Piercing Claw Mhr: Location in Monster Hunter Rise

Piercing Claw MHR: One material you can acquire in Monster Hunter Rise is the Piercing Claw (MHR or MHRise). Materials can be found anywhere – be it nature itself, quest completion and objectives completion or carving certain monsters themselves – but especially after completing a hunt these unique materials are often harvested directly from monsters themselves and used to craft or improve equipment used by hunters.

The Piercing Claw Location in Monster Hunter Rise

Crushing various small monsters will yield Piercing Claw Monster Material. However, as it’s only available during high rank quests (rarity level 6) this won’t appear while completing low rank missions or while exploring Low Rank itself if still exploring it.

Piercing Claw Mhr

However, if you hunt the appropriate monster and remain in high rank for an extended period, piercing claws might become available to you. Here is a complete list of small monsters which have the ability to drop piercing claws, along with their respective chance percentage. This data was obtained via MHR Wiki. Getting Piercing Claws shouldn’t be too difficult either: defeat five high-rank monsters such as these:

  • Jagras
  • Ludroth
  • Izuchi
  • Uroktor
  • Rachnoid

But even in high ranks, you may still find a piercing claw–if you know which monsters to hunt! Thanks to MHR wiki’s comprehensive list of small monsters with chances of dropping piercing claws (and chances of doing so!), here.

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