How to Get a Loom in LEGO Fortnite? Full Step-Wise Process

How to Get a Loom in LEGO Fortnite? The Loom is an invaluable crafting station in LEGO Fortnite, allowing players to produce gliders, balloons, and other useful items. However, its acquisition requires time and resources – this guide will walk you through how you can acquire this essential crafting tool.

How to Get a Loom in LEGO Fortnite?

Follow below provided steps if you want loom in Lego Fortnite:

How to Get a Loom in LEGO Fortnite? Full Step-Wise Process

Materials Required to Get a Loom in LEGO Fortnite

  • 9 Flexwood: Obtained by chopping down cacti in the Desert biome using a Rare Axe or higher.
  • 8 Flexwood Rods: Crafted from Flexwood using the Lumber Mill.
  • 6 Sand Claws: Dropped by Sand Wolves found in the Desert biome.

Step 1: Build a Lumber Mill

The first step is to build a Lumber Mill. You’ll need the following materials:

  • 8 Planks: Crafted out of Wood using the Crafting Bench.
  • 4 Wooden Rods: Created using the Crafting Bench from wood, these rods were carefully handcrafted.

Once you have the materials, open the Crafting Bench menu and navigate to “Crafting Stations.” Choose Lumber Mill as one of your crafting stations before placing it on your building plot.

Step 2: Craft Flexwood Rods

Head out into the Desert biome and locate some cacti. Use your Rare Axe or higher and start cutting them down to collect 9 Flexwood pieces.

Once you’ve collected enough Flexwood, return to your Lumber Mill and interact with it. Open up the crafting menu and choose Flexwood Rod as the recipe; 8 Rods per 9 Flexwood can be produced this way.

Step 3: Kill Sand Wolves and Collect Sand Claws

Reentering the Desert biome, keep a keen eye out for Sand Wolves – these aggressive creatures tend to be stronger than regular wolves so be prepared for an encounter!

Utilize your ranged weapon or bow and arrow to take down Sand Wolves. Each Sand Wolf killed will drop one to three Sand Claws that you must collect to complete this level. In total you need six of these claws in order to unlock it and play.

Step 4: Craft the Loom

Once you’ve amassed all the materials needed for crafting, return to your base and launch Crafting Bench. Navigating back through to Crafting Stations and selecting Loom under “Crafting Stations,” craft your Loom and place it on your building plot!

Congratulations on successfully gaining the Loom in LEGO Fortnite. Now you can start creating custom items such as gliders and balloons to enhance your gaming experience.

Additional Tips to Get a Loom in LEGO Fortnite Creative

  • Upgrade your Crafting Bench to unlock higher-tier recipes, such as the Rare Axe necessary for cutting down cacti.
  • Consider building a Stone Breaker in the Desert biome to easily farm Marble. Marble can be used to craft Gemcutter tools and refine Rough Amber into Cut Amber which can then be used in crafting recipes.
  • Always ensure you keep an eye on your resources, collecting them regularly as you explore and advance through the game.

By following these steps and using the Loom, you’ll be well equipped to face whatever the world of LEGO Fortnite brings your way.

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