Global sales of LG ThinQ UP Appliances will begin in 2023

LG ThinQ UP Appliances: LG ThinQ UP is a line of home appliances that can be updated by the user. This means that you can buy the appliance in its most basic form and then add more features or capabilities to it later. For example, an LG ThinQ UP washing machine may come with basic features, but you can buy an upgrade that adds more wash cycles or a steam cleaning function. This lets you tailor your appliances to your needs and budget, and it also makes sure they can keep up with the latest technology and features. LG ThinQ UP appliances come in many different types, such as home equipment, kitchen appliances, and home entertainment appliances.

LG ThinQ UP Appliances

LG ThinQ UP upgradeable household appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, oven ranges, and dishwashers, are now available worldwide, as revealed by LG Electronics. South Korea was the first market to receive LG’s upgradeable ThinQUP appliances in January of 2022.

LG ThinQ UP Appliances: Features

  • Laundry Saver Mode, which can be used with dryers that have ThinQ UP, is one of the special features that can be downloaded in 2023.
  • Laundry Saver keeps the drum turning after the cycle is over and until the dryer door is opened. This helps prevent wrinkles and bad smells.
  • Improved Nighttime Brightness Control is another feature for ThinQ UP refrigerators that dims the lights inside the fridge at night so that people don’t get “blinded” when they open the door.
  • All of the new software features are optional and can be accessed through the LG ThinQ app.

When will be LG ThinQ UP Appliances available?

The LG ThinQ UP will be available in the U.S. in March 2023 and then in other key markets or regions around the world the following year.

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas from January 5–8, 2023, visitors can also try out LG’s newest technologies, like the ThinQ UP appliances.

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