What is KMS Tools ? How to Use & it Saft or Not

KMS Tools :Computers are everywhere, and we all use laptops for various work. The operating system is full of the characteristics that make users drawn to it. Without a doubt, Windows is an excellent choice as it’s the most dependable and accessible operating system with a wide range of software, games, and a variety of tasks that can be accomplished. But did you know that one in 10 users do not have the original version of Windows? This is the case with the use of KSM Tools.

What is KMS Tools?

KMS Tools activates a program to activate various versions of Microsoft Windows and office. It starts your computer without the need for keys or phone activation. Many people, including repair shops for computers, use it to activate Windows at no cost to make sure they receive all benefits and don’t need to pay a cent. If we can activate Windows or Office with software, why do we have to pay for the original Microsoft versions that cost a lot? Many users cannot afford it, and thus they look at an alternative.

KMS Tools

Are windows able to be updated after activating it using KMS Tools ?

You might think that if you can activate Windows at no cost, how can I download updates. Yes, you can download updates to your windows version without issue. However, the activation process cannot be permanent in all cases, and it may prompt you to activate it after a few months or weeks.

What is the KMS Tools virus?

kms tools can be described as an activator that is not a virus; however, viruses can infiltrate your system due to this procedure; your antivirus or defender needs to be shut off until the process is completed. If you have up-to-date and authentic antivirus, you can eliminate or quarantine all malware or suspicious programs included with KMS Tools.

Should we use KMS Tools?

If a business offers superior service, it’s not a good idea to try using their services at no cost. However, if you cannot pay for it, you may use this service by following every precaution. It is recommended to verify your computer’s Windows copy is authentic or not on your laptop, so you don’t need to rely on these issues.


  • W10 Digital Activation Program Portable
  • Office 2013-2019 C2R Install
  • AAct Network Portable
  • AAct Portable
  • Defender Tools
  • KMSAuto Lite Portable
  • KMSoffline
  • MSAct++
  • MSActBackUp Portable
  • PIDKey Lite

What is KMS Tools & How to Use ?

1- Disable your Windows Defender & Antivirus.

2- KMSTools.rar Download the file from the link above.

3- Extract the Files.

4– Click on KMS Tools Unpack > Yes

5- Open KMSTools (No need to install because the portable version5 is the mobile version of KMSTools.

6– Click on W10 Digital Activation for Windows Activation (XP-10)

7– Click on Office 2019 Install for Microsoft Office Activation (2010-2019)


The reason why Microsoft Lets Piracy?

Microsoft can block all versions of pirated Windows; however it does not happen. It’s because we have been raised using Windows, and we’re all dependent on it. We demand Windows everywhere, and that’s why Windows would like to make more popular and make more money even with the fact that there are pirated versions.

In the end, KMSAuto is an activator that is not an infection. Therefore, it’s safe, however it is, ‘t advised to use these this software cait harmful. Instead, it would be best to use the well-known Open-source OS ” Linux “.

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