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High on Life: Development team discloses DLC Plans


High on Life: The developer of the forthcoming sci-fi shooter, Squanch Games, reveals what it has in store for the game’s future, including some DLC.

Squanch Games, created by Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland, is developing High on Life. The game was initially shown during June’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Since then, High on Life’s release date has been pushed out to later this year. The game showed additional gameplay and future ambitions at Gamescom 2022.
High on Life is a strange FPS due out in December, and Executive Producer Matty Studivan just announced that the team is working on DLC. Studivan said the company has already explored post-launch features for High on Life, including bug patches and more content. Post-launch support will include DLC for High on Life, although Studivan didn’t elaborate.

High on Life: What the Creator Said?

High on Life

He discussed the studio’s previous hit, Trover Saves the Universe, a sci-fi, VR game with Rick and Morty-style humour. “”We backed Trover for a long period,” Studivan remarked. The game will follow suit.” The team is already contemplating DLC months before the game’s delayed release date, which may seem early.
Squanch Games intends to add more material to the game as quickly as possible, particularly considering another Gamescom revelation. Studivan says High on Life will take 12-20 hours. High on Life’s crazy galaxy may be short for fans. Since players may complete High on Life rapidly, adding new material quickly might lengthen its shelf life.
Setting, humour, and game design make the game’s 12-20 hours of play interesting. High on Life’s talking weapons remark on the player’s activities and function as a comic sidekick. Studivan’s admission that DLC concepts are being explored suggests additional content will follow High on Life’s debut, prolonging the limited play duration. PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S will get the game on December 13. Day one Xbox Game Pass release confirmed.


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