Is Valorant On Xbox Game Pass In 2024 Or Not?

Is Valorant On Xbox Game Pass In 2024 Or Not? VALORANT has gained significant popularity as a PC game in the current market. It offers an enjoyable FPS experience while being free-to-play and not demanding high-end computer specifications. This accessibility has allowed numerous gamers to engage with VALORANT. Furthermore, developer Riot Games fulfilled its commitment by releasing the FPS on Xbox Game Pass before 2024.

The developers successfully delivered VALORANT to Xbox Game Pass on January 24, 2024. However, this has raised questions among players who are unsure whether they can play VALORANT on their Xbox consoles if they have a subscription to the service.

Is Valorant On Xbox Game Pass

Is VALORANT on Xbox Game Pass Or Not?

Riot Games and Microsoft have collaborated through the Xbox Game Pass, leading to speculation about Valorant imminent arrival on Xbox. However the release of expansion has been delayed beyond Riot Games initial expectations, and it is possible that Valorant availability on other platforms may be postponed until 2024.

Despite the setback Riot Games remains dedicated to inclusivity. They acknowledge the continuous growth of their fanbase and understand the importance of not restricting the number of players based on platform limitations.


  • All Current Agents
  • Access to every new Agent as soon as they are released
  • 20% Match XP Boost to Battle Pass, Event Pass, and active Agent Contract progress


  • All 160+ Champions
  • Access to every new champion as soon as they’re released
  • 20% XP boost


  • All cards in Foundations Set
  • More benefits to come in January


  • All 80+ Champions
  • Day 1 Access to every new champion as they’re released
  • 20% XP Boost

Additionally, players who link their Riot Games account January 1, 2024 will also get a bonus reward in each of the titles

  • Valorant – Pocket Sage Buddy
  • League of Legends – Masterwork Chest and Key
  • Teamfight Tactics – Little Legend Rare Egg
  • Wild Rift – Random Emote Chest
  • Legends of Runeterra – Prismatic Chest


In conclusion Riot Games has not announced when Valorant will be available for Xbox but fans shouldn’t have to wait long. The partnership with Microsoft ensures that the release on Xbox is inevitable and fans are eagerly anticipating Riot Games official announcement regarding the game expansion to consoles.

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