How to throw knife in Roblox MM2 2024

How to throw knife in Roblox MM2: Assuming the role of Killer in Murder Mystery 2, mastering knife throwing technique can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and allow you to effectively eliminate targets from greater distances while foiling any attempts by sheriff’s pursuit units to find you. This comprehensive guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to execute knife throws across various platforms such as PC, Mobile and Console.

How to throw knife in Roblox MM2

When assuming the role of the Killer, players are equipped with a knife and tasked with eliminating multiple opponents while evading the Sheriff, who wields a gun. The ability to hurl the knife provides a significant advantage by extending the players reach for lethal attacks. However the method of executing this action varies depending on the platform used to play Murder Mystery 2.

How to throw knife in Roblox MM2

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For Mobile

After equipping your knife, a Throw button will appear on screen. By tapping it, your weapon can be launched in whatever direction is closest to where you stand – though beware – once thrown it must also be stored away to prevent detection as The Killer!

For PC

To equip the knife and throw it while playing Killers on PC, simply press the 1 key. Pressing E will initiate the throw action. Additionally, holding the Shift key will modify your visual settings, providing a slight aiming advantage. Remember to press 1 once more to safely store the knife away afterward, minimizing the risk of premature detection.

For Console

When wielding your knife, simply activate the left trigger button on your controller. As prioritizing targets is impossible, make sure they fall within your crosshairs before activating this trigger button.

How to Throw a Knife | Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Learn how to throw your knife to be a better murderer! Play Murder Mystery 2!

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