Merge Mansion Mosaic: Create Merge Mansion mosaic pieces

Merge Mansion Mosaic: Playing Merge Mansion is like exploring a mysterious mansion full of beautiful artwork, hidden puzzles, and a plethora of questions. What sort of secrets could possibly be hidden away in this improbable mansion? The question is, what is Granny keeping a secret? Why do they keep using the Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates in such suggestive commercials? And most importantly, what materials and techniques are used to create the mosaics used in the Merge Mansion?

Perhaps we can’t answer all your questions today, but we can answer the last one for sure. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Merge Mansion mosaic pieces, such as where to find them, how to make them, what levels they appear on, and how to get Merge Mansion shrapnel. You’ll soon be a master at combining mosaics with our guidance.

Merge Mansion Mosaic

Use of Vases at the Merge Mansion

When players get the Vases, they will see a flashing lightning bolt on the vase. This means that the material can be used by tapping on it. Each vase will give you a cloth pouch and a level 0 material called “shrapnel.

How do I create mosaic pieces for Merge Mansion?

The fragments of the shattered vases can be pieced together to create the first level of the mosaic tree, which culminates in Mosaic XII, an elaborate vase, at the highest level. For the Mosaic, the fifth level and up merge chain sequence is when new XP stars are born. Players should be wary of the risk of over-merging Mosaics and so skipping the required Mosaic level for the current job.

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A pouch is the second item to fall from a vase, and it serves as the first tier in a family locket chain. After touching the Locket level 5 seven times, you will receive one XP star and seven Love Stories upon completion of the merge chain, making this a standalone merge sequence.


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