Ark Pulmonoscorpius: How to tame and feed Pulmonoscorpius

Ark Pulmonoscorpius: Pulmonoscorpius Gigantus were large carnivorous insect found during the Late Silurian period that resembled scorpions but were significantly larger and had paralyzing trait. They could be found anywhere from caves, jungle and volcanic region to caves and jungles where they hunted their prey such as caves. If an encounter took place however an attack would immediately ensue with paralyzing venom being used until death occurred or else they managed to tame one they could use it subduing other creatures or enemies alike

Ark Pulmonoscorpius Appearance

Pulmonoscorpius is an impressive terrestrial scorpion found throughout the warm interior of an island, possessing an exoskeleton made of chitin with numerous venom sacs located within its pincers and an impressive set of venom sacs affixed to its sharp stinger that allows it to inject powerful neurotoxins into its prey. Feeding exclusively on decomposing meat that it has previously paralyzed with its venom, these creatures possess unusual green hued blood unlike most animals while they inhabit caves all across an island as well as rocky areas at mountain bases; although, less common habitats.

Ark Pulmonoscorpius

Taming and Hunting Pulmonoscorpius in ARK

Pulmonoscorpius is a speedy creature that can stun you with its venom. To avoid this, you can use a bola or bear trap to immobilize it or a flying creature to pick it up and drop it into a taming pen.

  • Bola: Approach the Pulmonoscorpius and throw the bola, ensuring you dodge if it attacks.
  • Bear Trap: Place the trap and provoke the creature by either attacking or getting in its line of sight. Once it comes after you, run to the trap and let it step into it.
  • Flying Creature: Once you have a flying creature that can lift enough weight, grab the Pulmonoscorpius and put it into a taming pen. Make sure to build a pen with walls that have windows for shooting or a platform for easy access.
  • After subduing the creature, keep shooting it until it becomes unconscious.

To tame it, place spoiled meat or kibble in its inventory and feed it. Use Narcotic or Narcoberries to keep the Pulmonoscorpius unconscious and the stun level high.

How to make the Pulmonoscorpius saddle

To create a saddle for the Pulmonoscorpius in the game you must reach level 22 and spend 12 Engram Points to gain access to the crafting recipe. The materials required to craft the saddle are as follows:

  • 170x Hide
  • 95x Fiber
  • 30x Wood

How to feed the Ark Pulmonoscorpius

Once your Pulmonoscorpius has been domesticated, it’s essential to discover its eating preferences. Since Pulmonoscorpius are meat eaters, this becomes relatively straightforward.

Ark Pulmonoscorpius taming food

  • Regular Kibble
  • Spoiled Meat
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat


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