Something cute with frills.A one-piece with starfish designs.
anchorStarfish are getting a bit stale for me.Octopus?Jellyfish?
anchoris there anyone else here aside from us?No, why?Yeah, there’s someone… right beside you!
anchorHelm will probably give me an earful if I ask the marine life to take over for me.I can help you.How could they help you clean?
anchorGot any good suggestions?Let’s put our brains together and think.Sea Cucumbo, Spoony Worm, and Starry?
anchorWhat should I prepare?Nutrium would be a good choice for a party.Can’t go wrong with seafood.
anchorWhat do you think I can do to make it not as lonely?Raise marine life on it.It looks happy to me, because the Aegis squad is around.
anchorDo you think that kind of outfit would suit me?I am a tad curious how you’d look in uniform.Your current outfit suits you perfectly.
anchorWhy doesn’t the Ark have one?We should hurry and reclaim the surface.Should we build one in the Outpost?
anchorI get kinda jealous whenever I see Morgan talking to Mast.You’re connected to them on a spiritual level. They don’t have to speak.Mimic marine life speaking.
anchorI think I’ve got nearly every line memorized by now.I’ll keep the pirate-related movies somewhere out of reach.Just tell her you want to watch something else.
anchorI’m so sleepy.You can take a nap on my bed if you want.We can end our session early today.
anchorhow long can you stay underwater?32 seconds on the dot.Probably longer than you can.
anchorWhat should I do?Wait for her to open up.Threaten her with a starfish.
anchorAre seahorses good or bad at swimming?They’re bad at it.They’re good at it.
anchorbut I don’t know how to express that and tell them how I feel.I don’t think you have to tell them. I’m sure they already know.Imagine them as sea creatures.
anisI want an honest answer.Her face.Her heart.
anisI didn’t go outside today.Then shower twice!Then you don’t need a shower at all.
anisCommander, what do you think I should do?Not everyone finds joy in their work, and that’s okay.You can try to find joy in your work.
anisSo what if I leave my dirty socks lying around?Socks? Where?Because she’s the one who does the cleaning.
anisShe’s a firepower maniac.That’s why she excels at what she does.You shouldn’t say that about your teammate.
anisSo, which one is better in the end?Chocolate-flavored Splendamin.Chocolate.
anisSometimes I just can’t figure out why we were put in the same squad.Your differences are what make you work well together.You have many strengths as well.
anis… Should I ask Mary for medical treatment?Seems like you’ve been under a lot of pressure recently.Did you apologize to Neon?
anisBut I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.Maybe because your shoulder is too heavy.… Anis, there’s a person on your shoulder.
anisDo you think it’s a little bit…You look gorgeous in it.Bizarre? Kind of.
anisNo real reason, I’m just curious, that’s all.I would literally die without them.I don’t have much interest in them.
anisHow about you, Commander? Do you help others, or ignore them?You should solve your own problems.I can’t ignore someone that is in trouble.
anisThey don’t serve any purpose, and it seems like they’d be uncomfortable.Don’t you ever put down her glasses!I’m not so sure myself.
anisIt might be better if it had a more mouth-watering name.Juicy Perfecto.Ultra Splendamin.
anisIf we were to show them our true colors, would they be averse to it?You can’t please everyone. Haters gonna hate.If you’re gonna put on a mask, might as well wear a cool Ark Rangers mask.
anisI can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may be a warmonger of some kind.Your body is tricking your brain in order to survive.What’s so surprising about that?
anisHaving a girl shower in your room must make you a bit uneasy, right?Uh…It really doesn’t affect me that much.
anisIf you’re going through a rough patch, just let me know. I can help.I’ll try to figure it out myself.She can be a bit… fastidious.
anisIt was the first time I had ever seen that dog, yet it made a beeline straight for me…You must have felt uncomfortable.You must have been happy.
aniswhat would you want to do?I would just sit back and do nothing.I would complete my bucket list.
anis_sI’m so jealous that you can swim.I actually prefer staying out of the water.Then let’s go swim, just like you mentioned.
anis_sDon’t you think sunset is prettier than sunrise?How about we crack open a soda and take in the sunset?It is, but neither of them is more beautiful than you.
anis_sHow can I live without my precious carbonated beverages?How about I give you some of mine?You can take this as an opportunity to wean yourself off of soda and drink more water.
anis_sI wonder what new variations will appear in the future?What about windpower?That’s probably all of them.
anis_sWaddya say we both take shelter under this beach umbrella?Much appreciated.I’m fine. I applied sunscreen.
anis_sIsn’t the color of this shell lovely?It’s the same color as your hair.It’s similar to Rapi’s hair.
anis_sbut I couldn’t sleep.Want to hang out for a while?Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?
anis_sI wonder if I was a fish in my previous life?You may be onto something.Fish can swim though.
anis_sUnder the red hot sun♬You and me, just two of us♬What song is that?
anis_sI wanna test you: do you know what kind of bird it was?A seagull.A sparrow.
anis_swhat do you think of my swimsuit?You should take good care of it so you can keep wearing it in the future.It’s so nice that it’s almost a shame to wear it. You should store it away safely and treasure it.
anis_sWhat if I find out I don’t like soda as much when we return to the Outpost?You can just come back to the seaside again.Something tells me you’re gonna keep drinking soda no matter where you are.
anis_sWell, I have a bloodcurdling story to share with you, Commander.Anis! Be-Behind you!Lay it on me.
anis_sWhat’s the tastiest thing you’ve sampled up here so far?Barbecue.Grilled seafood.
anis_sCan you apply some sunscreen on my back?Sure. Turn over.Do Nikkes even need sunscreen?
anis_sCome and get me, Commander!I’m gonna get you!What are you talking about?
anis_sI made this sand castle all by myself. What do you think?… Castle? Where?It’s breathtaking. I feel like we could move in.
anis_sWhat do you think, Commander?I personally prefer your swimsuit, Anis.Rapi’s swimsuit is indeed very cool.
anis_sDo you know what it is?A pearl?A nice-looking rock?
anis_sAhahaha! You should see the look on your face, Commander!I can’t see! Help!!… Is this a starfish?
anneand every store has a Christmas tree in their front display.I’m thinking of putting one in the Commander’s room.It’s the most beautiful season of the year.
anneThe line is apparently really long though.Let’s go together and wait in line.I can go and get some for you if you like.
anneEmma said it can be fun, but that you need to have decent drawing skills as well.How the cookies taste is what’s important, not how they look.If you’re good at drawing, that’s great, but it’s not mandatory.
anneand Maiden does cosplay… although I’m not entirely sure what that’s all about.It’s good to have hobbies.Nothing wrong with video games, but those two take it to the extreme.
anneThere’s a place on the surface where the snow is piled up as high as your head!The next time I go to the Northern Base, do you want to come along?In those kinds of places, you have to watch out for avalanches.
anneDo you have a family?You all are my family.To be honest, I can’t remember.
anneDo you think I’ll have that many friends one day?You can achieve anything you put your mind to.Everyone is uniquely charming in their own way.
anneI’ve decided. I’m going to be a mail carrier.Is it just because you want to ride a motorcycle?How’d you come to this decision?
anneIs it really true that if you hang a sock on the wall during the holidays, it’ll be stuffed with gifts the next morning?It’s true, but only for children who have been nice.That’s right. Just let me know if you decide to hang one.
anneNeon says that if you scrunch up some snow and throw it, it makes a big explosion.It only did that because Neon tampered with it.Snow isn’t explosive.
anneYou decide for me.A snowman.Why don’t you just buy a cake instead?
anneDo you often sing Christmas carols?When it’s going to be Christmas, sure.Singing really isn’t my cup of tea.
anneWhat was the drink called again…?Hot chocolate?Coffee?
annewho would it be?You, of course.Santa Claus.
anneI feel so content.If you’re happy, then I’m happy.Those are the best days.
anneI don’t know anything since it’s my first time.Bring a snack or some kind of party favor.You don’t have to do that.
anneDo you believe in miracles?Yes. I believe in miracles.No. There’s no such thing as miracles.
anneMerry Christmas!Merry Christmas, Anne.Today isn’t Christmas…
anneApparently you can only ride them in the snow.Would you like to ride one now?I can’t say I have.
annewhat would you wish for?For you to be happy.Nothing. I’m perfectly happy right now.
ariawhich seats do you prefer?The ones closest to the stage.Anywhere is fine.
ariaIf you had some time off, what would you do?Travel far away to somewhere exotic.Stay at home and sleep in.
ariawhich one will you pick?I don’t need either of them.Fame.
ariaDid something happen there?It’s home to a poor soul who has forgotten how to sing.It’s home to a tone-deaf ghost.
ariaor the ending of a song is more important?The beginning.The end.
ariaif we ever reclaim the surface, what’s the first thing you’ll do?Find higher ground and shout to the heavens that we have retaken the surface.Find higher ground and sing.
ariaMaestro, are you a fan of hard-hitting music?I am. It helps me identify with Volume.I can’t really identify with the emotions being expressed in that kind of music.
ariaIf she was feeling down when you saw her, what would you do?I wouldn’t do anything. It’s the path she chose.I’d try to cheer her up.
ariaI want to do something exciting. Something spontaneous.Try to practice singing outdoors.How about you take a break from practice?
ariaThe unfolding stories, the expectation of the audience, and the arrangement made with everyone. All of this is up on me.You’ll always have your music, Aria.You’ll always have me, Aria.
ariaWhat do you think its secret is?Opera is eternal.What was once old always becomes new again.
ariaIf it were you, what would you do?I’d try to convince him that I was right.I’d give in to the director.
ariaWhat can I do to improve?Just focus on the music.Try to open your heart to someone.
ariaWhat should I do to help him?Let him handle it on his own.How about you make flub some notes to make him feel less awkward?
ariacomedies or tragedies?Tragedy.Comedy.
ariaHave you ever considered what the perfect death would be?Sacrificing yourself for a noble cause.There’s no such thing as a “perfect death”.
ariaAre any of them your type?You are, Aria.I don’t know.
ariaWhat are some recreational activities I could have fun with?Go sing some karaoke.Rock climbing.
ariaMaestro, have you ever hit a snag before?Of course, it’s common.I don’t think I have.
ariaIn the end, who would you compose for?For myself.For the public.
belortaWho do you like better, me or Mica?You.Mica.
belortaWhich one would you choose, Old-Timer?Apple.Strawberry.
belortaWhat kind of firecracker you think is better?Or those pretty ones that the Carronades like so much?Big, powerful ones?
belortaI should do something to put a smile back on her face. But what?Buy her something yummy.Stop playing tricks on her, just for one day.
belortaor as a Rapture?Neither one is very scary.How about a Rapture ghost?
belortaWhat kind of events should we hold?A two-for-one offer on tricks?A two-for-one offer on toys?
belortaWhat do you even do on the holidays?Head out and have some fun.Rest at home.
belortaWhat would you choose?A short life with no hunger.An eternal, hungry life.
belortaBreakfast, lunch, or dinner?The important thing is what you eat, not when you eat.I like every meal.
belortaThey say the weather is gonna be beautiful tomorrow! What kind of things should I do?Play tricks on Mica.Light up some firecrackers with Mica.
belortawhat would it be?Sustenance is paramount, so large quantities of canned food.I can’t stand being bored, so probably a cellphone or laptop.
belortaHey, how do you relieve stress?Eating something delicious.I meditate.
belortaDo you prefer night or day?Night.Day.
belortaAre there any foods that you dislike?No.I’m not big on vegetables.
belortaAre you a good cook, Old-Timer?Cooking is a hobby for me.I can barely boil water.
belortaDo you like it?I’m a mint chocolate fanatic.I’m not a huge fan.
belortaWhat are you in the mood for?Setting off fireworks together.Having a nice meal together.
belortaWhat’s on yours?To try new foods all around the world.Travel the world after reclaiming the surface.
belortawhat would you call us?FirecrackersBaby pig sisters.
belortaHow would you feel if your close friend died?Mica will always be with you.I would feel as if a part of me died as well.
biscuitUh, isn’t it… stifling to stay indoors today?Shall we go out for a walk?Shall I open the window for you?
biscuitW-Would you like to have some?I’m good. You can have it all.Sure, thank you.
biscuitSweet snacks or savory snacks?Sweet snacks are the best.Savory snacks are the best.
biscuitTrainer, what kind of weather do you like?Sunny weather.Rainy weather.
biscuitIt makes me feel acknowledged, so I feel great!Is that the so-called bond between dogs?That’s the so-called bond between Nikkes, isn’t it?
biscuitLet’s play together!Lightly toss the frisbee toward the door.Open the window and throw the frisbee far away.
biscuitwhat kind of puppy would you want?A puppy like you.A puppy like Poli.
biscuitTrainer, what kind of scent do you like?The fresh smell of a dog right out of the shower.The musty smell of a dog coming home from a walk on a rainy day.
biscuitWhat should I do to overcome this?Try covering your eyes as you speak.Try roaring as you speak.
biscuitThe same thing goes for other cats. Why are they so lovely?Because they are born lovely.You won’t think that way if you see cats making trouble…
biscuitHow about you, Trainer? Do you also want to understand them?I do wish I can do that when they’re sick.I can already understand what you’re saying.
biscuitUh… Trainer, what kind of person do you see me as?A cool and mighty puppy.A troublemaker of a puppy.
biscuitHmmmmm…Do you want some snacks?Biscuit, catch!
biscuitDo you like dogs or cats more?Dogs.Cats.
biscuitI hope they can be happy forever. Hehe.They will be, since you’re here.I hope you can be happy too, Biscuit.
biscuitWhat should I do to give their teeth a good brush?How about giving them snacks after brushing their teeth?You can just lead by example.
biscuitTrainer… I’m hungry.Give her sweet potato sticks.Give her chocolate.
biscuitHow can I get to know it better?Be patient and wait until it approaches you.Why don’t you try approaching it, Biscuit?
blancI can’t get in touch with her either…Maybe she left to practice pole dancing.Maybe she went out on a date.
blancWhat do you think is the best way for me to transmit happiness?By holding hands.Any method is fine, as long as it brings luck.
blancIt feels kinda lonely when I do it on my own.If that’s what you want, go for it.Counseling sessions are supposed to be one-on-one.
blancWhat do you think?You’re awfully pretty yourself, Blanc.I agree.
blancAny idea on how we can help her?You should hold her hand.We can’t help someone who can’t help themselves.
blancWhat’s your favorite type of girl, Pit Boss?Someone vivacious.Someone taciturn.
blancHow do you think we should handle them?Let me take care of them.Treat them the same way they treat you.
blancI want to do everything with her.What a great bond you two have.Even going on a date?
blancPit Boss sounds so… old-fashioned at times.Call me by my real name.Call me “Darling.”
blancWould you be willing to try on my bunny ears?… Sure, I guess.No thanks.
blancwhat kind of outfit would be nice?You’re perfect the way you look now.A skin-tight dress.
blancWhat would you like to do if you had a vacation, Pit Boss?Hang out with you.Not budge an inch and have a nice staycation.
blancWhat exactly should I make?How about pictures of you?How about drawings of four-leaf clovers?
blancYou’ll come and watch, won’t you?I’ll be there, no matter what comes up.Depends on my schedule that day.
blancWhat’s something on your bucket list, Pit Boss?To watch your show up on the surface.To perform with you on stage.
blancAnd I hate crying…Noir will always be with you.You shouldn’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.
blancA or B?A.B.
blancI’ve got a date with Noir.Can you bring me with you?Alright.
blancwhat would it be?Hmm… Can you give me some time to think?Good luck bunny.
bridShe relies on others too much. It’s a bad habit.Ignoring her won’t fix that.If I ignore her, she’ll keep nagging.
bridWho made this?Bring her a coffee without saying anything.Is something the matter?
bridOr do you prefer a nutty flavor?Nutty.Bitter.
bridWhat can I do to discourage Diesel from singing without offending her?Tell her to fill her mouth with candy during her shift.Tell her to stop her awful singing.
bridHave you experienced any inconveniences?A few days ago, Soline was sitting beside me and grumbling.No, none at all.
bridDo you agree, Commander?No. I believe it is perfect as it is.Yes. There’s plenty of room for improvement.
bridOr do you alternate between work and breaks to keep things in balance?I do it all at once.I try to balance it out.
bridAre you working today, or will you be going out to have some fun?Do I have other options, aside from work?I’m going out to have fun.
bridNow I wonder if I have given her too heavy a burden.Diesel is a strong leader.It does seem pretty hard on her.
bridCommander, perhaps you know the reason?The AZX is becoming more and more popular.Brid is becoming more and more popular.
bridor the future?The past.The future.
bridor through text messages?Text messages.Face-to-face.
bridwhen you look at me, what do you see?A workaholic.A coffee addict.
bridDon’t you have something to say to me?Did you finish all your work?I’m sorry?
bridwhat would you want to do?Day off? There is no such thing.Sleep in all day.
bridIs there anyone you’re having difficulty working with?No one comes to mind.There is someone who’s a bit childish.
bridDo you believe there’s such a thing as a white lie?No, I don’t.I do.
bridOr do you prefer to play it safe and not risk it?I prefer to play it safe.I often take on challenges.
bridHow do you feel about trains?I long for the day I can ride the rails up on the surface.I don’t have time for such flights of fancy.
bridwhere do you think I will be in 10 years?You’ll probably still be running the train like you are now.You’ll probably be a member of the Ark Express.
centiWhat should I do?Make it louder!Give them ear plugs.
centiDoes all my noise make you uncomfortable?Actually, it energizes me!It is like a lullaby to me.
centiI just can’t make up my mind!If you can’t decide, just build two buildings!Why not practical AND fancy?
centiI’m terrified I’ll run out of spots to build on before long!We’ll take back the surface soon!If that happens, just tear it all down and start over!
centiA building schedule is like a promise! I can’t go around breaking my promises!A good builder does not blame their tools!Bad things happen from time to time!
centiThis really bothers me!Just eat a day’s worth of food at once!Just eat and work at the same time!
centiBut she would kill me if I did!Don’t worry! She wears a helmet!Are you afraid of death!?
centiCan you pick one for me?A truck!A motorcycle!
centiWhat should I do?No matter what, safety always comes first!Adjust the project schedule!
centiI want to help them, but I don’t know what to do!Rebuild the whole Outer Rim!Give them moral support!
centiI’m struggling to find ways to get close to him!Take him out for walks every day!Give him lots of treats!
centibut I’m not sure what color I want to get.Grey.Orange.
centiThe dream was so vivid, I’m still replaying it in my mind!That was no dream, that was a vision!Congratulations!
centiI only have two hands, so I can’t hold an umbrella.Wear a raincoat while you’re working.Take a break whenever it starts raining.
centiSoooo, I’m wondering what kind of music I should listen to while I work.Crank some hip-hop and hammer along to the beat.Blast some rock music to raise the tempo.
centiI’m worried I’ll be useless without her.Don’t worry too much about things that haven’t even happened yet.You’re perfectly capable of solving problems on your own.
centiBoss, what do you normally do during your free time?Anything to improve me.Read.
centiOr do you prefer places with fewer people around?Crowded places.Empty places.
centiThe idea that my job might disappear one day really bums me out.I’m pretty sure our jobs are safe.I’m doing some job hunting on the side myself.
centiThere’s got to be some way around this…Wear shoes without laces.Just don’t overthink things and keep working.
cocoaor sunny days?I like rainy days.I like sunny days.
cocoaWhat can I do to keep her at bay?Fire some ketchup at her.Fire a gun at her.
cocoaDo you prefer eating inside, or going al fresco?I prefer eating in the restaurant.Ordering take-out and eating it elsewhere can be nice.
cocoaI want to return the favor, but how?Give her two thumbs up.Tell Ade what a good job she’s doing.
cocoaWhat’s your stance on that?If you’re a maid, you can open your umbrella wherever you want.Opening an umbrella indoors is generally frowned upon.
cocoaWhy do you think that was?She felt inferior standing next to someone as cool as you.She might have wanted another maid to serve her.
cocoaMaster, is there anything you don’t go anywhere without?Credits that I can use at the Maid Cafe.My umbrella.
cocoaI want a real challenge. Give me something to make.I want an opulent super-duper mega ultra omurice.I want a delectable, supremely appetizing apple juice.
cocoaI’m crafting a new menu, and can’t decide which sauce to use.Ketchup.Ketchmayo.
cocoaWhat would you like me to draw using ketchup?Draw me.Draw a self-portrait.
cocoaI’ll make it for you right now.Savory omurice.Sweet and delicious fruit parfait.
cocoaWhat kind of service should I include?Why don’t you ask the customers what they’d like to see?There’s nothing you can do. The service at Maid Cafe is already perfect.
cocoaHow good of a maid do you think I am?You’re a professional.Hmmm…
cocoaWhich do you prefer, Master?Warm cocoa, all day every day.I don’t care if I’m about to freeze to death, I’ll only drink iced cocoa.
cocoaWhat should we do?Do you want to go somewhere?Nothing beats resting at home.
cocoaHow should I deal with them?Teach them a lesson about manners.Be rude right back to them.
cocoaI can.Can you teach me?I can do it with my eyes closed.
cocoaI like you, Ade and Soda equally.I like you as well, Cocoa.Actually, I kind of prefer…
crowDo you know any place that’s worth spending my money on?Dark Net?What do you need them for, exactly?
crowDo you have the authority to get it taken off?I will make the request to Syuen.
crowI just can’t figure out what it is.Do you have any guesses?I’ll try to snoop around.
crowAny good tips for training a dog?I will ask a Nikke who owns a dog.Jackal is not a dog.
crowWhat’s the difference between humans and Nikkes?The possibility of duplication.Just the mechanical aspects of the body.
crowOr would you just burn it?I would wash it and reuse it.I would burn it.
crowYou ever been to the Outer Rim?Yes.No.
crowWhat do you think?No, of course not.I think she’s right.
crowAny ideas?I’ll take you there.Why do you want to go there?
crowCan you guess why?Because you enjoy breaking their ideals.Because, deep down, you’re an idealist, too.
crowhow do you keep yourself from getting too anxious?Tell them to hurry it up.Concentrate on something else.
crowIs there anyone you could never be close to?Well… you, for one.Such a thing would never happen.
crowHow can I set them straight?Tell them specifically what they’re doing wrong.Just trust them and give them time.
crowWhat do you think of Syuen and Missilis?She’s a boon to mankind.
crowI’m technically the leader of Heavenly Ascension.Is that not correct?I’m sure you’re not.
crowHey {AccountData.NickName}, what do you admire most in a person?Firm beliefs.Know-how.
crowwould you do it?Yes.No.
crowAny recommendations?A dog toy.A cute hair scrunchie.
crowIt’s always bandied about like it’s a given, but is it actually possible?I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.As long as you don’t give up, there is always hope.
crowHave you ever wanted something so badly, that you were willing to die for it?Yes, the safety of the people.No, never.
dWhat are you doing?Leave her alone.
dare there any other factors that you consider?What impact my decision will have on the world.Not really. I just make my decision and go for it.
dMoney? Respect?Neither.Both are important.
dDo you consider yourself a good person?I try to walk the straight and narrow.Yes, I consider myself a good person.
dIt’s a heavy load to bear…The life you lead?Your body?
dmake this world a cleaner place?Get rid of all the garbage.Reduce waste production to nothing.
dWhat’s wrong?What is in that bag?… Nothing.
dwhat kind of tool do you think you’d need?I’m not too sure.One that got rid of blood splatters.
dor the body?Both are fine with me.I can’t really decide on that.
dthere is a day I choose to go to the dark side…I will do what has to be done and take you down.That day will never come.
dWhat would you do then?I wouldn’t procrastinate and finish what I intended to do that day.I’d save it for another day.
dMy name’s Daisy, and I’ll be your counselor today.Some counselor you are, being late to an appointment. You’re fired!Who are you…?
dAren’t you scared of me?I haven’t done anything wrong. Why should I be scared?A little.
dWhat is atonement to you?Taking full responsibility for your actions.Doing whatever it takes to be forgiven.
dWhat do you do?I act casually and continue along my merry way.I try to follow them.
dWhat’s your favorite kind of weather?Rainy days.Sunny days.
dWhat do you like to do on your days off?I sleep.I don’t take days off.
dWhat do you do?I check whether the gift contains anything dangerous.I celebrate the fact I’ve gotten a gift.
dWhat do you find most admirable in a person?The ability to come off as cold, but in reality be quite gregarious.The ability to clearly distinguish right from wrong.
deltaTake this opportunity to get some rest and relaxation at the Outpost.I’m afraid not. No way I’m letting my guard down.Thank you. I’ll get some rest.
deltaI am worried that I have been too harsh when talking to Signal.You really should treat Signal better.I don’t think so. You sound warm and kind.
deltaSpicy, or not spicy?In war, any food will do.Not spicy.
deltaWhat is the correct course of action?Take the effort you would have put into rest and put it into training.Follow Seraphim’s advice.
deltaCommander, do you have a type?I like people who work hard for themselves.Why do you ask?
deltaIs it funny to treat training as a hobby?Maybe they just thought your answer was unusual.Nothing could be more serious than training.
deltaWhat goes through your mind during battle?I’m thinking about how to save everyone.I’m thinking about how to win.
deltaCould you recommend some music?Military anthems.Julia’s violin performance.
deltaHow should I decline her offer?Think of it as team building.Just tell her you’ll be training.
deltaDo you ever think about it, Commander?No. I live in the moment.All the time.
deltaWhat are you willing to invest your time and money into?Someone that piques my interest.Something that piques my interest.
deltaWhat are you setting out to accomplish this year, Commander?To reclaim the surface.To just get through it alive.
deltaWhat are you setting out to accomplish this year, Commander?Weapons research.What pastimes do you often indulge in?
deltaif we fail to reclaim the surface and things merely remain as they are?I’d refuse to give up.I would feel quite exasperated.
deltaIf you received a compliment, what type of dance would you like to do?Popping and locking.Shouldn’t you be asking me what kind of compliment I’d want to hear instead?
deltaHey Commander, how are you feeling?Great.Not so good.
deltaDo you have any advice for me?Trust me.Trust yourself.
deltaDo you think it’s important how food tastes?No, it’s not terribly important.Of course it is.
deltaCould you please transmit a bugle call from the radio tower at approximately 6 AM?Private {AccountData.NickName}, reporting for duty!… I don’t think that’s such a good idea.
deltaWhat do you think, Commander?We’d have never allowed such indolence back in my day.Well, they’re still just a bunch of greenhorns.
dieselAre you bored or something?Yes.Nope.
dieselWhat should I do?Give her some better strawberry candy.No more candy for her.
dieselWhat can I do to cheer her up?Ask Soline to stay away from Brid for a while.Help Brid with some of her work.
dieselCommander, do you like soft flavors or strong flavors?Strong.Soft.
dieselAZX is coming through! Ding dong!She’s out of tune, but just let her sing.She’s out of tune, so tell her to stop.
dieselCommander, did you like Ark Rangers when you were a kid?I was a huge fan.I never got into them.
dieselWhat should I do?The AZX is already perfect. No need to decorate.Make it the same color as strawberry candy.
dieselwhat would you do, Commander?Practice my singing.Sleep in the office.
dieselWhat would I be doing if I hadn’t come to work at Arc Express?Probably a pop idol.Definitely a kindergarten teacher.
dieselwould you want to go back and change anything?Yes.No.
dieselwhere would you go?Somewhere near the ocean where I could hear the sound of crashing waves.Somewhere with a lush forest and babbling brook.
dieselWhat’s your favorite color, Commander?Blue.White.
dieselWhat type of clothing style do you like?Cool and casual.Prim and proper.
dieselIs there anything else I could get her to drink instead of coffee?Make her a sweet strawberry latte.Why change it? Nothing beats a good cup of joe while you’re working.
dieselWhat’s your favorite smell?Sweet fruitsFresh flowers
dieselIn your mind, what’s the ultimate compliment?Any compliment from you.Any compliment is fine by me.
dieselWhat do you prefer?Phone calls.Texting.
dieselWhat’s something small that makes you happy?Talking with you.I haven’t really thought about it.
dieselIs there anything you would want as a birthday present?Strawberry cake.It’s the thought that counts.
dieselWhat age do you want to live until?I want to be immortal.I want my life to be short and sweet.
dollaDo you invest in stocks?Are there any good stocks to invest in?I’m investing long-term in Missilis.
dolla[The end justifies the means.] What do you think of this saying?I agree.I can’t agree.
dollaRupee is completely stupid, and Yan is pretty annoying.Yet you still trust them.You should be nicer to them, since you guys are working together.
dollaWhat’s your ideal type?Someone with ambition…Why you would ask such an odd question?
dollaHave you ever broken the law?Hasn’t everyone?Nope. I’m innocent.
dollaWhat will I be in 10 years?The CEO of a monopoly.The leader of a charity organization.
dollaHow can people be content with the things they already have?What good is feeling satisfied, anyway?They find meaning in something other than possessions.
dollaAny places you recommend?The hot springs.The Commander’s room.
dollaAh. Don’t get me wrong. Just asking for market research.A smartwatch for everyday wear.A cutting-edge computer.
dolla*Sigh*Did something go wrong with a transaction?What’s wrong?
dollaTell me, how does it feel to never have the upper hand in any relationship you have with others?I consider it an investment that could potentially pay off big down the line.I’m willing to tolerate it if it’s for the sake of my friends and squadmates.
dollaIf you want, you could come to my office someday and we can look at it together.Anytime.You’re not going to make me work overtime or anything, are you?
dolladoes it stress you out? Or do you just ignore it?It lights a fire underneath me.I don’t let it faze me.
dollaYou don’t know what he’s into by any chance, do you?Why? Do you need something from him?Why? Are you interested in him?
dollaIf you were to go with me, where would you go?To Royal Road.To the Outpost.
dollaWhat would you do? Hypothetically.Do what has to be done.I’d convince them to get with the program.
dollaWhat kind of excuse would you use?There’s still half left, so I wouldn’t lose my head.I’d go gambling and win back what I lost.
dollaI just want to rough him up a bit…What he did was unforgivable.He’s young and stupid. He made a mistake.
dollaWould you rather save your money, or invest it?Invest.Save.
dollaHow much money do you think it takes before you’re satisfied?You’ll never be satisfied, no matter how much money you have.It’s all about making money, not how much of it you have.
dorothyWhat’s the point of reclaiming the surface?All I want is for everyone to be happy.I want to bring an end to this war.
dorothyHave you ever tried your hand at skinning a deer?No, but I have an idea of how it’s done.Actually, I’ve never even come across a deer.
dorothyI assume it’s quite different from the cuisine in the Ark.It’s a heavenly delight.It’s delicious, but not very convenient.
dorothyI’m interested to hear your perspective.It’s a good place to live.It has its flaws.
dorothyBut be careful, she’s more dangerous than she seems.How so?Yeah, I know.
dorothyDo you think it’s fair or unfair?It’s unfair.It’s fair.
dorothyThat actions have consequences and people who do bad things will eventually get what’s coming to them.It’s hard to say.Yes, I think it’s true.
dorothyHow does it feel to carry the hopes of everyone in the Ark?It feels like a heavy burden.It’s motivating.
dorothyAre you all comfortable?It’s not ideal, I feel suffocated at times.It’s absolutely perfect, I couldn’t ask for more.
dorothyAnd she’s so obedient.…?!I-I suppose so.
dorothyIf I may ask, how do you see them?They’re my comrades in life and death.They’re like family to me.
dorothy… It’s distressing.Did you see them off properly?What is their condition?
dorothyI haven’t had a nightmare in ages. It feels awful.Did you dream about ghosts?Did you dream about falling from the Elevator?
dorothyDon’t you ever want to sleep in?I guess it’s because this isn’t my home.Maybe I’m feeling a bit anxious.
dorothyThere are beautiful white lilies blooming in the patio. We should go check them out later.What’s the scent of lilies like?What do lilies look like?
dorothyIs there anything you need?I just wanted to chat with you.I have a question for you.
dorothydo you think Eden has any flaws?It’s missing a certain warmth.No. It’s perfect.
dorothyDo you think we can reclaim the surface?I think it’s achievable.I’m not entirely certain.
dorothyWhat do you think of it?I appreciate the subtle touches of pink.Pink seems to be your favorite color.
dorothyDo you have a favorite type of weather?I enjoy sunny and warm weather.I prefer rainy and cool weather.
drakeWhy? Don’t they understand I am a far superior being?If you salute first, they will salute back.Teach these stupid people how to act.
drakeHa! Hahaha!Hahahaha!Hee hee…
drakeHaha! I’m pretty awesome, right?… Do you want me to order it for you?You are pretty awesome!
drakeSo, I used my own strength! I picked him right up!How admirable of you.You should’ve let him get up on his own.
drakeThey’re doomed for sure!You have to save them, Drake.You’re right. These stupid humans are beyond help!
drakeThere’s no way she can win battles by relying so much on equipment!Since Maxwell made them, they must be very effective, right?They are just decoration.
drakeThey’re so annoying.How many did you give them?I know, it’s annoying.
drakeSo, buy me some Nutrium! Right! Now!Not before you finish your vegetables.I don’t have any money.
drakeDo you know what I’m afraid of?Becoming too powerful.Losing your life.
drakeBut meat is limited, so we can’t waste it on experimentation.How about eating and cooking at the same time?Challenging your taste is always fascinating.
drakeCan you handle watching horror movies on your own?Horror movies are child’s plays to me.I can’t stand horror movies.
drakeI hope we reclaim the surface soon so I can immerse myself in nature once again.Summer is a perfect fit for you.I’d have thought winter would be a better fit for you.
drakeIn order to accomplish that, I’ll go to the police station and…have them put you behind all of the criminals who are locked up.
drakeCan you believe that?! Me! An angel!Tell them that you’re no angel, but instead the ultimate villain.Just block that person’s account
drakeDo you know what a villain should do on a roller coaster?Never close their eyes?Not wear their seat belt?
drakeOne of the employees must have screwed up.Fried chicken is great even with the sauce.File a complaint and send that employee packing!
drakebut I can’t decide what I’d like to do.Take up a high-energy sport.Horticulture can be very therapeutic…
drakeIf you could turn invisible, what’s the first thing you would do?Annihilate every last Rapture.Rob a bank.
drakeWhen my time is up, what do you think I should have written on my headstone?What?! You’ll never die!Here lies the ultimate supervillain.
drakebut she wants it super spicy!Spicy fried chicken can be good, as long as it’s mild.Spicy chicken is the best!
emmaI wonder why…?Because they want you to have more.How about trying it yourself first?
emmaCommaaander! Are you free this weekend?Of course.I’m kinda busy.
emmaWhat’s your favorite color, Commander?Black.Yellow.
emmaIs there anything I can do to help them?They’ll have to figure it out for themselves.Cook for them. Then I’m sure there will be at least one thing they agree on.
emmaBut, I’m supposed to be the big sister!That’s just part of your charm.Being the big sis doesn’t mean you need to be perfect all the time.
emmaYou look terrible. What’s wrong?I’m just overworked.Nothing.
emmaI don’t have time to go back and exchange it…I can help.How about giving it to Eunhwa or Vesti?
emmaWhy is that?It’s because you’re so pretty.Maybe it’s because of Absolute’s reputation.
emmaHow can I get her to loosen up?Use your special skills to help her calm down.Just support her quietly.
emmaHmm… What should I do?How about mixing it with something else?It’ll keep bugging you until you buy a different brand, so just do it.
emmaBold, or understated?Understated, with hints of boldness.Bold, with some subtle, understated tones.
emmaWait… could it be…… Maybe they’re just feeling under the weather.
emmaTake a guess!She probably tries her best not to make a sound.She probably moans in ecstasy and makes all sorts of other noises.
emmaNothing’s been stressing me out… I’m not sure why I feel this way.Sounds like it might be a physical issue.You might be suffering from stress without even realizing it.
emmawhat do you think is the most important part of cooking?Your mindset.Your technical skills.
emmaDid you not sleep well? You look like you can barely keep your eyes open.I stayed up all night thinking about you, Emma.I think I’ve spread myself too thin over the past few days.
emmado you usually take the lead? Or do you let the other person take charge?I can do both. It all depends on who I’m with.I wouldn’t know since I’ve never dated anyone before.
emmaHowever, that means there are times I pick up on things I’d rather not know.That’s a good skill to have.Just close your eyes and ignore it when that happens.
emmaI’ll see if I can make anything special for you.Cake.Just coffee is fine.
epinelWhat is your favorite flavor?Peach.Ginseng.
epinelGot any tips?Come to my office. I can help you.Get an industrial-strength hair dryer.
epinelAm I… short?The shorter, the cuter!Not at all.
epinelCoach, do you ever get tired of being a Commander?All the time.Never.
epinelI have a big competition tomorrow at Nepenthe.I’ll be there. I promise.I’m busy.
epinelI wanna know what skateboarders were like back then.Free as a bird.No different from skateboarding in the Ark.
epinelThere’s a park by the gym.Sure.Sorry, I’m just too busy.
epinelShe says I can’t have any carbs… and I have to take protein Splendamin four times a day.That sounds like workplace bullying.Do what she says. It’s good advice.
epinelI know they’re just kids, but they need to learn to think for themselves, right?Teenagers only copy the coolest people.Kids these days just don’t know how to act.
epinelCoach, have you ever… liked someone?I’m still waiting.Nope.
epinelWhat do you usually do to pull yourself back up on your feet?I face the problem head on until I overcome it.I just wait and have faith that everything will work out in the end.
epinelWhat do you normally carry in your pockets?Some candy or gum.Money.
epinelwhat’s the first thing you would do?Experience my first moment of freedom skateboarding with you up on the surface.Since the fight would finally be over, I’d enjoy some long overdue R&R.
epinelWhat do you think I should call it?First off, what’s the trick?Triple kickflip nollie shuvit.
epinelThey’re both the same brand.One that’s tricked out.One that’s simple.
epinelI want to live up to those high expectations, so I always push things to the limit.That mindset is what got you to where you are today.Just be careful. You might end up hurting yourself one day.
epinelI know full well she’ll smoke me, but I think it’d be fun, don’t you?It’ll be a race for the ages.I think if you put your mind to it, you might win.
epinelCoach, I need something right away. Can you guess what it is?Shoes.skateboard.
epinelYou think I should tell Folkwang to give skateboarding a try?I think it’s a great idea.I don’t think that’s a good idea.
epinelYou think there’s any way to counteract that problem?Have everyone wear safety gear.Limit the purchase of skateboards.
etherNo. 7, which flavor do you prefer: strawberry or orange?Orange.Strawberry.
etherDo you like me calling you No. 7?I like it.I don’t like it. Make up something else.
etherDo you know that phrase?Yes, I do.Never heard it before.
etherHow would you feel if I used you as a test subject for some dangerous experiments?I don’t believe you’d do something like that.Just give me a heads-up beforehand.
etherDoes that kind of story… interest you?No.Yes.
etherbut I figured you wouldn’t want me to. Unless…?I think it’s a great idea.Not happening.
etherDo you think there’s any way to make them less intimidating?Tranquilize people before bringing them in.Play some exciting music.
etherNo. 7, you know that I think about you a lot, don’t you?It’s only natural to look after your test subjects and make sure they’re healthy.No, I didn’t know that.
etherIs that true?No. She’s just as adorable as a puppy dog, that’s all.
etherNo.7, have you ever been to the Outer Rim?Yes.No.
etherand now I don’t feel like doing much of anything.Develop a medication that will give you some energy.Then don’t do anything.
etherDo you think there’s any truth to that?That’s just an old wives’ tale.I think so.
etherI’ll make it for you.If you want to give me some medicine, just say so.I’m willing to eat anything.
etherHave I been overthinking it?Just keep at it, you’re bound to come up with a solution sooner or later.Go and get some sleep.
etherWhat are your thoughts on this issue, No. 7?Science can help you overcome any deficiency.If you put your mind to it, you can overcome any deficiency you have.
etherDays like this make me want to turn in my two weeks notice.If you quit, think about all the research that will go unfunded.If you quit, what will you do about money?
etherHmmm…I don’t want to get on the lab table just yet.Do you have something to say to me?
etherSigh…Let me guess… You don’t feel like buying new ones.You must be really irritated.
etherLet me know if you’re not feeling well. I’ll prescribe you some medicine.Um… sure. Got it. Don’t worry about me.… That won’t be necessary.
etherThey have no basis in science, but do you believe in ghosts?I believe ghosts exist.Of course there’s no such thing as ghosts.
eunhwaso incompetent?It seems that way because you’re in a different league entirely.They’re the result of ineffectual Military Academies.
eunhwaI need a way to bring Vesti to her senses. To humble her.Read Vesti’s personal diary out loud in a meeting.Just be patient with her.
eunhwaI don’t know how to refuse.Use work as an excuse.Why not just be friendly with Vesti?
eunhwathe surface world?Within my lifetime.Right now, it’s not looking promising.
eunhwaI… I’m not quite sure how to process it.Enjoy it while you can.If you don’t like it, turn her down politely.
eunhwaI don’t feel like talking to a fool like you!What’s gotten into you?Did you run into Rapi on the way here?
eunhwaEveryone’s been talking about it. Tell me, what are your thoughts?Absolute, of course.It’s hard to beat Matis’ technology.
eunhwaI find this somewhat depressing.We’ll enjoy all four seasons once we reclaim the surface.If it’s weather you want, we can just go up to the surface for a minute.
eunhwawho aren’t pulling their weight?Discover their talents and play to their strengths.Have more capable team members help them out.
eunhwaTell me. How do you define comradery?It’s a sense of loyalty that lasts forever.It’s an unbreakable sense of trust. You can entrust the other person with anything.
eunhwaI’d prefer to rest.Is something on your mind?
eunhwaWhat’s your stance on mistakes?Even the smallest mistake could spell disaster.Everyone makes them.
eunhwaEat it.… Did Emma make this?No.
eunhwaWhat’s the one location here you couldn’t do without?The armory.The Toy Store.
eunhwawhat would you do?I’d pull back before they noticed me, and report it to my superiors.Once you’ve encountered the enemy, you must engage. I would fight until the very end.
eunhwaPlease don’t tell me you feel that way about anything.My identification badge.I’m incredibly attached to this doll that I cuddle up with when I sleep.
eunhwaI need to find a way to clear my head.Distract yourself by doing various tasks.Take some alone time and organize your thoughts.
eunhwaYou don’t have anything else to eat by any chance, do you?Hand over the apple from the surface that you have been saving.Hand her some apple-flavored Splendamin
eunhwabut does anybody pay attention to your state of mind?Commanders are on their own in that regard.I don’t really need anyone’s help anyway. I feel fine.
eunhwais there any worth a damn?Three or four of them caught my eye.Not a single one.
exiaI seek your advice on this.Are you talking about me?Just be patient and look after them.
exiaBut, what’s wrong with stating simple facts?Don’t back down, no matter what other people say.The truth can be hurtful sometimes.
exiaHey Noob, do you prefer 2D or 3D?2D, for sure.I don’t understand the question.
exiaHow should I resolve the situation?Get noise canceling headphones.Just grin and bear it.
exiaHowever, I do not enjoy seeing people offline. Please propose a solution.I can go with you, if you like.Have the meet-ups online.
exiaI think I may be becoming desensitized to games.You’ll feel better after a day or two.Let’s stop the game, then.
exiaWhat is the optimal course of action?Tell them about it and say you’re sorry for snooping.Play dumb.
exiaYou are the one who is in control here. I require your assistance. Please!You can use the shower in my room.Install a large window in your shower.
exiaI require a means of escape, of release.Let’s run away together.What’s been stressing you out?
exiaI would like to hack Enikk’s mainframe.If you want it that badly, just go for it.I can’t allow that. It’s too dangerous.
exiaAnyway, is there anything you wanted to ask me?What’s the attack pattern for the raid boss in chapter 3?How can I deal more damage?
exiaHelloooooo? Anyone there?Request a PVP with them.Mute their mics
exiaShe makes such a racket, I can’t concentrate on my games!Have her go to a gym instead of the house.Help her activate her sleuthing skills more quickly.
exiaWhat kind of concept do you think would suit me?A detective otaku who is crazy about mystery.A girl with a Super Wyrm.
exiaThere’s a bug in the game that prevented me from clearing this mission.Try and debug the game yourself.Just play another game for the time being.
exiaduring a team PVP match?Carry the team on your back.Turn on voice chat.
exiaIf the world were going to end tomorrow, what would you do?I would complete more side missions in this game I’m playing.I would plant an apple tree.
exiaWhat do you think I should do?I’d consider being more strategic.I’d rage-quit.
exiaJust who exactly are you?I don’t remember. You have to help me remember my identity.I’m a new species, neither human nor machine.
folkwangCoach, how can I keep myself from getting too hot?Would hugging me help?Put an ice cube in your mouth.
folkwangDo you have any idea why?She just doesn’t like ice supplements.Because you chose supplements instead of exercise.
folkwangI don’t think it makes our lives better at all.Your body sweats just to give you a hard time.Sweating helps adjust your body temperature.
folkwangwould you turn the air conditioner on or off?I think turning it on would be right.I think turning it off would be for the best.
folkwangCoach, what kind of weather do you like the most?Cloudy days.Sunny days.
folkwangwhere will you go?The swimming pool.The Commander’s room.
folkwangIf they do, it’d really hurt my feelings.No, of course not. They don’t hate sweaty people…… Good luck with that.
folkwangBut, I’m even older than she is!Then try to be more understanding of her, since you are older.Are you sure you’re older?
folkwangWhat do you think, Coach?Running is the best.Cycling is better.
folkwangSoda ice Splendamin is my favorite!Want me to get you some?I don’t really like ice Splendamin…
folkwangThere’s a word to describe this, what was it called again?Runner’s high.Driver’s high.
folkwangI’m going to quit being an athlete and become a doctor.Is that just because you’ll have plenty of nurses around to wipe off your sweat?Have you grown bored with playing sports?
folkwangDo you think it’d be all right if I said hi to her?Sure, go for it.You might freak her out.
folkwangIf you took more than the recommended amount, wouldn’t they be even more effective?I think you may be onto something.They don’t call it the recommended dosage for anything.
folkwangis slap maxi pads all over my body!Won’t that weigh you down?That is a genius idea!
folkwangit might make the people around me feel uncomfortable…It’s okay, because your sweat actually smells quite nice.You shouldn’t worry about what other people think.
folkwangDo you know any methods to deal with this?Let’s try finding a supplement that makes you enjoy combat.Have faith in your squadmates.
folkwangIt got me thinking… why exactly do I prefer it?With running, you can gain momentum without any outside assistance.Because you feel alive when you run.
folkwangI’ll recommend you a good one.I’m already taking some.I’m already quite healthy, so it’s okay.
folkwangCall it what you will, but I call it abuse.She’s just doing her best to help you.You’re right, let’s go talk to her.
frimaTired now. Sleep.You’re tired because you sleep too much.If you’re tired, then you should sleep.
frimaMore?Keep it coming until there’s more cream than coffee.Just enough so I can taste it.
frimaInstead?You need to do your own work.What are you scheduled to do? I’ll do it for you.
frimaWant… nice place.Just sleep here.Hospital beds are nice.
frimaAnnoyed.But you’d be bored without them.I’ll talk to them.
frimaBothersome.But you’ll do it because you enjoy it, right?Then take the day off.
frimaMusic. Recommend?No music. Noise canceling headphones instead.Classical music with a slow tempo.
frimaGood? Bad?I’m not sure. I think you look kinda cute when you’re asleep.They’re fine. You sleep quietly enough.
frimaNightmare. Terrible.But you could sleep on literally anything, right?Indeed. Sleeping on the floor is uncomfortable.
frimaDon’t understand.I’m sure Cream Coffee will sell better next week.Let’s forget about Cream Coffee and develop a new recipe.
frimaHow to use?They’ll go towards renovating some facilities in the Outpost.They’ll go towards reclaiming the surface.
frimaWhat now?Try counting sheep.Try looking at your phone.
frimaDifficult. Annoying.Let them have it next time.What did they want?
frimaWhy?It’s because of the economic recession.It’s because you’ve been putting off going to work.
frimaBoss. Scary.Bothersome?The clothes?
frimaHow?Sleep more and cut back on your spending.Work more and make an extra coin.
frimaDo you not want to talk since you don’t feel well?Are you not feeling well?
frimaRaining. Can do what?Head back to bed.Go to drink a Cream Coffee.
frimaWhich?A nice and soft sofa is the only way to go.Why does it matter?
guillotineDon’t you think so?It’s almost as if… the wind is weeping.??
guillotine*Tee hee hee!*Why are you laughing?Ignore her.
guillotineHow… do you control this feeling?Embrace it. It is what we must do.Get some exercise. You’ll feel better.
guillotineThey may very well be eavesdropping on this very conversation.This place is safe. We’re protected by the Aegis Barriers.The Central Government has better things to do than spy on us.
guillotineShould I block followers who have private accounts?No. If you did that, none of our allies with hidden identities could contact you.Just delete the account.
guillotineMy right eye is tingling.Could it be that the One-Winged Dark Lord’s seal has been weakened?Maybe it’s just going to rain.
guillotineCan you even begin to comprehend my loneliness?Yes, I do. I’m the only one who does.What are you talking about?
guillotineCould… she be afraid of the kotodama in my words?She is not ready to accept your presence.She’s just shy.
guillotineWhat’s she up to?She just thinks your posts are fun to read, that’s all.She’s trying to sell you out to The Big O.
guillotineSomeone who stays with you for the rest of your life?That would make me very happy.The day I get married is the day I die.
guillotineSomething doesn’t feel right.It’s simply the energy emanating from the Dragon of the Deep.There is a storm coming.
guillotineHow can I find solace from their judgment?It’s too late for us to escape.Can we at least try to have a normal conversation?
guillotineWhat is happening?Someone is sending you a signal from another dimension.You’ve got low blood sugar.
guillotineWhat kind of music do you listen to when you’re on your own?Hymn of the Blood Moon.Perfect Pitch
guillotinewho do you think I am?My partner in crime.Guillotine de Mephisto.
guillotineJust let me be.I won’t let you suffer all alone!
guillotinehow would you spend your last day?I’d spend it with you.I’d spend it by myself.
guillotinewhich one would get the ax?Day is on the chopping block.Night is on the chopping block.
guillotineDo you think it’s all right to lift the seal for a moment?Not here!You’ll be in a world of hurt with Ingrid.
guillotineCan I hide here momentarily?Sure.…?
guiltywho do you think is the nicest?You.I think you’re all pretty much the same.
guiltyHow can I get people to hear me out?Speak with more conviction.Talk louder.
guiltyDo you ever lie, Counselor?Sometimes, and I’m pretty good at it.Never.
guiltyThey’re so annoying…Remove her restraints for a moment.Ignore her pleas.
guiltyDidn’t you say I was already rehabilitated?I came because I wanted to spend time with you, that’s all.I’m your Counselor. It’s my duty to continue these consultations.
guiltyI wonder, what kind of hobby should I pursue?Going for a walk while handing hands?Exercising to gain better control over your strength?
guiltyWhen are you the happiest, Counselor?When I’m with you.When I’m alone.
guiltyHow do you get rid of stress?I exercise.I sleep.
guiltyWhat should I do?Want me to hold your hand while you sleep?How about counting sheep?
guiltyI always use voice-to-text, so I can’t help that it’s slow sometimes…Don’t worry about Sin. She’s in the wrong.You should try and learn to text faster.
guiltyHurting someone physically, or hurting their feelings?Hurting someone’s feelings.Hurting someone physically.
guiltyWhy am I under more heavy restraints than they are?Because the crimes you committed were more serious.Because being tied up is a look that really suits you.
guiltyWhat do you think I did when that happened?You ignored them.You punched them out.
guiltyor do you prefer being hugged?I like giving hugs.I like being hugged.
guiltyMy hands…Are you asking me to untie your hands?Are you asking me to hold your hand?
guiltycan you pass me the water bottle that’s over there?Put a straw in the water bottle.Pour some water into a glass and hand it over.
guiltySo she left a bottle of hand lotion on the table to torment me with.Relax. I’ll put it on for you.Maybe?
guiltyJust once, pretty please?Maybe next time… if we have a chance.No.
guiltyIs there any truth to that?Yeah, it’s delicious.No. Whatever you do, don’t drink it.
harranTell me. What would you do if I blasted that crow out of the sky?I’d go pick up the pear.I’d say, “Bye bye, Crow.”
harranOr does the thought of the sky caving in at any moment fill you with terror?No matter where you are, it’s all more or less the same.
harranWhat would you have me do?You’re an adult, so you should rise above all this and forgive her.You ought to teach her a lesson.
harranTell me, what is it about you that has made her like this?My charming personality?My devilish good looks?
harranHow is it, working for them? Any fun?It’s a real drag.It’s fine.
harranAre you happy being here?I am not.I am.
harranDo you agree that I am the most important thing in the world?I do.
harranWhat flavor do you think I would like?Nothing could satisfy you.The taste of blood?
harrancan compare to mine?No.Yes.
harranHow did you feel?I was happy.It was incredible.
harranWait, is there even such a thing as the weather in that dismal hole you call a city?We have artificial weather.
harranand betray one another?Not everyone is that way.I don’t know what to say.
harranwho is the fairest of them all?You.… Snow White?
harranWould you like me to make some witch’s brew?Yes, please.No, thanks.
harranWell, what do you think? Am I more captivating now?You’ve always been endlessly alluring, Harran.Very much so.
harranDon’t you agree?I’m not sure.Absolutely.
harranDo you think we’ll ever see the day where there are no Raptures on the surface?I believe we will.I’m not too sure.
harranHave you ever wanted to go back to the past?For me, the past should remain in the past.Sure, there are times when I’ve wanted to go back.
harranDo you prefer red or blue?Red.Blue.
harranwho do you think makes a better follower?Of course it’s me.… The raven.
helmTried-and-true tactics or improvisation?Tried-and-true tactics.Improvisation.
helmOctopus-flavored Splendamin. Halibut-flavored Splendamin. Things like that…Not really.I like it.
helmJust so you know, I’m not a massive fan of any of them.Spicy.Salty.
helmthe surface will be reclaimed one day?Yes, I believe it will happen.… I’m not sure.
helmhow do you intend to spend it?I’ll invest in the Admire.Did you receive more donations than usual?
helmIt’s been ages since I last got in touch with her, so I’d like to give her a gift. So what do you think I should give her?A fancy tea set.A fancy handkerchief.
helmI’m trying to get her to kick the habit, but I’m not sure how to go about it.I’ll toss out all the starfish in Anchor’s locker.You can try tossing out all the starfish in Anchor’s locker.
helmArgh, I can’t memorize all this!Would it help if I listened to you reciting the speech?Would it help if we recite the speech together?
helmI’m only asking, just in case.I’m extremely good at it.I sink like a stone.
helmI haven’t made any major blunders yet, but I’m worried it’ll happen one of these days.Don’t forget who you’re representing.It’s normal to flub a line or two.
helmSo the question now is, what is the first thing you should do?There’s no way you’d ever fall into the water.I’d give you a kiss first.
helmDon’t ask me why, but all it ever does is float in a swimming pool.I mean, people become dirty too if they don’t clean themselves up.Perhaps, that’s the reason?
helmIt’s not a st-starfish, is it?That’s a living, breathing starfish, all right.Calm down. It’s only a toy.
helmor a strong but slow ship?A strong but slow ship.A lightweight but fast ship.
helmWhat will you do, Subordinate?It’d be meaningless if I didn’t accomplish it myself.I’d accept it with pleasure.
helmFor example, let’s say… drinking on the job or throwing starfish.I’d join them.I don’t have any subordinates like that, so I can’t say.
helmI can’t just leave it behind, though. So I don’t know what to do.It’s not like you can explain the situation to each and every single person you meet.How about stabbing all passers-by?
helmI don’t mind people using the pool, but they should clean up after themselves.I’ll make sure it’s cleaned from here on out.… Wasn’t everyone out on an mission last night?
helmor something we should beseech everyone to do, regardless?Fighting for a just cause should be respected, no matter what form it takes.If a cause is bound to fail, then it is meaningless.
helm_sAm I dreaming?Hold Helm’s hand.Pinch Helm’s cheek.
helm_sPreferably one that reaches the ankles.Let me see…Can’t say I do.
helm_swhat is the first thing you should do?Tell you.Jump into the water.
helm_sIt’d be a shame to spend the entire night here.Should we take an evening stroll?Want a beer?
helm_sWhat do you think?Your uniform suits you better.You look good now.
helm_sIt feels like a ghost could pop up at any minute.… So. You think I’m human, huh?Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.
helm_sIt’s so massive and majestic… just looking at it excites me.You look like you were meant to be on it.I agree.
helm_sIsn’t it adorable?Looks a lot like you.… Blech.
helm_sWhat’s your favorite fruit, Subordinate?If we’re talking about summertime, peaches.If we’re talking about summertime, watermelons.
helm_sI don’t know what they’re getting at when they say ‘rest’.Maybe clearing your mind and thinking about nothing.Maybe something like lying in a hammock?
helm_sShe said it looks great on me, so…I think it suits you well.Another victim of her peerless salesmanship.
helm_sAre you alright?I might have a mild bout of heatstroke.I was out of sorts, but now that you’re here, I feel energized.
helm_sIf it is, what wish would you make, Subordinate?That we can one day reclaim the surface.That I’ll win the lottery.
helm_sAre you a good swimmer, Subordinate?I could swim laps around you.I can’t even doggy paddle.
helm_sI’ll give it up to her though, her aim is impressive.I got plastered with one as well.Are you okay?
helm_sBut what should I photograph?The ocean.Me.
helm_sWould you like to join us?Sure. I’ll be on your team.Sure. I’ll be on Anis’ team.
helm_sI thought it might be better to use a new nickname.{AccountData.NickName}?I like Subordinate just fine.
helm_sWhy do you keep staring at me?Because you look so powerful when you’re by the sea.Because you’re gorgeous.
hongryeonBitter spirits, or sweet?Bitter!Sweet!
hongryeonMy Lord, do you fancy the Outpost?No, I don’t.Yes, I do.
hongryeondoth cleave through Raptures with such aplomb?That’s just what blades do.Yes, it’s truly fascinating.
hongryeonWhat is my Lord’s opinion on farming?It would be a rewarding job.Just hearing that word makes my body ache.
hongryeonand instead devote it to farming, so that she does not starve.She doesn’t need sympathy. This is the life she chose.Why don’t you farm for her?
hongryeonWhat has transpired between the two of you?She and I are indulging in a pleasant fantasy.I have become a victim of her fantasy.
hongryeonare you positive you do not wish to spend your days on the surface?I’ve considered it, but I don’t think I can.I don’t want to think about it.
hongryeonFancy a drop or two?Sure, I’ll have a drink.I think you’ve had enough for tonight.
hongryeonTell me, my Lord. What do you think goes best with spirits?Moonlight and the wind?Delicious food.
hongryeonDo you have a lady in your life?Yes, a drunkard who wanders the surface.No one in particular.
hongryeonWhen ye have imbibed one’s fair share of spirits, what typically proceeds?I end up crying my eyes out.I go to sleep.
hongryeonTell me, my good fellow, why do you drink?I like the taste.To get drunk.
hongryeonWhen ye takes to the bottle, what music doth thee prefer to listen to?Folk music that has a good feel to it.Jazz music, to help set the mood.
hongryeonWhat say ye to imbibing the spirits on a rainy day?I personally think it’s better to drink on a sunny day.I think it’s perfectly acceptable to drink on a rainy day.
hongryeonIf perchance one day we doth succeed in reclaiming the surface, what shall ye do with the days that remain?I’d be content living a quiet life on my own patch of land.I’d want to spend it with the friends that are closest to me.
hongryeonOr does it not have a place in the world as it is?As soon as you start overanalyzing it, any romance ceases to exist.I think you could make a case for both.
hongryeondrinking until one loses one’s faculties?To me, that’s allowing alcohol to consume you.When someone drinks to excess, there is always a reason behind it.
hongryeonWhat says ye about achieving something from the sacrifice of something else?There must be another way.Sacrifice is inevitable.
hongryeonhath ye ever felt as if thine and another were intertwined in some way?Yes, I have.No, I haven’t.
hongryeonWould ye perchance express any interest in gazing upon them?You go on ahead. I’ll follow you.I have other things I have to take care of.
isabelIs there something on my face?Why are you just staring at me?
isabelMaybe it’s that there are so many women around you all the time?My relationship with them is strictly professional, nothing more.
isabelWhy would they do that to me?Could just be their personality.They want to keep a certain distance between them and their subordinates.
isabelhave I done something to upset you?No.
isabelIf only there was one more of you, I could hide the other you in a safe, secret place and love you forever.Who knows what the future holds?That sounds… terrifying.
isabelI can’t stand it when she’s rude to you!It doesn’t bother me.It caught me off-guard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her.
isabeldon’t you feel stifled, living underground?Sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode.I’ve gotten used to it.
isabelWhat… do you think about marriage?It’s two people intertwining into one.It’s the result of true love.
isabelTell me something about you. Anything.There’s nothing I love more than a blue sky.I graduated from a military academy.
isabelWhat do you think it would be like… to have a family?You’d feel like you have others to protect.You’d feel like you have a home to come back to.
isabelCome here and I’ll give you a hug.That’s okay.
isabelWith you, on a day like this…Want to go on a trip?Want to go eat something?
isabelHave a little sip!Take a sip.Don’t drink.
isabelwho would you want to be with?Um… You?Um… The Counters squad?
isabelor something cozy with lots of woodwork?Cozy and with lots of woodwork.Clean and monotone.
isabelwhat do you look for in your significant other?You check all the boxes.Why do you ask?
isabelDo you agree with that sentiment?I don’t.I do.
isabelHow was work?Honey, I’m home!What are you talking about?
isabelDo you think there will be a day when there are no more Raptures on the surface?The day will surely come.Well, about that…
isabelWhat do you like doing during your spare time?Sleeping.Going for a walk.
jackalI’m in the mood for meat.Let’s have lamb-flavored Nutrium.Let’s have beef-flavored Nutrium.
jackalEverything shatters into a million pieces! It’s the coolest.Just make sure you don’t shoot at people.It’s rather reckless of you to fire so indiscriminately.
jackalThis has never happened before, it’s weird.You didn’t bite down on a stone by any chance, did you?What? We better get you to the hospital right away.
jackalWhat’s the big deal? I was so scared I ended up having to run away.They just wanted to give you a hard time.They went after you because stealing is illegal.
jackalWhat did I ever do to them?It’s impossible to be liked by everyone.It’s not entirely unreasonable for the police to feel the way they do about you.
jackalWhy’s he so mad at me?Imagine if Crow got beat up by someone.Imagine if Viper got beat up by someone.
jackalThat’s why she commands respect from everyone, including me.What about me?You’re pretty amazing yourself, Jackal.
jackalI came by this yesterday, and it’s not half bad.Sure, but I’ll melt it down first.Sorry, I don’t think my teeth are up to the task.
jackalGot any bright ideas on how I can get around it?Let’s practice jumping over it.I’ll tear that wall down.
jackalWhy doesn’t she let me do what I want?The hideout is much too small for you to run around in.Probably because it makes a lot of noise.
jackalCmndr?Still can’t make out what you’re saying, but… thanks?Think you could drop what you’re holding in your mouth first?
jackal10 times. No! 100 times!How does 1,000 times sound?You sure you won’t get tired of it?
jackalWhy would they name me after an animal?Because you like meat?Because you’re cute and cuddly?
jackalGot any good prank ideas?Just lay low and keep quiet.Get on their nerves, then run away.
jackalI want to try it too!How about getting your teeth treated?You want to get your nails done?
jackalWhat should I do to make him fess up?Maybe he really doesn’t know anything.Ask him politely.
jackalSo I’m curious: is money really that important?It’s not that important.It’s incredibly important.
jackalI’m gonna take it off.Don’t take it off. It looks good on you.Won’t that upset Crow?
jackalI don’t know why everyone else is so down on it.They’re just jealous.Because this place is dangerous for ordinary people.
jackalI don’t get it. Books or movies don’t fill your stomach, so what’s the point?She probably thinks it makes her look cool.They may not fill your stomach, but they can enrich your mind.
juliaI’m just not sure how to satisfy her desire.Fire a gun.Sing a song like “Firepower, O Firepower”.
juliaWhich type of music are you in the mood for today?Fast as a wave.Calm as a lake.
juliaCould… could Anis have seen my soul wandering around without me knowing?I do think Anis has the power to see other people’s souls.She means you should make yourself known when walking about.
juliaHowever, I don’t know what kind of music to prepare.Buoyant and entertaining music that will liven up the room.Calming music that unveils the true essence of art itself.
juliaBut… where?Whenever you get musical inspiration?Whenever you see tasty food?
juliaWhen it’s raining, what kind of music do you like to listen to?Bold, emotional music that washes over me like a downpour.Tearjerkers that can make me cry like the clouds.
juliaWhat kind of music can best express my gratitude?Something solemn that matches Rapi’s style.What about something other than music? Something tangible that she can use.
juliaWhen I feel this way, what should I do?Use your music to express yourself.Have a musical battle with the Raptures.
juliaWhen you think of your hometown, what kind of music comes to mind?Music that’s full of nostalgia, with a tinge of warmth.Music that’s cold and forlorn.
juliaI wonder what it could have been?A marching song that instills bravery into even the most cowardly of soldiers.A melancholy requiem that comforts the soul.
juliaShould I play something soothing for you?Actually, I’d prefer something more upbeat. I want to beat my fatigue into submission.You don’t have to play anything.
juliaWhen you are resting, what kind of music do you listen to?Music that gives me nice dreams.I don’t listen to music.
juliaIf you could make today a holiday, what would you have it commemorate?The moment I heard you play your music.The moment where I stood and spoke with you about this very topic.
juliaIs there anything else I could try riding?You could ride the rhythm.You could ride your violin.
juliaI wonder how much more they’ll change in the future?No matter how much things change, you’ll always be who you are.Whatever the change ends up being, I’m sure it will be wonderful.
juliaIs that true?It’s a truly lonely and desolate place.More dangerous that you can even imagine.
juliaThat got me thinking: Is there anyone that you just don’t get along with?Not in particular.Oh, sure. Plenty of people.
juliaIt was just awful! I can’t get it out of my mind.But even in a nightmare, you never forgot how to play your music, right?It’s okay, it’s not like you’ve lost your violin in real life.
juliawhat would you do with it?I would have you perform it for me.I’d pawn it for some quick cash.
laplaceWhat do you think is the most important when it comes to being a hero?Your mind, and your physical strength.Your popularity.
laplaceTah-dah! Here I am!You’re late.… Sit down.
laplaceWhat would you do?I’d call you immediately.Since I’m not a hero, I’d continue along my merry way.
laplace………Have you not eaten?Did you get in trouble with Maxwell?
laplaceWhy do you think that is? We’re heroes after all…She doesn’t want to be an ordinary hero.Being a villain is more interesting than being a hero.
laplacea hero can’t overcome?Nothing whatsoever.The Central Government?
laplaceBut if I don’t yell, I can’t unleash my full power…Use more body language and do all your yelling internally.Don’t let Maxwell browbeat you. Just keep shouting.
laplacewhat would it be?World peace.To be rich.
laplaceThat’s what Nikkes were made to do, and it’s what heroes were meant to do.I’m with you all the way.Don’t overdo it.
laplaceHero power, charging…GO!!!!Go.
laplaceWhat would you do?I’d get a drink of water to calm my nerves.I’d soak myself in the water and charge into the blazing inferno like a hero should.
laplaceDon’t hold back. I won’t get offended.The fact that you have no shortcomings is your shortcoming.You’re a bit… stentorian.
laplaceI can’t help feeling regretful… What if I had more power then?What difference would that make?All you can do is keep moving forward.
laplacefor an entire hour.That’s a bit overkill.Well, you did screw up.
laplaceWhat do you think that’s all about?It means someone is accusing you of being a killer.I think it may be a threat.
laplacePersonally, I’m partial to beam-based weapons.No contest. A beam weapon comes out on top.You can’t beat live ammunition.
laplaceIf you were my enemy, what would you do?I’d want a fair fight. I’d wait until you had fully transformed before fighting.I’d take advantage of the chink in your armor.
laplaceBirdie! Tell me what you think!No, they can’t.Yes, they can.
laplaceI need a unique entrance that’s still a good fit for me.Transform as you walk slowly.If you don’t like landing, then soar up into the air.
laplaceWhat do you think it means to be a hero?Running towards what everyone else runs away from.Spending your life warding off evil and bringing light everywhere you go.
literHey, Greenhorn. Do you think my advice is useless, too?Don’t you remember what it’s like to be young?Advice is the greatest gift that the old can give the young.
literWould you clean it up, or just leave it?I would still clean it up.It wouldn’t be so bad to leave it, right? Just once?
literBut what do you think, Greenhorn?It’s about their safety, not their freedom.Dogs deserve their freedom.
literShould I change my ways?Being strict is a matter of safety.I think a change might do you good.
literBut, I’m worried that she might become too dependent.Centi is not a kid.It’s okay. She has you to watch out for her.
literBut every time I think about life without work, I get frustrated.When that day comes, you’ll find something else to do.You should prepare for your retirement.
liter… Could she be lying about her age?Maybe it’s because of her high quality of life.… Maybe it’s because you’re less mature than you thought?
literI can only clean up after her for so long!It’s a bit of a secret, but Anis actually has a medical condition with her feet…From now on, if you see her socks lying around, just come and tell me.
literMaybe I’m getting old… Or maybe I’m just tired…Maybe it’s because you don’t find the work interesting anymore?You just need a good rest.
literNo one lives as comfortably as she does.Volt also has her own troubles.I’m envious.
literI’m at a loss. What do I do?Give him a piece of your mind.Let it slide so your relationship can remain intact.
literBut, aren’t I a bit too old for that sort of thing?Age doesn’t matter when it comes to hobbies.If you injure yourself at your age, you’ll have a harder time recovering.
literIf I get him a little brother to play with, he might not be as lonely.Then you’ll just end up with two lonely dogs instead of one.How about bringing two more dogs?
literIf you had to choose, who would you side with?I can’t choose. I see both sides.I don’t want any part in it.
literSo, how old would you like to be?I wanna become an old geezer.I’d like to live as a hot charming middle-aged guy.
literWhat can I do to change things up?I’ll pack your lunch.I’ll ask Emma if she can pack you a lunch.
literWhat about you, Greenhorn? Is there any way you’d prefer to leave this world?Surrounded by beautiful women.Dying peacefully in my sleep.
literAnd for Anis…Socks all strewn about?Soda cans lying everywhere?
literTry guessing what food I like.… Porridge?Dog treats?
literSo I just…Did you sell it for a premium?You didn’t poke her in the eye, did you?
ludmillaCan nothing be done about this?Let me do the work for you.Let Alice do all the work for you.
ludmillaThen again, as her guardian, perhaps I am just being selfish.Even if she has to grow up, Alice will always be Alice.It’s fine. All parents are like that.
ludmillaIs there anything I could do to make you more comfortable?Any chance I could get a hug from you?Any chance you have a space heater?
ludmillaPerhaps my taste buds are beginning to age?Maybe it’s the tea leaves that got old.… Good luck with that.
ludmillaWhat should I get for her?A doggie bone made of ice?A hand-written letter?
ludmillaDo you have a type?Someone who carries themselves like a Queen.Are you sure it’s not just you that’s curious, Ludmilla?
ludmillaSpeaking of, have you ever been to Royal Road?I haven’t.I have.
ludmillaHow would you define family?Similar to the relationship between you and Alice.It’s a relationship between those who are related by blood.
ludmillaDid you already know this?I’d rather have the affection of someone else.No, and I don’t want to know.
ludmillaWhat about you? Do you think living here is difficult?It has its own stark beauty.It is a very inhospitable place.
ludmillaWhat do you think of it?It’s far from heaven, that much is certain.It’s a cesspool of crime and corruption.
ludmillaWhat should I try?Some bitter tea.Some aromatic tea.
ludmillaWhat do you usually do on days like today?It’d be nice to go out and have some tea.I like staying inside all day.
ludmillaWhen you look at snow, what does it make you think of?You.Traumatic past events.
ludmillaWhich one do you think is better?Real but dangerous.Fake but safe.
ludmillaWhy are you going to so much trouble to listen to all of our concerns?You’re all my friends and squadmates. I want to know what’s on your mind.I wonder what makes Nikkes tick.
ludmilla!!Snatch the phone and ask what she is trying to do.Hurl the phone far away from Ludmilla before it breaks.
ludmillacalled people, or sent them messages?Calling.Messaging.
ludmillaLooking back, are there any locations that stand out?For one, I remember the snowfields up north, where I met you.Nothing much comes to mind.
ludmillaWould you like to try it?Sure, why not.Not if it’s from him.
maidenBut, sometimes, it’s quite suffocating.Even so, it can be helpful at times.You can secretly take it off sometimes.
maidenI just don’t know what to do with myself.Give a pat on the shoulder as a sign of support.You need to see them for who they really are.
maidenCan you tell Guillotine to stop it? I’m dying of embarrassment over here!I will talk to Guillotine.Have patience. This is a burden you must learn to bear.
maidenI don’t know what to do with these rumors.That is difficult.Don’t worry. Just be you.
maidenWhat do you think? How do I look?It suits you.It looks heavy.
maidenSomeone normal, you know? Not like Guillotine the weirdo.Am I not enough?I can introduce you to some other Nikkes if you like.
maidenDo you notice anything different about me today?Something different?Hmmm… The rose in your hair seems fresher.
maidenWell, even myself, I find her quite scary. But I just wanted to know what others think of her.I’m also afraid of Ingrid.She’s kinder than you think.
maidenI know you always have a hectic schedule, but…I can take some time off in the evening.I have some commitments tomorrow.
maidenEvery time Guillotine uses her powers and shouts, “Dragon of the Deep!”, I feel so embarrassed.Just pretend you don’t know her.Yell something even darker and more cringy.
maidenAfter we’re done here, can I chill in your room for a bit?Sure.Ingrid asked me to send you back as soon as this is over.
maidenAfter all, I’m a Nikke who executes other Nikkes.Sounds perfectly normal to me.It is a bit out of the ordinary.
maidenCommander, what kind of music do you usually listen to?Slow and serene music.Pulse-pounding music that gets the blood pumping.
maidenI mean like personality, appearance, etc.The voice of a beautiful lady hidden under a face mask.The sharp eyes hidden under an eye mask.
maidenThere has to be a better solution…Take your mask off when there is no one around, then eat.Don’t eat out as often.
maidenWe never have a moment’s respite.Ask for a raise.I’ll make a request for you to be taken off this mission.
maidenbut I already spent too much money this month…what should I do?Start working part-time jobs.Dip into next month’s allowance.
maidenCommander, what would you do in a situation like this?I would call my friends.I would enjoy some alone time.
maidenWhat am I supposed to do here?Arrange a gathering them after midnight.Play a single-player game.
maidenIt really upsets me, but what can I do?I understand what you all do, and have nothing but respect for you.Well, isn’t there some truth to it?
marian_pMaybe she doesn’t know my name?She’s just a nut for firepower.She may not have memorized your name yet. You should repeat it to her more often.
marian_pSo… does everything in the fridge belong to Anis?Yes.No.
marian_pIs she sick or something?Maybe her head hurts.The problem isn’t her head. It’s her heart.
marian_pDid I… fail to protect you before?This time, I’ll protect you.No. You’ve always protected me.
marian_pWhat should I say to her?Cover her in bandages.Dress up as a mummy and scare her.
marian_pCommander, do you hurt anywhere?My leg has been hurting since last night.Nope.
marian_pCommander, what’s your favorite place to be?In the Commander’s room along with you.Anywhere in the Outpost.
marian_pCommander, which flavor do you prefer? Grape or apple?Apple.Grape.
marian_pCommander, what type person do you like?The person in front of me.That’s a secret.
marian_pA blue sky, or the night sky?Blue.Night sky.
marian_pWould you like to join us?Absolutely not.
marian_pCommander, you should turn back.… Rapi?What are you doing?
marian_pCommander, could I have that pen that you’re using?Sure, I don’t need it.I’ll buy you a new one.
marian_pIn the dream, you were pointing a gun at me.Then what happened?And you weren’t scared?
marian_pHave you ever seen a mermaid?No.Mermaids only exist in books.
marian_pDo you listen to any songs before you go to sleep?The same song.Tears, Love, Break up, And Sleep.
marian_pScissor!Show scissors.Don’t show anything.
marian_pI’m happy to be talking with you right now!Me too.I’m glad that you are happy.
marian_pRapi came in first, but I was second!Try and finish on top next time.Good job.
marian_pand then open it, it gushes out like a fountain!How do you know that?I can’t say I do.
maryOr do you prefer it salty?Both.Neither.
mary… or be just a little sick for a long time?Option 1.Option 2.
maryEven the bad ones?No.Yes.
maryWhat should I do?Give them a painful shot.Sorry. From now on, I’ll do whatever you say.
maryEvery time I see Pepper, I just get so excited!Let me guess. You’ve found something to tease her about.Does Pepper owe you money or something?
maryHow should I respond to that?Tell her to keep her eyes half-closed all the time.Tell her to be more of a buzzkill.
maryWhy are they all avoiding coming to the hospital?They’re scared of the hospital.They’re scared of you.
maryBut, Commander… don’t you ever want other people to listen to what’s on your mind?I do.I don’t.
maryI’m not a good person. Not really.That’s for Pepper to decide.In my eyes, you’re good enough.
maryIf I wasn’t a doctor, what would I be doing instead?A nurse?Jabbing people with needles for free?
maryIf you have any good ideas, feel free to share.How about we place some flowers?Let’s put in a video game system.
maryFeeling compassion for their patients, or distancing themselves from the patients?Distancing themselves from the patients.Compassion for the patients.
maryHow on earth am I supposed to administer a shot to these people?Distract them by talking about something else, then give them a stealthy jab.Flash them a big smile.
maryWhat do you think the patients would get a bigger kick out of?Cosplay.Concert.
maryBy the way, are you sure you’re not forgetting something?A checkup?I don’t think so…
maryAnd the reasons are varied, such as because the manufacture is different, or the relationship was not good when they were human…Anything I can do to help?Even when you’re around?
maryCommander, how do you feel about white lies?I think they can be a good thing.I’m completely against it.
marywhy I still work as a doctor when I’m a Nikke.This is your calling. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.And? Why do you think that is?
maryThey all ate the same food and ended up collapsing.Do you have any suspects?What kind of food was it?
maryOn that note, what traits do you look for in a person, Commander?Being down-to-earth.Selflessness
mary_sYou didn’t hurt yourself, did you?Actually, I did take a tumble and swallowed a mouthful of salt water.I’m just fine.
mary_sbut what do you think of my swimsuit?It’s sexy.You’re right, that is a bit out of left field.
mary_sto beat the summer heat?You can’t go wrong with a cool slice of refreshing watermelon.Nothing beats a nice iced coffee.
mary_sWhat do you do?Do a few warm-up stretches and enter the water.Dive in without any hesitation.
mary_sWhat should I do to drive away those who aren’t actually sick?Why not take the chance to give them a checkup?Rely on your trusty old needles.
mary_sHave you been using the sunscreen I gave you?I can’t reach my back, so I haven’t been putting it on.Every day.
mary_sDo you have any suggestions?How about putting up a warning sign that people won’t miss?Put your trust in me. I’ll kill all the jellyfish.
mary_sWhat do you think of when you see the sunset, Commander?I feel a bit melancholy.I feel as if I’m looking at a painting. It’s beautiful.
mary_sDon’t you agree?Super cute. She follows you around like a puppy.Eh, I dunno.
mary_sI’ll give you a few hints: fever, headache, and chills.The flu.A cold.
mary_sso I asked Neon to dig up a whole bunch of them for me. She got around 100!Neon could do this kind of stuff in her sleep.Are you really going to need all of those?
mary_sCommander, what kind of color do you think I like?Red.White.
mary_sSwimsuits, or my usual attire?Swimsuits, because of the novelty factor. We don’t get to see you wearing something like this often.Your usual attire.
mary_sWhy is that?… It’s hard for me to talk about.I have too much work piled up.
mary_sthere are some things you shouldn’t slack off on, don’t you think?I’ve been having so much fun that I haven’t had time to rest properly.… Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What was that?
mary_sI don’t think it’s that bad though. I wonder why?Maybe your wide-brim hat shields you from the sand?Maybe because your eyes are smaller, not as much sand gets in them?
mary_sin her swimsuit?I prefer a bit more of a mature vibe.I love it! Such a fresh and different look for her!
mary_sWhat can I do to make her rest?I could fake an illness and lure her out of the clinic.That’s rich, coming from you.
mary_scold showers or hot showers more?Cold showers.Hot showers.
mary_sI just don’t understand how someone can be injured so severely, without even knowing it.I’ll be more careful next time.I didn’t want to lose to Neon in the water gun fight…
mastWhat do you think, should we get a cat for the Admire?Maybe we can ask Nero to help us out.Will the cat be able to get along with Morgan?
mastWith that kind of resilience, it could probably beat a sea monster easily.You’re pretty impressive for being able to handle it.How about getting a robot vacuum?
mastHave you ever heard of the drifting ghost ship?Tell me about it.I don’t like horror stories.
mastIt’s hard to gauge, you know?Did Morgan learn new phrases?Morgan and me, which one do you like?
mastWhen do you think rum tastes the absolute best?When I’m drinking it with Helm.When I’m drinking it without Helm finding out.
mastDo you wanna be my crewmate?Aren’t we already crewmates?I am the captain, so technically you should be my crewmate.
mastWe’ll enjoy the pirates’ feast until Captain comes♪Hahaha! Let’s set sail and go on an adventure!Hahaha! I’m here to take over your ship!
mastWhat do you think he wants?Maybe you haven’t been playing with him enough?Maybe you stole his food?
mastCaptain, do you think I can become a pirate?Whether or not they can achieve it, a true pirate chases their dream, isn’t it?Well, first you should probably take off that navy uniform.
mastwho would be the first person you’d look for?I’d have to find someone to sail the ship for me.I’d have to find a parrot to be my lucky charm.
mastWas it for the thrill of adventure, the money, or your crewmates?I wanted to see new places I’ve never seen before.I wanted to take back the surface we lost.
mastSo, what do you think mine would be?The Last Voyager.The Mean Pirate Queen.
mastAre there any legends or mysterious phenomena that you’ve always wanted to experience first-hand?I want to explore the Devil’s Triangle.I want to come across a cursed pirate ship.
mastDo you have any animals that you trust, Captain?I think a parrot is best for a pirate.I think a monkey would be nice.
mastLike, when we were cleaning, out of nowhere, she just yells, “Starfish!” What’s up with that?Maybe that’s Anchor’s special code system.Don’t try to understand girls going through puberty.
mastBut it’s stuck dry-docked most of the time.That’s why we’re always stoked when an opportunity comes around.I’ll make sure we get out to sea soon.
mastSo who do you want to compete with the most, Captain?The humans’ enemy, Rapture Queen.Helm’s enemy, starfish.
mastand she just bumps her head against the cabin wall to fix it. It’s like it gets magically repaired or something.I thought radars were supposed to have precise components?I guess that’s really the way to fix everything in this world.
mastWhat’s he like anyway?He’s definitely worthy of respect.He gives me way too much work. Does he think I don’t have anything else to do?
maxwellWhich do you like better: hot or cold?If you are going to do an experiment, tell me in advance. I hate both.Cold?
maxwellWhat do you think, Cutey? Is My Cutey missing anything?It doesn’t have any charm to it.Nothing at all, it’s perfect.
maxwellWhat should I do?You can’t lose. You’ve got to find some way to best this Nikke.If you want to cure a disease, you’ve got to eliminate the cause.
maxwellDo you think it has something to do with you?I think so.I don’t think so.
maxwellHow do you put up with her, Cutey?She admits her faults, so I’m willing to cut her some slack.I don’t. She drives me up the wall as well.
maxwellMatis or Absolute?Matis.Absolute.
maxwellDo you like hot or cold food better?I’ll eat whatever you give me.If this is some kind of test, then neither.
maxwellWhat do you think, Cutey? Would I be a researcher working for the villains, or for the heroes?You’d be working for the heroes.You’d be working for the villains.
maxwellhitting the walls and floor, that kind of thing?No.Yes.
maxwellMustang, or Syuen?Syuen.Mustang.
maxwellwould you press it?No.Yes.
maxwellHey Cutey, do you have a moment?For you, all the time in the world.Sorry, can’t spare a single second.
maxwellCutey, if something important came up and you couldn’t get a hold of the other person, what would you do?I would go find them.I would just keep trying until I could get in touch with them.
maxwellwhat do you think will happen to all the Nikkes?We’ll all live a peaceful coexistence on the surface.… I guess you’ll all be scrapped.
maxwellWhat do you do to clear your head?Do something that I enjoy.Space out.
maxwellWe could have constructed an entire building with all the money spent repairing broken windows.It’s a bad habit she needs to fix.It’s what heroes do apparently.
maxwellBut the details are fuzzy.Does it really matter if you can’t remember?Try your best to remember.
maxwellWouldn’t you say?I admire your confidence.I think you’re being arrogant.
maxwellToday’s perfect for running some tests, don’t you think?…Sure.No.
maxwellWhat do you imagine life will be like then?Probably still fighting with the Raptures, what else?Hopefully we’ll have reclaimed the surface.
micaWhat can I do to make her stop?You should tease her back.Have her come tease me instead.
micaso, what should I get in return?A “No Teasing for a Day” voucher.Something good to eat.
micawho do you like more?You.I don’t have a favorite.
micaWhy do you think she was so upset?Because there was nothing left for her to eat.Because there was nothing left for you to eat.
micaSo… if you don’t, then you can’t become an adult, right?Exactly.That’s not how it works.
micaIf I’m smart, no one will be able to prank me! Right?You’re probably right.Is that really true?
micaOld-Timer, what do you do when you’re sad?I cry like a little baby.I shove it down deep inside.
micaWhat’s the one thing you are most scared of?Belorta.Did Belorta put you up to this?
micaWhat should I yell back at her?Firecracker!Firepower!
micaDo you think nobody likes toys anymore?Maybe they’re just afraid of getting pranked.I don’t think people are into toys.
micaWhat’s the deal?You have feelings for them.Probably heart disease.
micaShe also said to keep it a secret, so no blabbing about it!Can’t wait to try it.I don’t want to eat it.
micaWhat if it comes out again tonight? I don’t think I can sleep.I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.It’s just a dream, so why don’t you fight the ghost?
micaI want to go!Next time, I’ll take you and Belorta.I’d like to go one day as well.
micaDo you think she’ll still be friends with me then?I’ll be there for you as well.You never know. People change.
micaAre all adults like you?I’m afraid not.Yes.
micaWhat kind of firework should we make?Something nice and loud.One that’s full of color, like a rainbow.
micaThis is the first time in ages I’ve had some time to myself. What should I do?Want to hang out?You should try and improve yourself somehow.
micaIs it really that important that I have a hobby?I’m sure we can figure something out together.It’s good to have at least one.
micaor always daytime?Always nighttime.Always daytime.
miharaDo I smell spicy or something?It’s because eating spicy food is painful.It’s because you give off an irritated vibe.
miharaWhy do you think that is?Some people are just loveable. There’s no reason behind it.Everything she does is just adorable.
miharaUm… when it comes to boys, I mean.Tall, good-looking, and a great personality.Someone who can accommodate your… preferences.
miharaCommander, what do you think I would be? If I wasn’t a Nikke, of course.… A bounty hunter?… A shepherd?
miharaIs there any way I can get rid of that distance?Take your time and use your powers of persuasion.Use your experience to make them fall for you.
miharaDoesn’t it make you curious, Commander?I’m curious, but it kind of scares me.Not one bit.
miharaDoesn’t that make you curious?Let’s go right now.… Not really.
miharaSpeaking of which, do you have any health tips you can share?Stay away from stressful situations.Consistent exercise and a good diet.
miharaAre they a little… weird?I think they’re very nice.Something a little more modest might be better…
miharaDo you think there’s something going on?I’m sure she is working on some new skills.Have you ever considered that she may just need some rest?
miharaWhat do you think? Get a good look at it, and make sure to feel it.Touch it.Don’t touch it.
miharaI wanted to get something that you’d like.Something refreshing.Something sweet.
miharaCommander, do you know why I take such pleasure in salacious activities?Because you like pain.Because you want to be controlled by others.
miharasomething new and something familiar, which would you pick?Something new.Something familiar.
miharaWhat should I take with me?A packed lunch.A leash, maybe?
miharawhich do you think is more important?Mind.Body.
miharaWhat type of exercise do you think would best suit me?Jump rope.I thought Nikkes didn’t have to exercise?
miharasomething from someone else?Yes, I have.No, I haven’t.
miharaI’ll let you know if you get it right?But if you tell me, it’ll no longer be a secret.You know Syuene’s weakness?
miharaThe memories you’ve already accumulated, or the memories you’ll create in the future?The memories I’ll create in the future.All the previous memories I’ve gathered.
milkI promise I’ll go easy on you.An amateur going easy on a pro?Please, be gentle with me.
milkWhat’s your milk-to-coffee ratio?Milk 5, coffee 5.Milk 9, coffee 1.
milkYou know of any worthy opponents?Milk.Sugar.
milkCan’t I just get requests where I get to destroy things?But you’re a scavenger, not a destroyer.It’s worth a shot.
milkThat’s why I want to hire an ad agency for it. Any recommendations?Mustang.The Talentum squad.
milkShe got really worked up about it. But, is it really my fault?It’s Frima’s fault.It is your fault.
milkI can’t stand that annoying *vroooooom* sound.Let’s put a silencer on it!Let’s break her bike!
milkDo you think I look… uh… violent?Not at all. I think you’re cute.Yes. Like an angry gorilla.
milkI wanna learn how to do that…But aren’t guns much better?The only way to find out is to train.
milkI also need something as my mount.What about me?A sofa isn’t a mount.
milkWhat would you think of me wearing a dress?I just might fall in love with one glance.It would be hilarious.
milkwhat do you think I’d be doing?Boxing.Unemployed, most likely.
milkOkay?Go for it.First I want to make sure it’s not a double-sided coin.
milkWhat do you think is causing this?It’s because of Frima.It’s because of you.
milkBe as objective as possible.I think it’s awesome.I think it’s a little intimidating.
milkIf I punched someone, how many weeks do you think they would need to recover?I don’t know… 12 weeks?I’m not sure about weeks… days would be more like it.
milkDo you think there’s something wrong with how I talk to people?I get a big kick out of how you talk to me.I think you could afford to tone down the aggression…
milkThe loser has to take a sucker punch. How about it?Agreed.Just hit me and get it over with.
milkOne’s being held near here soon.If you do enter, you’ll be the champion for sure.There are a lot of people who are great at martial arts.
milkAnything’s good if it’s got milk in it.I also like milk.Milk thistle is pretty gross.
mirandaNow that I’m out of the office, I have no idea what to do! Any ideas?Ask Poli to play with you.Tell Poli you’re sorry.
mirandaShould I have told her she’s more like a cat instead?Yes.No.
mirandaI’m not sure how that works, though.It’s because rain is so inconvenient.It doesn’t. I’m in a bad mood even on beautiful days.
mirandaHow could they have known?You can tell by the way you act.You can tell just by looking at your face.
mirandaI do. I wonder if I’ll ever become an accomplished police officer.I’m sure you will.I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
mirandaBut, isn’t working hard a good thing?Yes! Nothing in the world is more important than hard work!Not always.
mirandaI don’t see what’s so funny about it!Maybe it was because you were talking too loud.It might be better not to know.
mirandaWhat do you think I should work on first?Work on your resilience.What about your intelligence?
mirandaHow successful do you think I’ll be?When they say successful, they’re talking about becoming a better person.You’ll definitely climb to the top of the ladder.
mirandaSo… exactly how much do you have to eat to be healthy?You have to put everything you’ve got into eating!You’re already eating well.
mirandaI wondering what design I should draw with the ketchup.A traffic sign.A cute puppy.
mirandaI’m just not sure if I can actually pull off the singing…I think it’d be wonderful if you sang it.Are you sure it wouldn’t interfere with traffic?
mirandabut I think it will be fun!I’m sure it’ll be a new experience for you.I think I’ll be staying off the roads on that day.
mirandaIt was great seeing the looks of satisfaction on people’s faces.Reporting for duty even while on vacation! Very impressive!Are you sure you’re remembering everything correctly?
miranda… So peaceful that sometimes there’s nothing to do!It’s all thanks to your hard work.I’m happy to come up with more work for you.
mirandaWhat do I have to do to get rid of this stigma?You need to see things from a broader perspective.There’s not much else you can do. You just have to accept it for now.
mirandabut what do you think is a spy’s strong suit?Maintaining total secrecy.What makes you ask a question like that?
mirandaWhy do you think I got in trouble?Because Poli cares about you.Managing your own condition is also a skill.
mirandaCan you help me spread the word?What exactly should I tell them?Is it really that important to you?
mirandaI want to go with someone but I’m not sure how to ask them.Play up the fact that they’ll be going with you.Lure them in with the idea of delicious food.
MonologueHelm stares at the beach as if in a reverie.What are you thinking?
n102What are you in the mood for?Mild croquettes.Spicy croquettes.
n102D-do you think there’s something wrong with me?Let me feel your forehead.Let me take you to the hospital.
n102Do… do you think I did something wrong?No. I’m sure they were just mistaken.If you see that person later, you should apologize.
n102Wait, have I ever tried jalapeño croquettes before?How could you have? They were only added to the menu today.We’ve had them together before.
n102And I want to see the ocean!Okay. Let’s go together sometime soon.You went there yesterday.
n102As for me, I’m gonna let myself get caught in the rain. I’ve never been drenched by the rain before!You’ll catch a cold.Getting wet is not a good feeling.
n102But, I’ve never seen them before in my life!Maybe you’ve got an irresistible star quality to you.Actually, you do resemble this one celebrity…
n102I felt so bad for them both.What’s so sad about it?That’s a very sad story.
n102And they also have a croquette store!Do you want to go together?We go to that croquette store all the time.
n102Do you think I’ll ever be part of a squad like that one day?We already are a squad.It will happen someday.
n102I’d love to hear your recommendations.Hum the tune for her.Simply say the title of the song.
n102So, what are we supposed to talk about?Anything you want.If you’re comfortable with it, you can share any concerns you have with me.
n102Can I, teacher? Can I?We’ll go after we’re done talking.Let’s finish talking first, then we’ll see.
n102What could have happened?There’s someone out there with the same name as you.You must have borrowed a book once before.
n102I can’t wait!Can I tag along?Which shop are you meeting at?
n102Are you a celebrity or something?A-lister. I’ve even been on TV a few times.I’m afraid not.
n102They really were like a carbon copy of me.That’s very interesting.Didn’t you go to the park with me before?
n102How can I build up more memories?Even now you’re making future memories.Well…
n102If you do, can you tell me about it and no one else?Actually, I can’t eat hot croquettes because they’re too spicy.Actually, I forget old memories every day.
n102Who do you think gave them to me?Maybe you slept in someone else’s clothing?Aren’t those the chocolates I gave you yesterday?
neonWhy are gunpowder sparks so beautiful?Because that’s their purpose.They’re not as beautiful as you, Neon.
neonLet me borrow some money!Are you sure this isn’t just an impulse buy?No.
neonor several small-caliber bullets?One large-caliber bullet.Several small-caliber bullets.
neonFirepower! Firepower! Firepower!Firepower!… Get a hold of yourself.
neonDoesn’t it wear her out?Someone has to take things seriously around here.Being super animated all day long would be just as tiring.
neonAll of this rage boiling up inside me… I’ve got to let it out somehow!Let’s go shoot some guns outside.Go give Anis a piece of your mind.
neonWhy does Anis get a pass and not me? Why?!… No one should be allowed to mess up the dorm.From now on, you get to mess up the dorm, too.
neonHow can it do this to me? Doesn’t it understand how this makes me feel?!Pull your gun on it.Open your heart and plead with it.
neonBut… I don’t want to.Let’s eat them together. Our little secret.Sharing is caring.
neonWhat if that happened in real life? I wouldn’t be able to shoot!!There is something called an emergency reload for situations like that.Just carry multiple guns.
neonbring back just one thing, what would it be?An ultra-high-tech firearm.The badge of rank.
neonIf I like the sound of it, I may set the same goal for myself.Upgrade my firepower three times over.Upgrade my speed three times over.
neonSome truly ghastly food mysteriously appears. People say it’s made by dead Nikkes seeking revenge on the living.Have you tried any of them?Are you sure they’re not just butchered recipes?
neonI don’t like waiting to go up and down to and from the surface.You could always spend that time waiting with someone you like.You could cut the elevator cables.
neonDon’t you think that’s unfair?I would say so.What are the two of you doing in someone else’s room?
neonWhere do you think I can find the fabled blacksmith of legend, who can craft a legendary firearm for me?This so-called “legendary blacksmith” is simply the fire and brimstone in your heart.Inside your own heart
neonWhat would you be more afraid of: running out of bullets, or food?Bullets.Food.
neonIn your mind, what is the pinnacle of firepower?Such a thing does not exist.A power that can bring order to chaos.
neonEmma’s taken over the kitchen and started cooking!I’ll try and lure her outside by telling her I’ll taste her food.… Just accept it.
neonwho would it be?Ingrid.Mustang.
neon_sWaterpower, waterpower! Waterpower!Waterpower!Firepower!
neon_sFrom now on, you’re gonna be on easy street.So, in other words, you’re an opportunist.Can a hybrid solve the Ark’s energy crisis?
neon_sI almost fell for Yan’s promotional tactics again!I’m impressed that you stood your ground.What did you buy this time?
neon_sWhy is sea water so salty? It tastes awful.Why are you so hell-bent on drinking it?Because there are seamounts erupting deep in the ocean depths.
neon_sAren’t hammocks meant to be used by everyone?I’ll talk to her about it.But Frima set that up herself, didn’t she? And you were off to the side napping.
neon_sI’m very talented at goofing off.Alright, show me what you’ve got.Anyone can do that.
neon_sWhat do you think of my swimsuit? Be honest.It’s cute.Very aquatic, and perfectly symmetrical.
neon_sWhen you think of fun activities to do by the seaside, what comes to mind first?Adrenaline-pumping water sports where you zoom across the sea.Great big fireworks that light up the sky.
neon_sIf a shark and whale fought, who would win?The whale, of course.The shark, of course.
neon_sThat spot is shaded from the sun, and there’s a nice breeze.If you stay there for too long, they’ll give you a shot.Are you planning on malingering?
neon_sfor some summer activities I can do with Mary?Play games that test your courage in the dead of the night.Catch a cold and get a shot for it.
neon_sI’d like to raise a dog of my own.Are you sure that you can handle that responsibility?Dogs are always the cutest when you don’t have to take care of them.
neon_sI’m having a tough time figuring out which ones I like.Oh, there’s one by your feet…How about diving into the sea to look for some?
neon_sThat means I’ll be the big cheese amongst the hybrids.I suppose so.Everyone knows Brid is the big cheese amongst the hybrids.
neon_smy glasses will go flying and be swept away. What should I do?How about wearing goggles instead of glasses?Throw your glasses into the water before the wave gets you.
neon_sWhat does she do?Turn it on.Walk by it.
neon_sWhat could that mean?They’re spies from Tetra. We should keep our eyes peeled.… No comment.
neon_shave you got any in-depth knowledge to impart to me today?Sure, let’s take a dip in the ocean.No. It’s time that you strike out on your own.
neon_sI wonder, what is its essence?I am waterpower, therefore waterpower is.… Water.
neon_sWe got two kinds. Pick whichever one you want!I’ll take the one that’s a bit hairy.I want the pink mushroom.
neroI feel like going somewhere high up.Do you want me to carry you on my back?How about the upper part of the Command Center?
nero… Sleepy?… Meow?
neroDo you also want to understand cats?I don’t mind if I don’t understand them. They’re cute anyway.I can already communicate with you though.
neroWhich one do you like better: cats or dogs?I prefer cats.I prefer dogs.
neroAny idea why?Because Biscuit keeps asking you to play with her?What could be causing someone like you to struggle?
neroI’m done washing my face.You wash your face just like a cat.As a Nikke, you can’t just clean yourself like that and call it a day.
neroMeow? You smell so good.Could it be the milk I drank?Huh? I don’t know what smell you’re talking about.
neroScoops, what kind of weather do you like?Sunny weather.Rainy weather.
neroPurr… I just feel that she smells like me.Because you’re both cats?Because you’re both children?
neroI wonder why.Maybe Biscuit is just too timid?Maybe her existence itself is intimidating?
neroBiscuit has been so annoying lately…But wouldn’t it be a shame if she’s not around?Should I tell her to stay away from you?
neroWhere do you think would be a good place to hide?How about the Commander’s Room?I’ll be with you. Let’s go to the hospital.
neroWhat will you do when you feel lonely?I’ll hold your hand.I’ll grab your tail.
neroLeave her be.… What are you up to?
neroIt’s too cold today…Put a blanket over her.Put some clothes over her.
neroScoops, do you know any place that will brighten up the day?The shelter where you’re at.The supermarket where I can find everything I need.
neveIs there any way I can keep myself from sleeping so much?You should sleep if you’re tired.Try drinking coffee.
nevePolar bears, grizzly bears, or brown bears?Polar bears.Grizzly bears.
nevewhat do you think is the softest thing in the world?The space in between my arms.A cloud?
neveZzzzzz…Don’t do anything.Wake Neve up.
neveDo you like winter too?I do, but I like you even more.Winter is too cold for me.
nevebut I must be the only one that sleeps this much.Most likely.There’s a possible contender called Frima.
neveDoesn’t she remind you of a baby bunny?She’s not as cute as you are.I’m cuter.
neveI get so sleepy.Ask her for some cold tea.Try to sleep with your eyes open.
neveWhat do you think, Burly Bear?Polar bears are cuter.Rabbits are cuter.
neveI get a little lonesome.I can always join you.Why don’t you have Alice and Ludmilla join you?
nevewhat would it be?The Sleep Queen.Sleepyhead.
nevewhat would it be?There are so many. I can’t possibly choose just one.Umm… well… let me think…
nevewhy do people get so scared when they see a polar bear up close?Beats me. I think they’re cute.Because they’re known for eating people.
neveIs there anything in the world sweeter than sleep?A kiss from me.Chocolate.
neveI don’t snore when I sleep, do I?I’ve never heard you snore.Louder than anyone I’ve ever heard.
neveI’m even sleepier than usual…Then get some sleep.Can’t you fight the urge to sleep?
neveWhat about you, Burly Bear? Which soft drink do you prefer?Brown carbonated drink.Green carbonated drink.
nevewhat do you dream about?Of being around you.I don’t dream.
neveAre there any other animals you want to see besides polar bears?An arctic hare.A killer whale.
nihilister… How exactly is it unique?It looks like a firework going off mid-explosion.It looks like a majestic lion’s mane.
nihilisterHow strong do I look to you?You’ve got a clear weakness, so I don’t feel you’re all that strong.Um… your strength is beyond compare.
nihilister*Sigh*…You seem stressed.You seem chipper.
nihilisterBesides, what reason would I have to eat with you of all people?Fair point.Come on, indulge me.
nihilisterHave you always had a such flagrant disregard for your own well-being?Kinda.What? No, of course not.
nihilisterWhat are you starting at?I was admiring your face.I was admiring your weapons.
nihilisterFine, you get to ask one question. And make it quick.On second thought, I’ll come back when you’re feeling better.Do you still have any of your memories as a Nikke?
nihilisterWhat kind of thing did you think I’d do in my spare time?… Exercise?… Reading?
nihilisterGot any ideas how I can release some tension?Let’s do some breathing exercises.We could play a game.
nihilisterEither of the two.Maybe both of us would be here.Or maybe neither of us would be here.
nihilisterHuman, how do you like it?… Well-done?… Sexy?
nihilisterWhat do I need to burn?I just need a small fire to cook some food.I need some help making a bonfire.
nihilisterWhat’s the secret? Does it really amount to just sticking close to you?My devilish good looks.My skills as a commander.
nihilisterI don’t think I’ve ever thought about it.Or someone who needs protecting?How about someone who protects you?
nihilisterFrom what I hear, the Ark is perfectly livable.It gives us the strength to go on.We’re reclaiming what was originally ours.
nihilisterWhy should I tell you anything?Something tells me you two aren’t on good terms.She’s someone you’ll have to deal with down the line anyway.
nihilisterAre you genuinely curious about what I do up on the surface?It’s not often I get to talk to someone who spends most of their time up on the surface.I’m just curious about what it’s like to live on the surface all the time.
nihilisterWho is that?The commander who was at Eden.The commander who fired the Vapaus at you.
nihilisterWhat is this?Want some?If we’re talking about elements, water beats fire.
nihilisterHow would that change anything?Maybe the situation wouldn’t be as dire as it is.Perhaps we’d be on better terms.
noahHehe…Why are you laughing?Laugh with her.
noahWhat can I do to make myself even worse than them?Just keep doing what you’re doing.What an oddball question.
noahA real Commander stands strong, even in the face of Raptures.It’s not necessarily the commander’s duty to be strong.It all comes down to having different equipment.
noahWhy do they not simply leave them behind?The weak also have roles to play.The strong have a duty to protect the weak.
noahWhy is it like that? It’s enough to make my stomach churn.Because of food shortages.Surprisingly, it’s highly nutritious.
noahIsabel found out I used to bully you.Best of luck to you.So what?
noahWhat is an Ark Ranger?It’s a story of 5 masked heroes who vow to crush the Raptures.It’s a hit show that plays inside the Ark.
noahWhy do you take care of me even though I bully you all the time?You’re like a little sister to me. I can’t hate you.Cause I love… to hate you.
noahHyyaaah!What the heck are you doing?Hey, that hurts.
noahDo you think I can touch it?Are you talking about Poli???
noahIf you think I’m actually gonna sit down and talk to you, you’ve got another thing coming.… We can talk another day then.Stand up to her.
noahTake a guess what this is.Harran’s perfume?Perfume?
noahDo you think there’s a limit to how strong someone can get?I don’t think so.I believe so.
noahCan you guess why?Because they’re as strong as you are.Because all of you work well together.
noah… If I use my shield, do you think I can do the same?You can learn from her.I will just get you a skateboard.
noahYou can order me to do anything, and I’ll do it.You have to meow at the end of every sentence.Transform into your final form.
noahWhen have humans ever done anything for us?As long as you continue walking your own path, you’ll be fine.True belief is greater than petty things like personal gain.
noahHave you ever dozed off during a battle?You mean you have before?How is that even possible?
noahGuess what we use them for. If you get it right, I won’t bug you anymore today.They’re just for decoration.They’re used as a high-tech communication device.
noahHave you ever thought about swapping it for a mechanical body?I’m not opposed to the idea.I want to become strong while remaining a human.
noirHow do you think Blanc manages to be so charming all the time?Because of her lively personality.Personally, I think you’re much more adorable.
noirIt’s really embarrassing… why do you think they do that?Because you’re so pretty.Because your outfit stands out a fair bit.
noirwill you be coming to the show tonight?Sorry, I don’t have time.Yes, I will.
noirHow can I get over it?Think about Blanc.Think of me.
noirHave you ever heard of the carrot song?What is that?C’mon bunny, hop to it! Catch the carrot!
noirI’ve been having a hard time with it recently.The exquisite postures and technique.It’s both elegant and sexy.
noirBut what if something unfortunate happens to me?Then you’ll be downgraded to a semi-lucky bunny.Then your luck will have run out.
noirI’ve seen the photos. They’re so adorable!Yes, I have.No, I haven’t.
noirAre there any things that you consider to be bad luck?I’m only unlucky that I don’t get to see you every day.I don’t think so.
noirI’ve got pole dancing practice today, so I’ve got to leave early.No problem, we can reschedule for another time.Sorry, but you can’t leave until we finish our session.
noirAnd rabbits go…… “Goo goo gah gah”?… “Bunny, bunny”?
noirI’m always cripplingly shy whenever I meet people for the first time.Find a topic that you’re both interested in.Start with some small talk.
noirDo you think I should get it trimmed?How about tying it up?It’s beautiful as is.
noirI… I…Wait until Noir finishes talking.Ask Noir what’s the matter.
noirdid you come to Coin Rush yesterday?Yes, I did.No, I was in the Commander’s Room.
noirCan I share my luck with you?Hold out my hand.Lean my face in closer.
noirdo you prefer curvier girls, or slimmer girls?I like both.I prefer curvier girls.
noirWhat should I do?You’re twins. You two are very similar.Try on a white bunny costume.
noirSomething less formal.A swimsuit.A hoodie and jeans.
noirWould you like to try?Draw once.Draw twice.
noiseDo you know any tricks to keep your throat in good shape?Drink a lot of warm water.Relax your throat before singing.
noiseWhat’d you think?Sorry, I was out on a mission.I’m not so sure about the lighting at the end.
noiseWhose songs do you usually listen to?Your songs.Aria’s songs.
noiseDo you think I could pull it off?There’s a first time for everything. Just give it your best shot.Of course you could.
noiseDo you think that’d be a good idea?You three all have wildly different styles. You’d end up with a song that’s full of twists and turns.You three all have wildly different styles. You’d end up with a discordant mess.
noiseI just don’t know what the title should be.Homecoming.Until That Day Comes.
noiseI don’t know how many days I’ve been staying up late to practice.You should take a nap.I’ll get you some mint-flavored Splendamin.
noiseHow should I express my appreciation? What should I do to repay these fans?Send gifts back to them.Shout “I love you guys!” to them while on stage.
noiseYou can take a rest if you need to. Don’t worry about me.I’m a little tired, but it’s okay.I’m totally fine, really.
noisefor you during a concert?I’d feel happy.I’d feel awkward.
noiseWhat am I supposed to do in that kind of situation?Make a funny face.Chew them out.
noiseThese are the top contenders, could you take a look?What if people can’t recognize your new signature?Let me see.
noiseI nearly fainted when they told me that.You’ve got to believe in yourself.So…who plagiarized who?
noise… Not entirely wholesome images at that.You need to report them.Must be a twisted admirer of yours.
noiseI’m happy that someone likes me so much, but I hate to see their life being negatively impacted because of it.Make some exclusive merch just for him.He could be perfectly happy living like this.
noiseI don’t want to say it was someone working for me, but…It’s unfortunate, but I think you’re right.How is that possible?
noiseWhat do you think, Producer?Are you not sexy already?I don’t think it suits you.
noiseBut I’m still a little hesitant.A little mystery can be a good thing.Only do it if you’re willing to be completely open and honest.
noiseI’m sure you’d have plenty of fans.I have more important things to do.I’d end up offending many people, racking up scandals.
novelbut my detective senses just aren’t coming to me.Try going to the scene of the crime.Why not do a rain dance?
novelShould I have pizza-flavored Splendamin or the chicken-flavored Splendamin?If you are a citizen of the Ark, chicken is best.Of course, pizza. Pizza is life.
novelSo, why isn’t that the case?Because your squad’s talents aren’t all about firepower.Who said it’s not?
novelCan you help me, as my assistant?Of course.(Make a run for it.)
novelBut, I just can’t seem to get it right! What should I do?I’ll send it for you.You just have to keep practicing.
novelBut, due to tight security, it’s difficult to get my hands on even just one.Let’s ask Exia for help.Sounds dangerous. You should stop before you run into trouble.
novelIf this keeps up, the unemployment rate for detectives will reach 100%.There are cases everywhere. You just have to go and look for them.It’s nice to take a break once in a while.
novelwhich would you choose, Watson?A closed-room murder case.A serial killer case.
novelJust like how Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty and Arsene Lupin.Why not ask Exotic to be your archenemy?I can be your rival.
novelWhy are you not wearing your usual clothes?Because today is the day I consult with you.I have a date.
novelI can’t wrap my brain around it.Because of a desire to be special.Because they don’t have to brush their teeth after eating that.
novelIn my dreams, that is…You’re a super sleuth even when you’re dreaming!Who did the criminal turn out to be?
novelIf this keeps up, I’m concerned I’ll even start forgetting about key evidence.I’ll come with you.Let’s go to the hospital.
novelbut I’m not sure what it should be.You don’t need a catchphrase, you’re already cool as is.In the name of justice, you will not go unpunished!
noveleven if you become a millionaire?Having discussions with you.Being a Commander.
novelDo you have any ideas?Super Sleuth.Exuberant.
novelIf there are, I’m curious who it is.Well, you, for one.No one yet.
novelI get really stressed out.You can try having a go at a logic puzzle.I turn my brain off and try to get some sleep.
novelI feel down in the dumps. I’d prefer to be alone.Sit down beside her.Get up to leave.
novelwith your future girlfriend, what would you like to do?Do an escape room.Watch a movie.
pepperWhat can I do to change the atmosphere?Change your gloomy hospital lights for brighter ones.You should dance to cheer them up.
pepperDo you think that’s true?No, of course not.You’ve dated before?
pepperCommander, where do you like to take your dates?The movie theatre.The library.
pepperWhy do you think that is?So they could see Mary.May because they want to see you, Pepper.
pepperSo, what do you think I should study?How to cure a patient’s fake illness?How to kill someone with a smile?
pepperSo, why do people hate coming to the hospital?Because getting a shot is scary.Because Mary is scary.
pepperI hope they suffer more than everyone they’ve hurt!… I agree.Calm down.
pepperWhat should we do?Let’s go on a date.Clean the hospital.
pepperCommander, please tell me your definition of a real doctor!Someone who works for the patient.Someone with the skill to heal all kinds of patients.
pepperwhich one do you think can give you more energy?Something refreshing.Something sweet.
pepperI take it that means you’re feeling well?Fit as a fiddle.Actually, I’m not feeling too hot.
pepperWhat do you make of that?I find it all very romantic.Doctors should treat their patients as just that: a patient.
pepperIf I smile like this, do I look like her?Your smile also comforts those around you.Your eyes should be more moon-shaped.
pepperIs there any way to make it easier?Give them some candy, like a lollipop.You should use anesthesia.
pepperIf you were in a private room, what kind of music would you like to hear?Something light and hopeful.Something quiet and calming.
pepperWhat do you look for in a significant other?Someone who is bright and energetic.Someone who is kind and loves to laugh.
pepperCommander, do you prefer movies with a happy or sad ending?Happy ending.Sad ending.
pepperCommander… what kind of scent do you prefer?You smell good even without perfume.That great hospital smell.
pepperWill there ever come a time when there are no injured or sick?I’m sure that day will come eventually.Um…
pepperWhen you look at me, what’s the first phrase that pops into your head?A doctor who makes people happy.A highly-skilled medical professional.
poliWhat should I do when I run into this kind of person?Show them who’s boss.Let it slide. The police are only here to protect and serve.
poliWhat can I do to make her stop doing that?It’s better to just give up.Strict punishment.
poliIt’s been getting pretty popular recently.Yeah, I like it.Are you sure it’s not just popular with you?
poliIf I didn’t become a police officer, what do you think I would have been?Nothing suits you like being a police officer.I think you’d make a great lapdog.
poliI just wanna lie down on the ground.Do you want me to pet you?Well, you’re already pretty close to the ground.
poliMy body’s so drained. I’m turning into a literal couch potato.Do you want me to pet you?It’s because you have dog fur.
poliGrr… I’m furious. Why in the world would he say that?Because of your chipmunk cheeks?Because of your fluffy hair?
poliAre you a dog person or a cat person?Of course, a dog person.Definitely a cat person.
poliHow can I calm down?Come here. Let me pet you.Just get rid of whatever’s bothering you.
poliShould I believe her?It sounds like the cowardly excuse of a criminal.Wouldn’t it be better to trust her word?
poliIt was so obvious who they were too!You’re a veteran police officer, so spotting criminals is practically second nature for you.You… didn’t by any chance know who the criminal was before you watched the movie, did you?
poliWhat kind of style should I change it to?I think what you’ve got going on now suits you perfectly.A cute pixie cut.
polior going out with a group of people?I enjoy being around you.I enjoy going out with a big group.
poliwhat type of toy do you think I would be?A bad-to-the-bone police figurine.An adorable stuffed puppy.
poliCommander, is there any other career you’d like to try out other than what you’re doing now?I’d like to give being a police officer a shot, like you.I’d want to be a dog sitter.
poli*Grrrr*What’s going on?Is there a dog nearby?
poliI have so much to do though…Forget all that, let’s hang out.Let’s hang out after you’re done.
poliI had a good streak of no injuries going too… at least I didn’t take too hard a spill.Change the bandage.You should be more careful.
poliWhat do you think she meant?She thinks that you’re cool.Your hair is cool because it’s so curly.
poliThink I can do it?In your case Poli, I think it’s possible.There’s no such thing as lifelong careers anymore.
privatyHow do I cut back on my spending and save money?Keep spending. When you go bankrupt, naturally you’ll stop spending.Just stop shopping.
privatyWould you splurge for good quality? Or do you always save money?I’m fine with anything, so long as it tastes good.The cheaper the better.
privatyWhat’s their problem?It’s because they like you.It’s because you’re sloppy.
privatyIf Rapi and I got into a fight, whose side would you take?Yours.Can I say Rapi?
privatyI’m feeling a little upset about it.Yulha isn’t being fair to you.Isn’t that how Yulha always is?
privatyI hope nothing’s wrong with her.Puberty is often a very perplexing thing.Does she only sigh when she sees you?
privatyBut… what’s your type?Someone who’s aloof and chic, but not TOO well put together.Someone with a tough exterior, but who is sweet and innocent once you get to know them.
privatyworking for the Central Government?I’m perfectly happy being a Commander.So, you want to work more closely with me?
privatySo, with that in mind, go on and try to say something that would upset me.Privaty, I like you.I’m dating Rapi.
privatywhere would you want to go?The stores on Royal Road.A cafe in the Outpost.
privatyWho else could I possibly go to the movies with?Is it okay if I go with you?If you want me to go with you, just ask.
privatywhat kind of life do you want to live?I’d like to spend my days raising a family.I want to live alone in a quiet place.
privatyWhat are your thoughts, Commander?Sounds like a fascinating plot.I’m not too fond of it.
privatyWhat kind of hairstyle do you think would suit me?Nothing could top the hairstyle you have now.I’m not sure.
privatyYour room smells nice today.I just came out of the shower.I’m using a new air freshener.
privatyIf you were to make today as a special day, what would it be for?Our very first time.One of the days where we sit down and talk.
privatyHow do you think this looks on me?It’s perfect.It doesn’t really suit you.
privatyHave you had any memorable dreams lately?Yes… but it’d be a bit awkward telling you about it.No, not really.
privatyDid you not sleep well last night?How did you know?Not at all, I slept great.
privatyAnything that you would kill to have right now?Maybe some new clothes… or a pair of shoes…No I haven’t.
quencywhat would you want to do?Take a walk while picking up bottle caps.Watch a movie.
quencyWhat would you do if you were trapped in an endless maze?I’d ask you to come save me.I’d pick a spot and not move from there.
quencyBoo! Hehe, did I scare you?Pretend to be scared.Sorry, you didn’t get me.
quencywhat’s the first thing you’d want to do?I’d buy you some light croquettes.I’d buy you some tofu.
quencyFreedom is a concept that I can’t even fully comprehend.If you were free, you could come see me whenever you wanted.Aren’t you free right now?
quencyI need to use an alias when I’m doing business.Why not use your name? Quency is a fine name.The Escape Artist.
quencyWhat kind should I make?One that leads to my heart.Don’t you think you already have enough escape routes as is?
quencyGot any good items on you?An adult magazine.A limited-edition Ark Ranger figurine.
quencyDo you prefer Guilty, or Sin?None of them can beat you.Let me think…
quencyEspecially since I disappear pretty much on a daily basis.It’s not hard at all.If I’m being honest, it can be trying.
quencyWhat’s the perfect woman, in your mind?Someone bright and bubbly, like you.My lips are sealed.
quencypeople think they can take advantage of me.In the end, the person who is smiling is the real winner.Start walking around looking scary.
quencyWhat’s your stance on hardened criminals?I don’t have an opinion.They scare me.
quencyWhat was your first impression of me?I thought you were pretty.You seemed like you’d pose quite the challenge.
quencyHave you tried it?Heck no. Sounds like it’d taste like toothpaste.I’ve been trying to get my hands on some, but it’s always sold out.
quencyI just thought it would be good to know.I don’t.I do.
quencyCounselor! Counselor? Couuunnseellooorrrr!Quency! Quency? Quuiinncccyyyy!WHAT?!
quencyBeats me as to why. It’s not like anything has been weighing on my mind.We can try sleeping alongside each other.Try counting sheep.
quencyIf you do, I’ll call you that once I leave the rehabilitation center.{AccountData.NickName}.Baby.
quencywhat will become of me?You’d be right there with me, roaming freely up on the surface.You’d be in a rehabilitation center up on the surface.
rapiFood supplies in the Outpost are dwindling.I’ll only eat half-portions from now on.We’ll have to go without food.
rapiWhat are your opinions on private personal space?It can get lonely sometimes.It’s nice. You can have some time to yourself.
rapiAs such, I’ve been thinking of picking up a hobby.Just kick your feet up and while the hours away.How about doing a different kind of training?
rapiSurely there must be a way to get things done more efficiently…I can help you.Have Anis and Neon help you.
rapiShe never cleans up, not even a little bit.I’ll talk to her.You should show her what’s what.
rapiI don’t understand why Anis acts this way.There’s a legend that if you open and close it 100 times, pudding will come out.Maybe she just wants to blow off steam?
rapiCould there be something else going on?Yep, there’s definitely a ghost in the showers.You just reminded me of a ghost story.
rapiI wonder… will I ever find something that means that much to me?We can take our time finding it. Together.What about me?
rapiWhat does it mean?It’s about your troubles melting away.It’s about something precious being broken.
rapiWhat do you think I should do?Complain while you eat.Just grin and bear it.
rapiOn the plus side, it’s increased the number of troops we have available, but it’s also led to a few more altercations and other incidents.We can go on patrol together.We should open our own court.
rapiIs it when they’re teasing you?Is it when they complain about the food?
rapito live in the old days?People probably led much safer lives back then.I’m sure there was a greater sense of justice back then.
rapiHow can I prevent this from happening?Your already short skirt will end up becoming even shorter.Tell Neon that simply using extra-strength detergent won’t actually make her any stronger.
rapiCommander, If we ever reclaim the surface, what’s the first thing you would do?I’d go on a nice spring picnic outdoors.I’d start looking for a job.
rapiDo you feel that way as well, Commander?Not at all.A little.
rapiHow would you react?I’d be honest about any potential feelings I still had for them.I’d try to avoid them if I could.
rapiDo any memories from that time stand out to you?Sure, all the painful ones.I don’t remember much from that time.
rapiFor the sake of your own privacy, wouldn’t it be better if you set up some ground rules?The more, the merrier.I’m only one person, I’m powerless to stop them.
rapiWhich of those locations means the most to you?The Outpost.The surface.
rapunzelOh! Oh my…!We should go outside and get some fresh air.(Run away.)
rapunzelWhat should I do?Grieve as much as you want, then move on when you’re ready.Just do your best to live in the present.
rapunzelDo you know why that could be?Maybe you’re too aware of your own immorality.No, and I don’t want to know.
rapunzelWhat kind of books do you like?Erotic and romantic novels.Overly passionate adventure novels.
rapunzelWhat is your fetis… I mean, what is your ideal type?A person who is true to their own desires.A person who has great common sense.
rapunzelDo you just ask politely? Or do you really go for what you want?I just ask politely.I make my desires known.
rapunzelHow is life in the Ark?It’s unbearable.It’s pretty great. I’m happy.
rapunzel“Curious, I opened the shower door just a crack and peeked inside…”Stop! It’s the A.C.P.U.!Inside was an ancient king who’s been sealed away for 2000 years.
rapunzelDo you think we Nikkes have souls as well?I think Nikkes must have them.I don’t believe in souls.
rapunzelBeliever, do lead with the lips or the tongue?… What?… Depends on the other person.
rapunzelGasp!What? What do you see?It’s a cloud… shaped like a gasp?
rapunzel… Can you pray with me for all of the sisters that we lost?Pray without saying a word.Ask what is going on.
rapunzelIt’s worlds apart from the rest of the surface.One day the surface will be like this. I’ll make it so.Let’s live here together.
rapunzelHow about we do the same?Honey.Gaspunzel.
rapunzelI don’t want to forget a single second of it.Let’s keep creating new memories.I’ll remember all of it as well.
rapunzelI found this beautiful area where you can see flowers as far as the eye can see.I’d love to see it for myself.Is there really such a place up on the surface?
rapunzelDo you visit the library frequently?I’ve read most of their entire book collection at this point.I’m not a big reader.
rapunzelBeliever, do you own anything that has sentimental value, but no practical usage?Sure I do.No.
rapunzelAre you any good at whistling?Yes.No.
reiwhen I’m not feeling up to going to school?It’s okay to skip class once in a while, but don’t make it a habit.You’re a third-year student now, so set an example for the younger ones.
reiTeacher… Naru… Naru…!Did Naru steal your snacks?Did Naru refuse to let you listen to music?
reiDo you have any tips?Drink milk every day and you might grow taller.That’s not possible for someone like you.
reiWhat’s the secret to being a great one?You already are a great senior, Rei.Quit snacking for good.
reiTeacher, did you do well on tests back in your days?I was the valedictorian.I did better than you.
reiGive her a piece of sweet chocolate.… Are you feeling down due to puberty?
reiSo, what do you think? Am I reliable?Absolutely reliable.I’ll protect you.
reiPlus, we can jam to some tunes!What kind of snacks should we get?You can’t play music in public places.
reiToo much fish and now my tummy aches♪ Ooh la la♪Emperor penguins hate spinach♪ Ooh la la♪You should try eating spinach too.
reiTeacher, my teeth are throbbing.Let’s get you to a dentist.No more snacks for you from now on.
reiWanna try some?Sure thing, hand ’em over.No thanks, I’m not hungry.
reiI mean, it’s a great idea, don’t you think?Yeah, that would be awesome.So you haven’t done your homework yet?
reiThat’s completely unacceptable!Did Ein ask you to clean the window frames?Did Ein tell you to shape up as a senior?
reiYou know, someone who can command respect and admiration for a long time.Someone who treats others to meals and snacks.Someone who isn’t like Rei.
rei*Sigh* I wasn’t like that when I was their age.Juniors these days need to be put in their place.How did you behave as a junior, Rei?
reiHehe. You know why?Because they’re your personal snack and homework assistants?Because they could keep you on your toes?
reiThis is 1, this is 2, and this is 3.Naru 3…?Honestly, they all look the same to me.
reiHow about you, Teacher?I find them a bit scary too.It’s fine once I got used to them.
reiAnd it’s the subject I’m worst at.I bet you still did pretty well, right?Are you going to clean the bathroom starting tomorrow?
reiI got something for you.Accept her gift.Decline her gift.
rosannaWhere’d you get the confidence to be like this?From you.I’m just confident in myself.
rosannaThey know that if they’re caught, they’ll pay with their lives, but they keep popping up.Sounds exhausting.Sounds like lonely work.
rosannaHow about decorating it a little more?Think I should get a fancier carpet?Think I should upgrade the chairs?
rosannawhat would you do?I’d call the A.C.P.U.I’d hit them right back.
rosanna… Duck!Duck at once.Try to figure out what’s going on first.
rosannaGot any booze around here?How about we go out for a drink after our session?All I’ve got is soda.
rosannaIs there anything fun to do around here?We could play a board game.You could look for someone worth killing.
rosannaIf you were in this situation, Mister, what would you be thinking?That he’d betrayed me.That there must have been some reason that he wasn’t able to make it.
rosannaSo handsome.I’d appreciate it if you stopped staring.I already know that I’m handsome.
rosannaAny ideas on how I can handle her?I’ll talk to her.Why don’t you try talking to her nicely?
rosannaWhat do you think?They probably fear you.They probably consider you a sort of rag-tag family.
rosannaWhat scares you more: a knife or a gun?Knife.Gun.
rosannaWhere do you plan on taking me?The hotel.The shopping mall.
rosannaIf you had to choose between the head or heart, which would it be?Head.Heart.
rosannaAny last words?I-I’m sorry I never got to see the surface!S-Save me!
rosannaCan I rest a little?Of course.Did something happen?
rosannaWhat do you think would look good on me?Subtle, neutral colors.Bright colors that pop.
rupeebut you already had one at home, what would you do?It doesn’t matter. I buy everything I want.A penny saved is a penny earned.
rupeeI make billions every month… But when I actually look at my bank account, it’s always empty…That is such a scary story.Because you spend everything you earn.
rupeeDo you have some time this weekend?Of course.I’m busy.
rupeeHey, Sweetie. Notice anything different about me today?Are those new heels?(Keep silent.)
rupeeIs there any way to make money without working?Invest in real estate or stocks…Stop dreaming. Just work hard.
rupeeThey say I should be investing my earnings, not spending it all…Money exists to be spent!They are right.
rupeeWhat should I put on the main banner this week?A product with unrealized potential.The product that sells best.
rupeeDo you know what it is?That I don’t spend mindlessly?What is that?
rupeeWhat type of pattern do you think is the most beautiful in the world?Leopard print.Zebra print.
rupeeBut, I figure someone like you would have a very different bucket list than I do.Ensuring the safety of innocent people.Reclaiming the surface.
rupeeTrying to get your hands on a limited edition item?Are you talking to your boyfriend?
rupeeI don’t think I’ve ever seen you spend a single credit.I do a bit of spending here and there whenever I need something.I prefer to save up.
rupeeIsn’t that crazy?!You’re kidding! I’m totally obsessed with Ashe.… Who are these people?
rupeeThey’ll feel bad if I stand them up… Which one should I attend?You should hold your own event.Don’t go to either event.
rupeeI need to invite a guest that’ll create some attention. Who do you think would be good?Invite Mustang.Invite Syuen.
rupeeSweetie, how do you feel when you watch rich people go on a spending spree?I find it therapeutic.I get nothing out of it.
rupeeSweetie!I’m sure you’ll get the next limited edition… whatever it was.Here, let me lend you my shoulder to cry on.
rupeeDo you remember the name of my clothing brand?Rusae.Rushamalamadingdong?
rupeeWhy would someone do such a thing?They just hate us, ’cause they aint us.There’s no reason. Haters gonna hate.
rupeeCatch ya on the flip side!What on earth is going on?… Who is this?
rupee_wWhat’s a good way to ring in the New Year?Going on a date with your loved one.Participating in a massive gaming event.
rupee_wOne, two…Nikke!Shut eyes.
rupee_wI’ll hand it over to Sweetie to explain the rest.Talk about the importance of Nikkes and their mental health.Explain how this is mainly where you give Nikkes their salary, and not much else.
rupee_wSometimes I think about how nice it’d be if I were like that.I like you just the way you are.Everyone is uniquely charming in their own way.
rupee_wIs there any way we can promote them better?Wear them in your next video.Increase the marketing budget.
rupee_wHow about we go shopping when we’re done talking?Sure, we can buy some winter clothes.On a cold day like this, you ought to stay indoors.
rupee_wbut I already bought so many. There’s barely enough room left on the tree.Then let’s buy another tree.Sounds like you have to swap out some of the ornaments.
rupee_wI always end up thinking of a special someone.I’m the same way.Who’s that?
rupee_wI’m in a good mood today.I’m enjoying spending time with you too.Did you get the coupons?
rupee_wWhite or black?White, obviously.I prefer black. It’s sexier.
rupee_wHow old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?I never stopped believing in Santa.Santa… doesn’t exist?
rupee_wDo you have any vacation plans?None. Help me plan something.I’m going to kick back and relax on my own.
rupee_wI’m fine with it, but what about you? Aren’t you freezing?It’s okay. You can hold my hand.I could use a few more layers, yeah.
rupee_wI’m sure we’ll be able to find something in the Ark.I think a place just opened up that sells truffle soup.Let’s just have some Ramen Splendamin.
rupee_w*Yawn*How can shopping make you tired?You can lean on my shoulder if you want.
rupee_wWhen do you find me most appealing?When you’re out on a date.When you’ve just stepped out of the shower.
rupee_wA wedding on a snowy day… Isn’t it romantic?Would you like to rehearse?Someday, we’ll be able to see snow on the surface.
rupee_wbut I’m not sure what kind of party it should be.A casual get-together with your fans and other livestreamers.A black tie event for celebrities and your clients.
rupee_wIt’s been days since my last livestream…I know it’s hard. Let me give you a massage.It’s tough being the one in charge.
rupee_wWhat catchphrase should we use to hook people in?Get the latest holiday fashions for you and your loved ones.May your Christmas be a luxurious one. All high-end products are on sale.
sakuraWhich type of tea do you like?Black tea.Green tea
sakuraand you couldn’t tell if the decision you were making was the right one?I would believe in myself and keep moving forward.I’d ask others for their opinion.
sakuraAre you this way with everyone?No, only with you.Generally, yes.
sakuraHow do you feel when you see them?I feel very excited.I feel very content.
sakuraWhat about you?I’ve been exercising.I’ve been studying hard.
sakuraWhat would you do if you were me, {AccountData.NickName}-kun?Just give it up.Keep hammering away at it until something you say makes an impression.
sakuraI’ll prepare some in the courtyard for you for the next time you visit.Cherry blossoms.Roses.
sakurawhat’s your general approach?Stick to the procedure.Improvise.
sakuraWhat do you look for in a partner?Someone with grace and sangfroid.Someone who values loyalty.
sakuraWhen she read my fortune, she mentioned your name. What do you think that means?It certainly sounds positive to me.I’ve never put much faith in fortune-telling.
sakuraWhat should I do?How about I come visit and keep you company?Hand over your work to a trusted subordinate and have some fun out on the town.
sakuraIt’s hardly appropriate for someone in your position to look that way.I know. I’m so helpless. Help meeeee, pretty please with a cherry on top?Belorta played a prank on me. There was nothing I could do.
sakurahow would you express yourself to her?I think I’d talk to her face to face.I wouldn’t say anything, and keep my feelings hidden.
sakuraDo you have any recommendations?The Mistress and Her Dog.The Mafia’s Youngest Son
sakurabut I don’t feel terribly comfortable while I’m doing it.The consequences of one’s actions, both good and bad, should always be clear.You expect too much of them. Take it easy on them.
sakuraWhat goes through your mind when you see the first cherry blossoms of the year?I think about Sakura.I’m reminded of both the splendor and impermanence of life.
sakuraDo you have any memorable childhood memories, {AccountData.NickName}-kun?The hospital.Actually, I can’t remember anything either.
sakuraHow can I access that gentler side of myself?It’s also important to be comfortable with who you are.Do you want to practice with me?
sakuraThey’ve got lots of materials their customers can use to create their own confections.Why don’t we go and buy some sometime?Why don’t we go and make some together?
sakuraHave you ever fired a matchlock rifle, {AccountData.NickName}-kun?I haven’t, but I’d love to.No, I’ve only seen them in a museum.
signalWhat about you, Commander? What do you think of her?I think she’s a good person as well, and very friendly.Delta is many things, but ‘thoughtful’ isn’t one of them.
signalWould… would I get in trouble if I did?You won’t be in trouble.Darn right you’d be in trouble.
signalC-commander, if you were in a relationship, what kind of relationship would you like to be in?I’d want it to be a relationship full of passion, like the ones on TV.I’m an adult, so I would like to be in an adult relationship.
signalwould you rather stay home or go out?I’d have a staycation at home and binge watch all my favorite shows.I’d spend my free time outside, where there are lots of fun things to do.
signalHonestly!Someone I can watch my favorite shows with.Are you sure it’s just simple curiosity?
signalAre you in any pain?Is the protagonist on your TV show terminally ill?There’s been nothing but pain in my entire life.
signalDo you think something happened to me last night?You probably danced in your sleep.There might have been a thief.
signalCan I dress in office attire, starting tomorrow?Are you sure Delta will be okay with this?Yes, you can.
signalWhat do you think about rain, Commander?I enjoy the rain. I find it very atmospheric.I despise the rain, especially during combat.
signalDo you think that’s true, Commander?I think it’s true.The night sky is prettier up on the surface.
signalwould you say hi?I’d just stare from a distance as they passed by.I absolutely would. I’d even try to get an autograph.
signalWhat do you think?It’s adorable.It’s not my style.
signalThis new show I’ve been looking forward to premieres tonight.What’s the show about?Sure, you deserve a little R&R.
signalIf it were you, Commander, how would you handle it?I would try to hint at what my issues are.I would be direct and tell them exactly what my issues are.
signalCommander, what kind of music do you usually listen to?The Waiting on Love OST, the first track.This death metal band called Kill Your Darlings.
signal… Never mind, it’s nothing.That show you’ve been watching is starting soon. You can leave early today.Understood.
signalIt would be nice if I could meet that person who was in my dreams someday…I’m sure one day your dream will become a reality.Well, dreams are by definition the opposite of reality.
signalWhat should I do if I feel resentment towards one of my squadmates?You should let them know. Don’t keep it bottled up inside.What did Delta do this time?
signalI’d love to visit one for real someday.Actually, you could say I’m in a flower garden right now.Yes, I’ve been to one before.
signalwhat’s your opinion on white lies?I think it’s needed in some situations.Lying is a terrible thing, even if it’s a white lie.
sinWhy do you▣▣ insist on putting▣▣ this convertor on me?Because I’m not confident that I can restrain you if I have to.Because you are still on probation.
sin▣I had so much fun cutting□□ it up with the Nikkes here yesterday, I had※▣tears coming down my face.I’m glad to hear that you’ve managed to adjust.So that kerfuffle last night was your doing.
sinIf you rescued a ※※kid who was about to drown ▣▣※and they said afterwards that they wanted some Nutrium□, what would you do?I’d probably buy them some.What makes you ask such a random question?
sin□※S is standing pretty at 30 points, R is at minus 6□▣points, E is….Are you calculating points?What does S and R stand for?
sinEveryone▣can’t stop□□complimenting you.※▣※How does that make you feel?Trust me, I’m far from perfect.
sinEver since I was released□※from the rehabilitation center ▣※, I’ve been wanting to do something that has meaning.Okay, let’s go together during the weekend.…You’re not up to anything, are you?
sin□※Every time I think back on ▣※□what you did, I bust out※□laughing.Last week? Wait, you mean when I…?!I don’t remember.
sin※※I don’t mind□it, but security▣here is□ so lax.Quency never was one to follow the rules.Let me know the next time you see Quency.
sinI’ve already been□□rehabilitated.Should we do something else then?For your own mental health, it’s absolutely necessary.
sin□▣If you could commit one sin,▣※what would it be?Offer a live sacrifice to appease the gods.Whichever is the least severe.
sin※▣Would you prefer to be given a ▣※ bar of Splendamin, or a ▣※□light croquette?Splendamin.Croquette.
sin※I’m▣□▣bored out of my gourd.Should I give you a piggyback ride?Is there something else you’d rather be doing?
sin※Do you※▣think▣※□that’s true?I agree somewhat.There’s also a saying that luck will find those who live kindly.
sin※▣From what I□hear※▣you’re close to□everyone.… You?I get along with everyone.
sin□▣Then▣※I wouldn’t feel□misunderstood▣※※.I like it when I can see your face.Would you like to have our next session over text?
sinOr a wide circle※□of acquaintances▣▣?A wide circle of acquaintances.A few close friends.
sin▣□▣but it feels like everyone※□is always▣judging me▣.Butter them up first with a bar of Splendamin.If you want to get close to someone, just talk to them.
sinHow▣▣can I□※get her□▣※to not be mad at me anymore?Nothing you can do. Just have to wait until she cools off.Look her straight in the eye and apologize.
sin※□Quency▣is too busy, □※※so I don’t want to bother her, and Guilty※could crush me like a bug▣if I rub her the wrong way.I’ll blend your food up for you.If you starve yourself long enough, you’ll be more than willing to blend your food.
sinGu▣ilty says※there’s nothing she despises more than▣※falsehoods.Lying is also a skill.Lying is bad.
snowwhiteWhat would you do?Rock, paper, scissors.Split the food.
snowwhiteI’m considering whether to say something to her about it.I’m sure her nonchalant attitude must have helped you out in the past.Teammates should always be open with each other.
snowwhiteChoose only one thing.There is unlimited food.There is a lot to do.
snowwhiteDoes it make you feel full? Is it easy to preserve?I’ll get you some.The taste isn’t great, but it’s perfect in terms of nourishment.
snowwhiteHow do humans keep their minds sharp?Showers.Sleep.
snowwhiteDo you agree?If communication is possible, I will try talking to them first.I agree. They must all be crushed, no matter what.
snowwhiteI don’t know how I should react when that happens.It’s best to ignore her.Drool and pant along with her.
snowwhiteIs that true?It’s sad, but it’s true.Absolutely not.
snowwhiteThere is more than enough to live on here. Why do you still dream of reclaiming the surface?Because this place won’t be safe forever.It’s just a pipe dream.
snowwhiteI am curious. What is your secret?I’m not sure.Being handsome.
snowwhiteDo you think we’ll ever reclaim the surface?I do, because I have faith in you.No, I don’t.
snowwhiteHumans are just tools to them.I’ll keep that in mind.
snowwhiteDoes the surface frighten you?A little bit.Not at all.
snowwhiteHow would you respond to this question?I wouldn’t go back.I would go back in an instant.
snowwhiteIf it was you, what road would you choose?The new road.The road I’m familiar with.
snowwhiteis there anything else you always take up to the surface?Small snack-sized bits of Splendamin.An Ark Ranger figurine.
snowwhiteBut I don’t want to drink. When I’m drunk I tend to be less aware of my surroundings.Since she’s lonely, you should keep her company. You can drink water.Sometimes you just need to loosen up.
snowwhitehave you ever given the future much thought?We’ll make a new Outpost on the surface that we can live in.We’ll be fighting tooth and nail just like we are now.
snowwhitewhich would you prefer?They all sound terrible.Um… Snow?
sodaI screwed up again today.It’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes.How about you just stick to cleaning?
sodaClean clean, squeaky clean!Want to clean together?Cleaning is such a hassle.
sodaDo you prefer sunny or rainy days?I like sunny days.I like rainy days.
sodaI broke a glass while I was cleaning today.Were you hurt?Let’s go buy another one.
sodaMaybe even more than cleaning.I prefer you over cleaning as well, Soda.… Okay.
sodaDo you think we should start with the kitchen or the lobby?The kitchen.The lobby.
sodaWhat’s your favorite food? Tell me and I’ll make it for you.Anything you make is my favorite.I’m not really hungry.
sodaWould you like a massage?If it’s not too much trouble…Actually, I feel fine.
sodaWhat should I draw?Your face.Cocoa’s face.
sodaDo you have any suggestions?Try and make your eyes twinkle.You’re already special as is.
sodaGuess what the lyrics are after that!Meet your special maid!♪Meet your special Soda!♪
sodaGuess what she said.That you were the best cook around.That you were the best cleaner around.
sodaIs there anything you’d like to see me in other than a maid outfit?It’d be interesting to see you in some casual clothes.You look nice in maid costumes.
sodaBut all I ever seem to do is make mistakes. I’m so sad…That’s what makes you so endearing, Soda.No need to be a perfectionist.
sodaNice to have you back, Master!… Hello.What’s up with the bizarre greeting?
sodaBut I’ve already bought a lot of cleaning tools… What should I do?Consider it an investment towards your own happiness. Go for it.A craftsman does not rely on their tools.
sodaBy the magic invested in me, I command you to be delicious! Moe moe kyun!Alakazam!??
sodaYou can choose your own theme.The climactic scene of a romantic-comedy.Secret agents going undercover as cleaners.
sodaDid you see what it was?A heart.A mathematical formula.
solinemugwort-flavored or garlic-flavored Splendamin, then you’ll become an adult. Is that true?It’s true.Actually, it’ll turn you into a human.
solineBut… have you been there before?I haven’t.I have.
solineDo you think she is too mean to me?Yes.No.
solineWhat should I do?Buy Diesel a new flavor of candy.Lie down in front of Diesel and throw a tantrum because you want a different flavor.
solineWhich one would you date?The mature one.The cute one.
solineWhat do I have to do for them to stop seeing me as cute?Chug a cup of bitter coffee in front of them.Say “stop seeing me as cute” with your charisma.
solineI’m so angry. How should I take revenge on them?Next time you see them, report them as missing children as well.Next time you see them, report that some scary big sisters are bothering you.
solineArgh. I’m so angry! It’s so annoying!That person just hasn’t seen your competence yet.Do you want to take revenge on that person?
solineN-never mind.Do you want some candy?Are you bored or something?
solineThen I’ll grow taller and look more like an adult!Good luck.Do you really believe that you will grow taller?
solinePreferably something sweet.You’re just going through a growth spurt.Be careful or else you’ll be putting on the pounds.
solineTraveling on a train… something like that.Sure we can. Let’s start planning our itinerary.It may be a little soon to be thinking of that…
solineHow rude!We’ll go to a different café next time.Let’s have Brid and Diesel come with us.
solineOr do you prefer someone smaller… like me?Personally, I prefer shorter women.I’d prefer if they were about my height.
solineFirst up is how I dress. What kind of clothing should I wear?Something that’s all business.Something more casual.
solineA… honeymoon, was it? Have you heard about this before?It’d be nice for you and I to go on a honeymoon.I came back from one before.
solineDo you think they feel the same way about me?I’m sure they do.Why don’t you ask them?
solineStrawberry candy is one thing, but strawberry toothpaste? No thanks.It probably tastes nice and sweet.Let’s change it to another toothpaste.
solineSo it made me curious.Of course, she’s standing right in front of me.Do you want to hear my love story?
solineI’d like to see Brid and Diesel try and do this on their own. Then they’d see how hard it is.I’ll help you with the cleaning.Let’s go on strike.
sugarWhat do you think I should do?Give them a swift kick in the rear.Give a heartfelt apology.
sugarWhat can you even say to such a flagrant insult?Give her some bleach.Keep things cordial with your squadmates.
sugarAny ideas?Do you feel that the fuel you put into Black Typhoon is a waste?Change to cheaper fuel.
sugarHow many scoops of sugar do you think is best?11 spoonfuls.10 spoonfuls.
sugarThey’re a real pain in my neck. All they do is stand around.Why don’t you just stand around, then? Someone else will do the work eventually.Give them a kick in the pants.
sugarWhat kind of music do you think suits my vibe?Graceful classical music.Hard-hitting heavy metal.
sugarBut I’ve got to maintain my reputation as a problem-solver, so I can’t turn anybody down. What should I do?Keep taking every job, no matter how shady.Image is important. Learn to be patient.
sugarVroom! Vroom, vroom!Vroooooom!!Honk, honk!
sugarI’m a little worried that one day I might get myself into trouble.Cut loose if you want, just be sure to trust me and your other teammates.You just do you. I’ll heal you whenever you need it.
sugarI want to redline it! How can I do that?How about adding another 0 to the speedometer?Honk the horn.
sugarI wonder what’s wrong…Let’s inspect the engine.Let’s take it to the hospital.
sugarI feel this irresistible urge to go for a spin on my bike.Let’s do it when we reclaim the surface.Let’s do it.
sugarSomeone had put milk and cream into a Sugar Coffee.It certainly sounds horrible.That actually sounds kind of good to me.
sugarDo you think she has what it takes to be a leader?She’s the de facto leader of Cafe Sweety.I think she’s a bit too apathetic for that.
sugarTry and ask me a few questions.Would you rather only have Sugar Coffee, or me?Would you rather only have Sugar Coffee, or Black Typhoon?
sugar*Vroom-m-m!!*When I’m alone I mimic Frima’s voice.No.
sugarWhich one would you like?They’re both Sugar Coffees… just give me whichever.Which one is the Sugar Coffee?
sugarYou wear a helmet whenever you ride a motorcycle, don’t you?Of course.You don’t wear one though, isn’t that right?
sugarI’d crush it, I just know it.You should start one of your own.It isn’t popular enough.
sugarDo you know the reason?That’s because the population in the Outpost has increased.That’s because the taste of the Sugar Coffee has improved.
vestiWhat do I need to do… to not be n-nervous in front of people?Be aware of your own cuteness.Imagine that the people are Raptures.
vestiHow should I decline?Make Emma taste her own food.Blame it on a diet.
vestiH-how can I make it stop?Close your eyes for 3 seconds, then open them again.Kill the murderer.
vestiDo you have an i-ideal type?Someone small and cute.Someone tall and mature.
vestiBut, I’m worried, because my writing is so ugly…It might be prettier than you think. Let me see it.In the modern, digital age, handwriting isn’t important at all.
vestiH-how can I fix this?There is no need to fix it. It’s a natural thing.Think about something happy.
vestiDo you have your own way of relieving stress?I go out and be social.I play games.
vesti… If you had someone you hate so much that you wanted to destroy them, what would you do?Ignore it and think about something else.Find the right moment to strike.
vestiI want to have a counseling session with you every day.I enjoy having counseling time with you, too.Do you have a lot of worries recently?
vestiis there anything you only do with people that you’re close to?Being at ease while I talk with them, like right now.Talking with them on Bla every single day.
vestiWhat’s your favorite movie genre?Animated movies with cute characters.Horror movies that make you jump out of your seat.
vestihave you ever had a crush on someone?No, I haven’t.Yes, I have.
vestiWhat do you do when you are overwhelmed with loneliness?I write in my journal to try and give words to my feelings.I enjoy that feeling and revel in it.
vestiwhat are you thinking about?Not much.About you.
vestiDo you make any resolutions for the new year?To forge a greater bond with you.Not really.
vestiWhat do you think about people decorating their diaries?I think it’s cute.The two of us can do it together.
vestiIs there a way to keep your feelings from being hurt?I wouldn’t let it get me down and just move on.Whatever they did to me, I’d do the same thing right back at them.
vestiThere this person… and I want them all for myself.The more you obsess about someone, the more you’ll just drive them away.And who is this person?
vestiwho do you like the most? Who are you most comfortable being around?You’re my favorite, and I’m most comfortable around you.I don’t know… Emma?
viperIf you had to choose between simple and fancy, what would it be?Simple.Fancy.
viperNo questions.B.A.
viperdo you eat the cherry right away, or save it for last?I usually eat it first.I save it for last.
viperDo you prefer the Ark, or the surface?The Ark.The surface.
viperDo you prefer crows or snakes?Snakes.Crows.
vipershould I tell you about a secret I’ve been hiding?If you tell me, what will you want in return?You don’t need to tell me.
viperI want to go somewhere.Want to go on a date?Want to go shopping?
viperDo you think that’s why Crow likes Jackal more than me?You have plenty of your own positive qualities.Are you jealous of Jackal?
viperWhat’s the best thing about living in the Outer Rim?I get to see you often.I don’t know.
viperWhat do you think I should do with them?Just don’t kill them.
viperdo you like eating it in one bite, or letting it melt slowly in your mouth?Letting it melt slowly in my mouth.Eating it all in one bite.
viperSomeone who steals, or someone who gets stolen from?Being stolen from.Someone who steals.
viperwhat do you think would be the first thing I’d do?… Kill me?… Terrorize the Ark?
viperWanna guess why?Because today is our scheduled counseling day?Because the weather is nice?
viperare always reciprocated?What do you think?I do.
viperI’ve got something to do.Okay.What is it?
viperhow innocent you are?… Is that a compliment?I’m not as innocent as you think I am.
viperHoney, do you like alcohol?I do.I don’t.
viperMy makeup didn’t come out right, and my hair is a mess.I didn’t expect you to care about stuff like that.We can always reschedule our session for another time.
volumeshould I turn it up or down?Up.Down.
volumeDo You Love Me?Is this the title of your new song?Yes.
volumeWhen I look up, all I see is a ceiling instead of the actual sky.Let’s use music to blast a hole through it!Let’s drill a hole through it!
volumeI’m famished.Bring her some water.Bring her some Splendamin.
volumeBut there’s a saying that stars should always be ready to be photographed.You mean you have to be ready at all times?If you went through life like that, you’d constantly be on pins and needles.
volumeMy body is in bad shape, too.Why don’t you take the day off?Your voice does seem out of tune today.
volumeI’m not in the mood to talk. Please leave.Play some peaceful music.Ask her if she wants anything.
volumewhat do you think it would be like?A raging hip-hop party under the heavy rain.A hot and heavy hip-hop blowout with fun under the sun.
volumeIs there anything you want? Name it, and it’s yours.A Romdady S supercar.Buy me dinner sometime.
volumeAria and I are radically different in style, so she’s out of the equation.You, of course.Noise.
volumeDo you have anyone in mind?I could do it.I’ll find someone.
volumeI ask myself that question sometimes.I can’t imagine you doing anything but rapping.Probably some menial job at the police station.
volumeWhat do you think is the most important thing for a rapper to have?SwagSuperb rapping skills.
volumeThat guy getting the boot.Everyone makes mistakes.It was a one-time thing. Go easy on him.
volumehip-hop or pop music?Hip-hop.Pop.
volumewhat should I do?Take ’em to school so they know not to mess with you again.Just ignore them.
volumeWhat do you think of people who make their love life public?I think it’ll be good.I think they’ll end up regretting the attention they’ll get from the public.
volumeI am planning to make a custom mic. Which color should I pick?Black.Yellow.
volumeHer operas are so crushingly dull, how can she play them so well without being bored to tears?I think you could pull it off as well.Everyone has their own specialties.
volumeWhat would you recommend?Film some ads.Go on a TV show.
yanWhat do I need to do to sell products to people like you?Use your beauty.Give a 75% discount.
yanYou should remind Dolla of that.Understood.You should let Dolla walk her own path.
yanIs there anything you want to eat right now?Anything is okay, if it’s from you.500g of the finest pork chop.
yanWhat should I do with her?Demand an appropriate share of the profit.Just do it. She’s your friend and squad mate, after all.
yanDo you want to be my secretary?What are the conditions?I decline.
yanDid you bring back anything, by any chance?Some Rapture parts.Just some sand.
yanLike an umbrella, or a raincoat.What’s your asking price?Another gimmick…
yanWhat do you think of Nikkes who talk with an accent?Sounds cute.Sounds strong.
yanWhat is it? Tell me.Red.Yellow.
yanWhat do you think I’ll be doing in 10 years?You’ll be expanding your business on the surface.You’ll be monopolizing Ark’s economy.
yanwhat is the most important factor in success?Luck.Perseverance.
yanDo you have a lot of dating experience?I’ve been single my entire life.I once had 12 relationships in a single day.
yanI want to make a note of it for when I release my next product.You’ve caught my eye.There isn’t really anything I’m interested in.
yanWe just released a new flavor of soda, want to try it?I’m willing to try anything you offer me.Is it free?
yanSome of them really cross the line.I’ll take care of them for you.You should give it right back to them.
yanWhen you look at me, what words pop in your head?A businesswoman who doesn’t take crap from anyone.An entrepreneur.
yanor do you prefer having a sense of stability?I enjoy challenging myselfI enjoy a sense of stability
yanIs there anything you’ve seen recently that you want to get your hands on?Yan’s heart.Luxury brand watches.
yanWhat’s your definition of failure?Failure is just another opportunity to try again.I wouldn’t know. I’ve never failed before.
yanI’m on the hunt for investment opportunities.You’re the only thing I want to invest in.I hate red.
yulhaUgh… Why are you staring at me?Do you have a bad hangover?Are you stressed out from work?
yulha*Sigh* What should I do?Still, shouldn’t you say what’s on your mind?It might be a good idea to nag a little less.
yulhaBut I don’t think it’s good for a kid to be so mature, anyway.Give her a vacation and send her to the Outpost.Tell her to learn from Privaty how to act like a kid.
yulhaSo, what should I eat? Something sweet, or something spicy?Sweet.Spicy.
yulha*Sigh*I’m sorry, but that is impossible.Okay. I’ll be more controlling.
yulhaDo you have somewhere you want to go on your vacation?I’ll just rest in the Commander’s room.You think I have time for a vacation?
yulhaInstead of being a Commander, I mean.I did.I didn’t.
yulhaHow can I get rid of her?Bite her.Ask her, “Do you like me?”
yulhaTriangle will execute you?I know.Can’t I just pretend it’s not true?
yulhaDo any of the Nikkes suit you?Someone like you.I don’t think there are any among the Nikkes…
yulhaDo you think there’s any truth to that?I think it’s complete nonsense.For sure.
yulhaWhat should I do in a situation like this?I’ll sing you a lullaby.Get a prescription for some sleeping pills.
yulhaDo… do you think ghosts really exist?Of course they don’t.Yes, they do.
yulhaHmm…Don’t do anything.Say something.
yulhawhat kind of weather do you prefer?A sunny day.A rainy day.
yulhais there anything you hope comes true this year?That you take it easy for a while.World peace.
yulhaWhat do you usually think about when you’re in the shower?I don’t think about anything.Pssh, you think I have time to take a shower?
yulhaI want to drink something new. Is there anything you can recommend?An energy drink.A vitamin drink.
yulhawhat would you ask?When do you find time to rest?Do you enjoy your job?
yulhaNewbie, why am I so tired?Because you’ve been working all day.Because you haven’t left the office yet.
yuniIs she sick of me or something?Use physical force to keep her with you.Try throwing a hissy fit.
yunibut I don’t have enough money to get both!Tie Mihara up with the whip.I’ll buy them for you.
yuniCommander, do you know what happens to a Rapture once it’s captured?… They probably get disposed of.They’re studied and then returned to their home.
yuniWhy? I’m much better with a whip than a gun.Because Raptures don’t feel any pain.Because the whip hurts more than the gun.
yuniIs there anything I can do to change my sleeping habits?Find something to hold onto before you go to sleep.What about tying up your hands before you go to sleep?
yuniwhat should I do? I certainly won’t be able to capture Raptures anymore.Just live out your days in peace.How about running a club with Mihara?
yuniBut what’s the point of tying a knot if you don’t make it tight?You should tie Mihara up, too.Even if it breaks, the cookies are still cookies. No harm no foul.
yuniHow would you feel if someone suddenly hit you, out of the blue?One-sided violence is never good.I would want to retaliate.
yuniShould I buy a new pair?Is it really that big a deal that the handcuffs are broken?I’ll buy you an identical pair.
yuniA hit to the shins? A punch to the gut? Stubbing your toe?I haven’t been hit that much, so I really can’t say.It hurts no matter where you get hit.
yuniWhat would you say is my strong suit?You’re pure of heart, and kind.You’re adorable.
yuniWhat does it taste like?When you’re a little older, we can go try a few together.They taste… as if they have an air of danger to them. It’s all very adult.
yunimeans the world to me.I’m sure Mihara likes you as well.She means the world to me too.
yuniI’d prefer to be alone today.Caress her hair.Take out a candy.
yuniI’m not bothering you by talking to you every day, am I?You’ve never bothered me, not even once.Honestly, sometimes it’s a bit too much.
yuniI want to show you something fun.You reach out your hand.You reach out with your foot.
yuniDo I really have to go?It’s important to read up on things you’re learning as well.Anything worth learning can be learned on the battlefield. You don’t have to go.
yuniDo you like me?Yes, I do.Before we talk… could you put the whip down?
yuniI’m so exhausted…Do you want to sleep here?You can go and sleep.
yuniCommander, when are you most happy?When I’m spending time with you.When I’m spending time with Mihara.
Mast seems to have a lot on her mind.Wait patiently.Did anything happen?
Nero approaches me and rubs her head against my arm.Want some treats?Touch her head.
Nero takes out a can of tuna.Shall I open it for you?Thank you.
It’s time for our counseling session, but Nero hasn’t shown up yet.Quietly swing the cat teaser in the air.Call out loudly for Nero.
No cat toys are in sight either.Open an empty box and place it on the floor.Make sounds with an empty plastic bag.
At times like this, it’s best to…Try talking.Stay quiet.
…!*Bang bang!*Argh!
Rosanna taps her lips twice with her fingers.Tap your own lips twice.Lean in closer to Rosanna.
Blanc stares at me intently.Are you in love with me?… Can you stop staring?
The Splendamin in the spoon is black and green, just like some abomination from the depths of the ocean…Open your mouth.Try to escape.
Exia is focused on playing a game.Turn on the same game.It’s time for our appointment.
Julia is performing as if deeply immersed in her music.Let her be.Announce your presence.
Snow White is checking her gears.Wait a little longer.Speak to her.
Vesti looks upset.I am sorry I haven’t been able to spend time with you these days.Do you have any complaints?
Noise plays a song that sounds eerily familiar to one of her own.Did someone rip off your song?Is this a cover of one of your songs?
All I could find was a lone glass box left on the floor.Place a card containing small amounts of credit in the box.Place one of Anchor’s starfish in the box.
Her toes move up towards the inside of my calf.Grab Viper by the ankle.Run away from Viper.
Guilty clenches onto my hand more tightly.Grip even tighter.Try to remove her hand.
Cocoa sets a plate of omurice in front of me and holds up the ketchup.As much ketchup as you can muster.Just a bit of ketchup.
Cocoa holds out her thumb.Also give a thumbs up.Shake Cocoa’s hand.
Biscuit hands me a ball.Thank you.Throw the ball as far as you can.
She wags her tail furiously!Stroke her head.Grab her tail.
Soda is cleaning every nook and cranny of the Commander’s Room.Is something on your mind?Is my room really that dirty?
I can pick up the faint smell of blood on D.Do you want to go wash up first?Did you just get back from… work?

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