How to make a balloon in Lego Fortnite?

How to make a balloon in Lego Fortnite? LEGO Fortnite allows you to build balloons from scratch and take them up into the air, expanding your brick-building adventures by giving you new ways to experience balloon flight! But how can you launch these colorful contraptions into the air? Fear not fellow builders – this guide is here to provide all of the knowledge necessary for becoming an accomplished balloonist!

Materials Required to make a balloon in Lego Fortnite

Before embarking on your creative adventure, it is necessary to gather certain essential supplies:

  • Spinning Wheel: This handy device lets you spin silk threads from collected silk, such as by defeating spiders or exploring certain areas.
  • Loom: After you have your silk threads ready, head to your Loom to weave them into Silk Fabric that forms the basis of balloons.
  • Torch: Add an exciting flair to your balloon with the final touches by lighting a torch!
  • Cord: Keeping everything secure, this cord will prevent the balloon from deflating mid-flight.
How to make a balloon in Lego Fortnite?

How to make a balloon in Lego Fortnite

With your tools in order, let’s get crafting! Here’s how to create two distinct types of balloons:

Small Balloon:

  • 1 Silk Fabric: or this project, one silk fabric serves as the main body of your balloon.
  • 1 Torch: No need to fear- it won’t burn the fabric! A torch adds an attractive flame effect to your balloon.
  • 1 Cord: Tie it all together and get ready to fly!

Large Balloon:

  • 2 Silk Fabric: This balloon will take you higher and further. Its double silk fabric provides two times as much lift to help it float you higher and further away.
  • 1 Torch: Keep the flame burning to add that extra bit of flair.
  • 1 Cord: Take steps to keep your balloon safe by using a sturdy cord when securing it.

Launch into the Skies:

After creating your balloon, head to the Toys menu and equip it. Jump and hold the jump button – your balloon will inflate, carrying you high into the sky! Remember: the bigger your balloon, the higher it’ll fly!

With your tools prepped, let’s get crafting! Here’s how to create two different types of balloons:

Pro Tips for Balloon Pilots

  • Add Multiple Balloons Together: For an incredible flight, connect multiple balloons together by attaching cords or Silk Fabric ties – but be sure to have enough Silk Fabric available and enough cords!
  • Strategic Landings: Use your balloon to reach hidden areas or surprise opponents from above.
  • Fuel the Flame: Keep an eye on your torch’s fuel consumption, as a dimming flame could deflate your balloon quickly.
  • Weather the Storm: Balloons can be susceptible to wind gusts, so please use caution in stormy areas!

Final Words

By following these simple guidelines, you’re sure to become a master balloon builder quickly! So grab your LEGO bricks, unleash your creativity, and prepare to become an unparalleled balloonist in LEGO Fortnite! Just remember: safety first – always use a cord as backup, or perhaps pack an emergency parachute just in case landings go awry.

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