Murder Mystery 3 codes (May 2024): Get List of All Codes

Murder Mystery 3 codes: Murder Mystery 3 is a typical game involving a killer, sheriff, and innocents. One player is assigned the role the killer whose objective is to eliminate all the other players. The sheriff’s task is to stay alive and shoot the killer. The innocents must hide and avoid being killed by the murderer!

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Murder Mystery 3 codes

About: Roblox Murder Mystery 3

Murder Mystery 3 shares similarities with other games in its genre, such as Piggy. In this game, most players assume the role of innocent characters, attempting to evade getting killed. Among them, there is a player assigned as the Sheriff, who must conceal their identity and aim to eliminate the Killer. The Killer, on the other hand, seeks to eliminate all the players while evading the Sheriff’s gunfire. While primary mode of gameplay revolves around this concept the game also features rounds of team deathmatch, where two teams engage in combat until one team is completely wiped out.

Murder Mystery 3 codes (Active)

All working codes for roblox murder mystery 3 are provided here below:

CodeRedeem for
3MPDom Sword (New)
JRTentacles Jr. Pet (New)
W1Z4D!Wizard Staff (New)
V4L3NHeart Axe
!DUCK!Promo Knife
LOLPOPCandy Cane Lollipop Knife
P1ZZ4!Pizza Kunai
G4L4XY!Galaxy Saber
BAGUETTEBaguette Knife
EDW4RDBig Scissors Knife
D34THSoul Keeper Knife
!CHR0M4LIF3!Chroma Slayer Sword
T1NYPink Mini Hammer
SK00LPencil Sword and Pencil Revolver
S0RR0WBlade of Sorrow
CH13FChief Gavel
H1DD3NHidden Sparkletime Pet
R3TURNReturn Knife
B0XBox Cutter Knife
V4P0RVaporwave Sword!
UPD4T3Fortune Gun and Honor Knife
P0T4T0Potato Knife
LUG3RBlue Luger
!T3N!10M Knife
INF3RN4LInfernal Axe
INF3RN10Green Soul Knife
M1DN1GHTMidnight Scythe
$!BL4Z3$!Dragon’s Blaze Knife
D4RK!EDDarksteel Knife
H3LH4MM2R3DHell Hammer
!R3D!!Red Venom Knife
PH4R40HPharaoh’s Slayer Knife
!SK311!Skeleton Slasher
GH05TGhost Scythe
PR1S0N3DBlood Scythe
3DG3DVoid Scythe
!D4G!Dagger of Dimensions
V4P0RVaporwave Knife
R41NRainbow Set
Y3P!Pegasus Pet
N00B3YOof Effect
WINTERCandy Spirit Knife
S3NSen Knife
TH0RThor’s Hammer
TURK3YTurkey Knife
V3NT3DCyan Deagle

Expired Codes

Redeem CodeItem
LUCK3YLucky Axe
$!C3LT1C!$Celtic Sword Knife
P1ZZ4Pizza Sword
C01LChroma Coil
$!CR1MS0N!$Crimson Trident
SL1C3R0Slicer Knife
FR33Teal Scythe
MM3RETURNGreen Heart Balloon
FR33! FR33!Mercy Knife
!$SUNNY!$Sun Grace Knife
!$LUCKY$!$Luck o’ the Irish Knife
CUP1DCupid’s Slayer
CH40ZAthzea’s Chaos Edge
H4LL0WSHallow’s Slasher
3Y3B4LLChroma Eyeball Knife
S4DSad Knife
200K200k Bat
S33RRBLXRainbowseer Sword
PENCILSPencil Knife
PRINCEPrince Knife
K450Lava Scythe
Y3HBOIChroma Vintage Knife
M00NMidnight Blade Knife
F15HMackerel Knife
P0T4T0Potato Knife
FL4M35Flame Thrower Gun
GROUPEaster Periastron
CATBig Rainbow Hammer
YEETEDBig Rainbow Hammer
BIGGYBig Rainbow Hammer
GAMESBig Rainbow Hammer
HAMMERBig Rainbow Hammer
HYP3RHyper Knife
100K100k Knife
ANTAntster Knife
FROSTPermafrost Knife
YOUTUBEYouTuber Knife
N2GC0D3Blue Mini Hammer
LUCKYLucky Knife & Gun
P1X3LPixelated Knife
P0K3D1G3RPokeDiger Knife
T0FUUTofu Knife
ADM1NAdmin Gun
BOOSTBooster Luger Gun
SL4SH3RChroma Voltage Knife
DF13LDMARKDfield Mark Knife
ONEOne Knife
JOHNCENAShark Sword Knife

How Can I Redeem Murder Mystery 3 codes?

  • Launch the Murder Mystery 3 game.
  • On the menu side, click on the blue Twitter button.
  • A new pop up window will appear prompting you to enter code.
  • Input the code and click the blue Redeem button to claim your reward.
  • Finally, enjoy your well-deserved reward!

How Can I Get More Muder Mystery 3 Codes

To discover additional codes, follow AthseaRBX on Twitter – its developer! Additionally, join its official Discord server where news, updates and conversations with fellow players will take place. Finally, check back regularly here as this wiki will always have up-to-date codes!

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