Mad City Chapter 2 Codes: Latest Codes (April 2024)

Mad City Chapter 2 Codes: Mad City on Roblox offers its users an immersive world of crime & justice in a virtual urban setting, giving users plenty of chances to become either criminals or law enforcement officers. Utilizing its code system players can unlock rewards such as skins, vehicles & weapons by redeeming codes – as an added perk Mad City offers bounty codes which unlock more rewards including skins vehicles weapons.

Mad City Chapter 2 Codes

What is Mad City Chapter 2

Mad City Chapter 2 is the second installment in Schwifty Studios’ Mad City series. Players can select to be either a criminal, police officer, or hero – each with its own gameplay. Set in an expansive city full of banks, prisons & police stations alike, players must work together or individually on missions while engaging in high-speed chases for extra rewards.

Mad City Chapter 2 Codes(April 2024)

There are lots of Mad City Chapter 2 coupons that provide players cash & weapon, vehicle, & other skins. They are:

Mad City Chapter 2 Active Codes(April 2024)

WelcomePlayStation10k XP
Degree75k cash
Conlord75k cash
CeeJay75k cash
ZDMD75k cash

We will Update more available codes so follow us or you can follow them on their social media like twitter, Facebook, Instagram & much more.

(April 2024) Mad City Chapter 2 Expired Coupons

KraoESPKraoESP vehicle skin
BanditesBandites vehicle skin
0N3Y34RBirthday Fireworks vehicle skin
RealKreekKreekCraft vehicle skin
NapkinNapkinNate vehicle skin
5K37CHSk3tchyYT vehicle skin
uNiQueEe BACONMyUsernameThis vehicle skin
D1$C0Disco vehicle skin
RyguyRyguy vehicle skin
datbrianDatBrian vehicle skin
M4DC1TYBlack Hex AK47 skin
BILLYBOUNCEBilly Bounce emote
0MGC0D3Green Dots vehicle skin
S34Z4N4Purple Zebra vehicle skin
100KCash100,000 Cash

Redeeming Mad City Chapter 2 Codes

Here’s how to redeem Mad City codes & receive free rewards:

  • Launch Mad City through the official Roblox site.
  • Open the in-game phone located in the bottom-right corner & tap on Twitter icon.
  • A redemption box should appear.
  • Enter code & hit Submit
  • if code is correct & active you’ll automatically receive rewards.


Mad City Chapter 2 is a game for gamers to its thrilling gameplay & captivating storyline. Redeeming codes are an easy way to enhance your gaming experience in Mad City by unlocking rewards like skins, vehicles & weapons so make sure to use the latest codes for maximum enjoyment from your Mad City adventure.

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