Bhutan Winner Lottery Result List April 2024

Bhutan Winner Lottery Game, operated and funded by Bhutanese government with sponsorship by India and administered in Bhutan. Tickets may be bought at retail outlets, distributors or Kirana stores throughout Bhutan – then daily between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. the Bhutan Winner Agency holds their Lucky Draw using coupons published online at! For an exciting opportunity like this to participate be sure to learn all you can before purchasing tickets!

What is the Bhutan Winner Lottery?

India recently witnessed the introduction of Bhutan Lottery, an extremely popular private lottery game across several Indian states. People of all walks are buying lottery tickets to try their luck – some lucky individuals even making hundreds of rupees daily!

Bhutan Winner Lottery Result 2024

Latest Bhutan Winner Result (Updated)

Last Three Results

 30-03-2024 1.00 PM-

Draw No534
Draw Date30-03-2024
3 D Prize Rs.28000698
2 D Prize Rs.100098
1 D Prize Rs.1008

 29-03-2024 7.00 PM-

Draw No534
Draw Date29-03-2024
3 D Prize Rs.28000611
2 D Prize Rs.100011
1 D Prize Rs.1001

 29-03-2024 1.00 PM-

Draw No534
Draw Date29-03-2024
3 D Prize Rs.28000027
2 D Prize Rs.100027
1 D Prize Rs.1007

You now know how to play the game.

Before playing any lottery game, you must have money. We do not recommend engaging in such endeavors. But first, let us go through the technique: purchase a lottery ticket from your local store, merchant, or distributor to participate in Bhutan Lottery Winnings game.

After purchasing lottery tickets for the Lucky Draw April, it is necessary to wait until that day. See the plan here. Once drawn, the winner’s ticket number will then be released on the official website.

Return the Lottery Coupon numbers to the Distributor to claim your win if your name is on the list.

Lotteries are strictly forbidden in all Indian states except West Bengal, Kerala, Maharastra and other north-eastern jurisdictions.

The Dates and Times of the Bhutan Winner Lottery

Every day, at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., lottery officials hold fortunate draw events. On the Bhutan Winner Lottery’s official YouTube Channel, you April witness the live lucky draw event.


  • 1D Winner: ₹ 100/-
  • 2D Winner: ₹ 1000/-
  • 3D Winner:: ₹ 1000/-

How to Find Bhutan Winners Lottery Results on the Internet

If you have a Lottery Ticket, look at the printed Lucky Draw Date and Timings first. If today is the day, then follow the steps to see your results on the internet.

  • First and foremost, keep your lottery ticket with you.
  • Open your phone’s Chrome browser and type, which is the official website of Bhutan Winners.
  • You will now be on the official website’s home page. Allow the fortunate draw to take place at 1 p.m. or 7 p.m.
  • Refresh the page once the result has been published. The fortunate draw result will appear on your screen.
  • Take a screenshot of the page if the coupon number matches yours.


How can I find out who won Bhutan today?

From this page, you can discover the Bhutan winning team result for today. To get the first alert, visit this page now.

Is it legal for me to play the lottery if I live in a forbidden country?

In a forbidden place, you cannot join.

How many tickets can a person buy in total?

The number of tickets available for purchase is unlimited. Visit the main website for details.

How can I buy lottery tickets in Bhutan?

Tickets may be purchased at the local Ticket Seller store.

Who can correctly predict Bhutan’s winning team?

The Bhutan Lottery Team is impossible to predict. It is entirely dependent on your good fortune.

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