Piercing Claw Mhr: Location in Monster Hunter Rise

Piercing Claw Mhr: One kind of material that may be acquired in Monster Hunter Rise is the Piercing Claw (MHR or MHRise). Materials are one-of-a-kind things that can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as by scavenging the natural world, completing quests and objectives, and carving certain monsters. The Piercing Claw is one type of material. After a hunt is finished, materials are often taken from a monster, and these are mostly used to craft and improve a hunter’s equipment.

The Piercing Claw Location in Monster Hunter Rise

You can carve a number of different small monsters to get the monster material called the Piercing Claw. Since this is a rarity level 6 item and is only available during high rank quests, you won’t encounter any of these while completing low rank missions. You won’t encounter any of them when exploring Low Rank if you’re still making your way through it.

Piercing Claw Mhr

On the other hand, if you hunt the right monster and intend to remain in high rank for the foreseeable future, you might be able to obtain a piercing claw. Here is a complete list of all small monsters that can drop a piercing claw, along with a percentage indicating how probable it is that you will do so by carving one of these monsters. Courtesy of the MHR wiki. As it turns out, getting piercing claws isn’t that difficult. Piercing Claw can be obtained by defeating the following five high-rank monsters:

  • Jagras
  • Ludroth
  • Izuchi
  • Uroktor
  • Rachnoid

But if you get stuck in High Rank, you can find a Piercing Claw—as long as you find the correct monster to hunt, that is. Here, courtesy of the MHR wiki, is a comprehensive list of small monsters that drop piercing claws, along with information on your chances of doing so.

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