How to Spoof your location in Pokemon Go 2024

How to Spoof your location in Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go is a huge hit thanks to its innovative concept of putting Pokemon in the real world. This does come with the restrictions of the current world, and you may find that a Pokemon does not appear in a spot that you can reach.

If you don’t live in the United States, you can forget about finding a Taurus. Get used to never seeing a Mr. Mime if you don’t reside in Europe. You don’t live in the tropics, do you? You will not be receiving a corsola.

How to Spoof your location in Pokemon Go

Collectors and admirers of the Pokemon confined to regions may be frustrated by these regionally unique Pokemon. While some people may afford to visit these locations, others cannot, which is when faking a GPS position comes in.

Spoofing a Fake GPS Location

Creating a Fake GPS Location

Creating a Fake GPS Location

Spoofing is a word used in computer networking to describe the process of replacing a trusted source of information with your own and convincing the network that you are trustworthy instead.

This can be applied to a wide variety of on-line sports and has the ability to be used for a few heinous acts. Fortunately, this type of spoofing is not malevolent and requires significantly less technological expertise than other types of spoofing.

Replacement of data for your GPS position with your own data, often known as location spoofing, allows your device to believe it is anywhere in the world. This is ideal for Pokemon Go’s regional exclusives, as you no longer need to go halfway around the world to get a Lunatone.

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Spoofing with an IOS Device: Issues

Spoofing with an IOS Device: Issues

Before we begin, it’s crucial to note that spoofing with an iOS smartphone is nearly impossible due to Apple’s location data limits and checks. On IOS devices, the only way to spoof a GPS position is to jailbreak the device, which will prevent you from receiving system updates and destroy your warranty. Basically, using your iPhone for anything other than Pokemon Go is a horrible idea, so this strategy won’t be detailed in depth here. Instead, we’ll go through a far more basic solution that’ll only work on Android smartphones.

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Requirements for Spoofing a Location

A Pokemon Go account, a VPN, a GPS spoofing program, and BlueStacks, a robust and accurate Android emulator, are all required to get started.

On Android, here’s how to spoof a GPS.

1. Get a VPN (virtual private network). If you already have a good one, you’ll most likely be able to use it. Even if it isn’t, it isn’t a poor investment. A VPN, or virtual private network, is useful for protecting personal information from organisations and viewing content that is not available in your country or region (which is exactly what we need it for here).

On Android, here's how to spoof a GPS.

GPS spoofing on Android

  1. Nord VPN, Express VPN, and Surfshark are three of the best VPNs that allow GPS spoofing. Surfshark is particularly useful for this because it includes GPS spoofing, whereas the others may require the use of a GPS spoofing app.
  2. To configure your VPN for location spoofing, go into “Developer Mode” on your phone. This is accomplished by heading to the ‘About Phone’ section of your settings and repeatedly touching the phone’s build number seven times. New choices, including “Developer Settings,” should now show in the settings. Select the ‘Allow Mock Locations’ option from this menu, then choose your VPN as your mock location app.

Setting up your VPN to impersonate your location

You’ve effectively gotten your device to hand over location control to your VPN, and you can now set your location to wherever you want using the VPN’s app. This works for most apps and websites, but Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go, anticipated that people would try it, so the game includes additional GPS position checks.

If you only complete this step, you’ll almost certainly get an error because Pokemon Go won’t run with Mock Locations enabled.

Setting up your VPN to impersonate your location

3. To fix this, you’ll need to download and install the Mock Mock Locations module (available here), which is a spoof that makes your device believe Mock Locations are disabled.

To fake a location, use the Mock Locations module.

You can now use your VPN software to change your location to wherever you choose and play Pokemon Go to witness your character magically twisted around the planet!

Errors are fixed by BlueStacks.

Some customers may find out that even those steps are useless on their devices. However, there is every other choice. BlueStacks is an Android emulator that lets in you to apply your computer as an Android tool. You can use this to regulate settings which can be even greater unique than the Developer Settings we just up to date.


You can alter the ‘System Location’ information in BlueStacks, allowing Pokemon Go to work as previously described, but only on the BlueStacks emulator. By logging onto your Pokemon Go account on the emulator rather than on a real device, you’ll be able to properly spoof your location.


Use BlueStacks only if you have an Android smartphone, as with all emulators. It is illegal to do so without possessing a device that runs the operating system that BlueStacks emulates.

Using third-party GPS spoofing software

Additional spoofing apps for GPS

Using an additional spoofing program will help if you don’t utilise the Surfshark VPN or simply want more control over your location data. Mock GPS With Joystick, Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer, and Fake GPS Location are just a few of the possibilities available. Others have similar names and can be easily found with an internet search.

Additional spoofing apps for GPS

Unlike VPNs, these apps will almost certainly be free and will give you more control over your location.

It’s simple to spoof with a separate programme. Follow the steps above, but instead of selecting the VPN app as your Mock Locations Software, select the GPS spoofing app of your choosing.

Select a server in your VPN software that is close to the place you want to be.

Select a location near the server you chose in the VPN app in the GPS spoofing app. You may now play Pokemon Go and have significantly more precise control over your position, as well as joystick controls in some apps.

How does spoofing work in other apps?

You might also observe that other packages, consisting of Google Maps or Facebook Messenger, are affected after this is set up. This is wherein a VPN comes in available. This method not handiest lets in you to catch rare Pokemon from all over the international, but it also shields your vicinity records from massive corporations attempting to acquire data on who you’re and wherein you live.

This level of seclusion is uncommon in today’s technological age, and even if you don’t care about it, the rare Pokemon is enough of a positive.


It may additionally take the time to set up and a number of tapping on your screen, however as soon as your spoof is up and walking, you may not be able to stay without it. You can laugh at folks who spend thousands of greenbacks travelling to France or Hawaii certainly to capture one Pokemon.

Not only that, but you’ll be protected from the prying eyes of massive internet businesses attempting to grab your data. You’ll be protected in your own small bubble, which you can proudly claim as your own, and you’ll be able to catch Pokemon to your heart’s content.

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