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Mangler Halo Infinite: How to Use Mangler Halo Infinite & Features


Mangler Halo Infinite: The Mangler is an effective new weapon available to players of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. Much like other firearms, its use may provide significant assistance during head-on encounters where its powerful capabilities may prove especially advantageous. Visit IGN’s tutorial to gain more insights into this revolver’s capabilities as well as additional details.

Mangler Halo Infinite Capabilities

Type: Revolver
Ammo Type: Kinetic
Magazine: 08/08
Can Zoom?Yes
Secondary Shot?No.

If you prefer small firearms that pack an impressive punch despite limited ammunition supplies, the Mangler could make for an interesting option. A few well-placed rounds should quickly put an end to any life threats facing you – even though its small crosshair and considerable recoil may prove challenging initially.

Mangler Halo Infinite

The Mangler functions similarly to Kinetic Weapons in terms of purpose; both should be deployed when an opponent’s shield has been broken. For such opponents, three shots aimed at their body and head should suffice in killing them off; otherwise an additional shot will need to be fired (making four total).

How to use Mangler Halo Infinite

  • Keep in mind that the Mangler has difficulty breaking down shields due to this. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness combined with an energy weapon it may first use to weaken an adversary’s shield before switching positions to deliver devastating headshots.
  • To quickly eliminate an opponent, aim for their head; spikes can do this in two or three headshots whereas it will require additional body rounds. Once you master its recoil, however, Mangler becomes an efficient weapon at short, medium, and long distances; although its recoil will limit when used at short distances. However, once its recoil has become fully controlled it won’t be available anymore for use against others!
  • Remind yourself that, unlike a handgun or other forms of weaponry, the Mangler causes far greater automobile damage. This should serve as one final key point regarding this gun; though you probably can’t hit one single car all by yourself with Mangler bullets alone, together your and your friends should have enough ammunition to do just that!

Mangler Halo Infinite Features

DART-FIRING HALO BLASTER REPLICA: This Mangler blaster takes design cues from the weapon seen in Halo: Infinite, the next installment in the critically acclaimed video game series.
6-DART DRUM AND PULL-BACK PRIMING HANDLE: With a quick pull back of the handle, the blaster is primed and ready to fire a dart from the drum. To shoot another dart, prime it and pull the trigger once again.
INCLUDES 6 DARTS: The drum can be loaded to capacity with the included six Official Nerf Elite foam darts. Performance and quality of Nerf darts have been verified and approved.
GAME CARD WITH UNLOCK CODE: It comes with a game card that can be redeemed for a code that will allow you to customize the color scheme of this blaster in the Halo video game.

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