Best GPU Deal: This Radeon RX 6600 for $269

Best GPU Deal: Get a low-cost AMD GPU for less than MSRP. You are not seeing things. In line with a trend that has been welcomed in recent weeks and months, Best Buy is now offering the Radeon RX 6600 for $269(opens in new tab). GPUs are now again available and reasonably priced. At least that is the case in the US.

Best GPU Deal: If you’re searching for a low-cost GPU upgrade from the previous generation, the 8GB XFX Radeon RX 6600 Speedster SWFT210 is a wise choice. The RX 6600 is somewhat more power-efficient than the Nvidia RTX 3060 while being ranked lower in terms of power. It delivers greater performance per watt. That comes in useful if you want to design something with a compact form factor or use an outdated power source. Best Buy discounted this GPU’s $300 usual price by $30, making it $100 less expensive than an RTX 3060 presently on sale at B&H. (opens in new tab). However, this offer triumphs since it is more affordable and available.

Radeon RX 6600 for $269: Best GPU Deal

Best GPU Deal

XFX Radeon RX 6600 Speedster SWFT210 | 1,792 cores | 8GB GDDR6 | 128-bit bus | 2,491MHz boost | $299.99 $269.99 at Best Buy (save $30)

Best GPU Deal: AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture powers the RX 6600. It’s a good GPU, equivalent to the RTX 3060 in certain games, but cheaper. It’s cheaper than other RTX 3060 versions on the market, thus it’s worth buying.


Best GPU Deal: In the end, you’ll probably be more concerned with pure gaming performance than power efficiency. On medium to high settings, most of your favourite games should run well at 1080p on this graphics card. At 1440p, expect to see less spectacular frame rates.
The ray tracing performance of the RX 6600’s green-colored competitors is incomparable. However, AMD FSR 2.0 upscaling is supported by games like God of War and Deathloop, so even a weak GPU like the RX 6600 should see some improvement in performance.

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