How to fix the Lego Fortnite Dupe Glitch?

How to fix the Lego Fortnite Dupe Glitch? As tempting as exploiting glitches can be, especially when they provide advantages like duplicating items, it is wise to carefully consider any potential repercussions before undertaking such actions. With Lego Fortnite being no different than most games out there, duplication glitches have the potential to disrupt gameplay balance as well as diminish developer’s efforts and work.

How to fix the Lego Fortnite Dupe Glitch?

How to fix the Lego Fortnite Dupe Glitch?

Instead of focusing on exploiting the glitch, let’s shift our attention to fixing it. Here’s what you can do:

1. Report the Glitch

Step one should always be to report any duplication glitches to Lego Fortnite developers. Most games offer dedicated channels for bug reports within their game or on their official website; providing clear and detailed descriptions about how to reproduce these glitches will allow developers to fix them faster.

2. Avoid Sharing Glitch Tutorials

Spreading information about how to execute a glitch may encourage others to exploit it, so instead focus on sharing alternative means for obtaining items or resources within the game’s intended mechanics.

3. Promote Fair Play

Advocate for fair play within the Lego Fortnite community. Encourage others to enjoy it for its intended purposes and challenges rather than resorting to exploits as a form of enjoyment.

4. Remember the Consequences

Exploiting glitches can have dire repercussions, from account bans and suspension from online play to legal trouble. Exploiting glitches should never be undertaken for temporary gain; such actions only risk your access to the game and could bring unwanted legal trouble down upon you.

5. Focus on the Fun

Overall, Lego Fortnite should be an enjoyable and engaging experience for all involved. By emphasizing fair play, building community support, and enjoying its challenges you can help ensure a positive and enriching experience for all participants involved.

Remember, glitches are fixed through collaboration between players and developers. By reporting issues, encouraging fair play, and playing as intended, you can help foster a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all Lego Fortnite players.

Additional Tips: How to fix the Lego Fortnite Dupe Glitch

  • Encourage others to report issues instead of spreading gossip about them.
  • Support developers who take proactive steps to address and fix bugs in their games.
  • Focus on providing positive and constructive feedback that can enhance the game.

By working together, we can guarantee that Lego Fortnite remains an enjoyable and equitable game!

Please take note: this article does not aim to provide instructions for performing the duplication glitch; rather, its purpose is solely focused on raising awareness about its negative ramifications and encouraging responsible gaming practices.


I hope that this article provides a useful perspective for handling the duplication glitch in Lego Fortnite. Remember, fair play and positive community engagement are integral parts of creating an enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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