Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List (April 2024)

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Just got into the Mobile Legends Adventure Game and was curious who the best heroes are right now in the year 2024. The finest Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List is right here, so keep reading!

Almost every playable character from the original ML game returns in ML Legends: Adventure. Epic heroes are different from exceptional ones or everyday ones. Each hero has particular abilities and excels in one or more attributes. Tank, Healer, Damager, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, and so on are all examples of such roles. Focusing on the top heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure is essential if you plan to play the game for an extended period of time. Let’s dive into the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2024 and rerolling guide to find out more about the hero tiers and how to reroll!

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

The game’s multiplayer mode allows you to invite other players from anywhere in the world. The battlefield is the venue for this conflict. Additionally, you and your pals can play Mobile Legends.

With the help of your allies, you can topple the enemy and his superiors. Mobile Legends Adventure is a free game that may be downloaded at any time from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Best Heroes

We have compiled a list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends, with the highest-ranked character being SS tier, followed by S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, and D tier. There will be a ranking system for characters that takes into account their unique skills, power, and damage output. This tier list is not final, but it should give you a good idea of the characters you can recruit for PvP and PvE battles:

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: SS MLA Tier

HeroType/Class Specialty/Ability
ValirElement/MageDamage/Hellfire/ Crowd control
LyliaDark/MageControl/ AoE Damage
LolitaTech/TankCrowd control/Guardian’s Bulwark/Sheild
IrithelMartial/MarksmanDamage/Strafe/Force of the Queen
SharChaos/SupportControl/ AoE Damage

S: Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

MashaMartial/TankDurability/Buff/Thunder Strike
KimmyMarksman/LightDamage/DeBuff/Maximum Charge
BelerickElemental/TankPhotosynthesis/ Durability
AuroraElemental/Tank/MageControl/Brust/AoE/Cold destruction
NatanTech/MarksmanEntropy/Damage /Control
KarrieTech/MarksmanIceborne Cutter/Damage
AkaiMartial/TankSheild/Crowd control/SuperPosition

A: Tier List

GordElemental/MazeDamage/Buff/Energy Overflow
ZilongMartial/FighterControl/Damage/Slipper Flip
AlphaTech/FighterControl/Damage/Decisive Battle
AtlasTech/TankWandering Soul/Control/Shield
CaludeMarksman/TechBlazing Duet/Brust/Control
Chang’eLight/MageAoE/Damage/Trouble Maker

B: Tier List

GrockElemental/TankControl/Heal/Wild Charge
SaberTech/FighterCharge/Triple Sweep
LancelotMartial/FighterCharge/Phantom Execution
KaditaElemental/MageAoE/Damage/Rough Wave
Yi Sun-ShinMartial/MarksmanDamage/Bonus

C Tier List

MoskovDark/MarksmanDamage/Debuff/Spear of Destruction
Lapu-LapuMartial/FighterDamage/Bonus/Brave Stance
HelcurtDark/FighterControl/Charge/Race Advantage
HanzoDark/FighterBrust/Demon Feast

D Tier List

EudoraElemental/MageAoE Damage/Forked Lightning
FrancoMartial/FighterControl/Durable/Bloody Hunt
MiyaElemental/MarksmanControl/Damage/Steller Blessing
LaylaTech/MarksmanAoE Damage/Destruction Rush
HildaMartial/FighterDurable/Brust/Power of Wilderness
KajaLight/SupportControl/Damage/Lightning Bolt

Mobile Legends Adventure Reroll

Here, you’ll find information on how to reroll in MLA, what to reroll, and when to reroll.

  • Go to the lobby first (Home Screen)
  • Tap the picture in the screen’s upper left corner.
  • Then Click on settings.
  • Press the “Server” button.
  • Next, click on the “all” tab to look at all the servers.
  • If you switch servers, the game will start over.
  • Now, keep going until you get the best heroes or heroes you want.

When to roll again?

It would be smart to roll again after the second 10-draw. You can get diamonds by doing the daily quests, getting achievements, and completing chapters in the campaign mode. The cost of the 10-draw is (2500) diamonds. You can draw up to ten heroes from the premium summon banner at the Wishing Shrine, and you might get the best heroes. But the drop rate isn’t very good: –

  • 5-Star – 5%
  • 4-Star – 8%
  • 3-Star – 45%
  • 2-Star – 42%

We would strongly suggest that you go with the 10-draw bulk pull instead of the 280-diamond-priced single pull. Look at the list of ML Adventure levels above.

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Final Words

We’ll be sure to keep this post, which is based only on the strength and power of heroes, up-to-date as new Mobile Legends Adventure heroes are officially launched, so we can all enjoy the game together.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the greatest Mobile Legends Adventure teams to create and reroll in the comments area down below.

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