How to Get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Complete Guide

How to Get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mist is the currency used in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Eternity Isle update, replacing Dreamlight for purchases and upgrades unique to the Isle. From unlocking Ariel’s glittering coral castle to stocking up at Scrooge McDuck’s emporium – knowing how to collect Mist will be key! So get ready, Dreamers: we are diving deep into all things Mist-ic!

Mist is a currency introduced as part of Disney Dreamlight Valley for use in Forgotten Lands and Eternity Isle, used to purchase exclusive merchandise, decorations, and furniture at Ursula Dazzle Beach’s Dazzle Beach shop.

How to Get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Though Mist can be challenging to obtain at first, there are ways you can consistently acquire it over time. Here’s our complete guide for unlocking Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

1. Completing Mist Duties:

  • Similar to Dreamlight Duties, Eternity Isle provides daily and weekly Mist Duties which range from simple gathering and crafting activities all the way through interacting with specific characters or eliminating potential hazards.
  • Conducting these duties brings great rewards in terms of Mist, making it one of your most reliable sources of income.

2. Timebending for Mist:

  • Your Royal Hourglass plays an invaluable role in gathering Mist. Use it to interact with swirling sands on Eternity Isle, which reveal hidden treasures containing Mist!
  • Upgrade your Hourglass with Dingle Hoppers and Seashells to increase the odds of finding Mist when Timebending. Assigning villager as Timebenders also boosts these odds.

3. Completing Quests and Milestones:

  • As you progress through Eternity Isle’s main story quests and friendship quests with new characters like Stitch and Ariel, your hard work will pay off with Mist as rewards.
  • Milestones reached by performing certain actions such as feeding animals or collecting resources are awarded Mist upon their successful completion.

4. Utilizing the Wishing Well:

  • Wishes made at the Wishing Well in Eternity Isle may grant Mist as well as other rewards. As your friendship level with characters increases, so will their rewards – including Mist!

5. Selling Items to Ursula:

  • Although not the most efficient approach, selling unwanted fish or gems to Ursula’s shop for small amounts of Mist can help clear out excess inventory while earning additional Mist alongside Dreamlight.

Bonus Tips to Get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Timebending with Ariel or Moana offers special bonuses when Timebending, increasing the chances of finding Mist-filled treasures.
  • Craft Timebending Manuals: Timebending manuals made from Dreamlight, Dingle Hoppers and Wood can temporarily boost your Timebending yield, possibly opening more Mist sources.
  • Focus on Eternity Isle activities: While Dreamlight Valley activities will still earn Dreamlight, Eternity Isle activities provide more Mist income. Prioritize tasks and goals within these new areas for maximum Mist earnings.

After applying these strategies and tips, you will soon find yourself swimming through Mist with ease and ready to unlock Ursula’s Dazzle Beach shop offerings! Patience and persistence will soon see your Eternity Isle oasis bedecked by Ursula’s one-of-a-kind items!

I hope this guide has been of use in your Misty adventures at Disney Dreamlight Valley! Please feel free to ask if any additional questions arise.

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