New Update on “High on Life” Issues

Update on High on Life Issues: Squanch Games’ wacky space shooter High on Life gets an update that fixes several issues and improves it. Just a few days before this latest update for the irreverent shooter, Justin Roiland, CEO of Squanch Games and co-creator of Rick and Morty, was charged in California with felony domestic assault.

New Update on High on Life Issues

Despite Squanch Games’ success with virtual reality games like Trover Saves the Universe, making High on Life available on Xbox Game Pass from the start increased the game’s exposure. “High on Life,” a December 2022 Xbox and PC exclusive, received positive reviews. Even though the quips were immature and the guns talked, High on Life appealed to gamers who wanted a break from military games.

New Update on High on Life Issues

Patch #3 for High on Life fixes several existing issues and adds a feature PC users have been asking for. The patch fixes non-progression vulnerabilities that could force players to restart the game, which is excellent news for many. The patch fixes several minor yet frustrating bugs that prevented players from completing game achievements.

High on Life’s weird sci-fi setting will be enhanced by Patch 3’s field of vision slider for PC. Even though strong gaming PCs can run the game at higher resolutions and framerates than consoles, the game’s narrow field of view (FOV) has annoyed many gamers till recently. “Globo now farts more regularly,” the patch notes say, which will delight fans of the game’s scatological humor.

Despite its explicit language, many first-person shooter fans have welcomed High on Life’s unorthodox approach to the genre. The weird sci-fi shooter is worth a try given that the new update has fixed many bugs and removed Space Applebee’s.

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