Unlock the Coveted Migrator Cape in Minecraft 2024

Migrator cape: Only a few members of the community are issued Minecraft hats. These capes were once thought to be extremely rare.

Despite the fact that there are several cape styles in Minecraft, the Migrator cape is the most popular. It’s a royal red-gold colour with a design that looks like the letter “M.”

Migrator cape

Mojang Minecraft account holders will be able to purchase Migrator capes. This guide will show players.

How can Minecraft players get the new Migrator cape?

As previously stated, any player who wishes to convert their Mojang account to a Microsoft account can use the Migrator cape.

At this point, Mojang permits players to move in waves. This is done to test the system before gradually ramping it up. This means that not all players can relocate.

If players are able to migrate after logging in, they will receive the message below. Players should receive an email requesting them to relocate their account if they are eligible.

On their Mojang accounts, players should receive the notice “Migrate to a Microsoft Account to Get Improved Security and Claim Your Special Capee.”

Migration of a Mojang account into a Microsoft account

  • Step 1: To initiate the migration process, players must visit the official Minecraft website. is the link to the site. Players will need to log in to minecraft.net with their Minecraft account details. Image via minecraft.net
Migrator cape

The players should then log in to their Minecraft account and click “Login.”

  • Step 2: The screen below should appear upon login. Click the green “Move My Account” button. Players should press “Move my account” (Image via minecraft.net).
Migrator cape
  • Step 3: Now, Minecrafters will need to verify their email addresses. You can confirm the code that will arrive at the email address associated with your Minecraft account. The button “Get code” must now be pressed to receive a confirmation code.
Migrator cape

To move on to step 4, players must confirm the code that was sent to them.

  • Step 4: After verifying the security code, players will need to link their Minecraft account with a Microsoft account. This should be done automatically if the account is already associated with an email address.
Migrator cape

Players who don’t already have a Microsoft account can create one. Players without a Microsoft account must create one. Image via minecraft.net

  • Step 5: After creating a Microsoft Account, players will need an Xbox Profile and a Gamertag.
Migrator cape

The Xbox Gamertag is not limited to any one thing. It is independent of the Minecraft ID (in-game name), so other Minecraft players will not be able to see it. Players must create their own gamertag.

  • Step 6: Players should now be presented with the screen below if everything went according to plan. This screen will confirm that the migration went smoothly, and players should now be able to access the stylish new Migrator cape.
Migrator cape

Allowing the cape of the migrator:

Once the account has been migrated, it is time to claim your reward. You can choose your brand new Migrator cape from the Minecraft caps by logging in and going to the “skin” section.

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