How to link Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5

How to link Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5? Honkai: Star Rail is an action-based game that is based on turn and released by HoYoverse which was initially launched on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS devices, and PlayStation 5 on April 26 2023. 

The game is set in an identical universe to Honkai Impact 3rd but many years from now players assume the task of Trailblazers on the Astral Express which travels throughout the universe, meeting many of their fellow travelers as they travel, and battling many challenges in their travels.

How to link Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5
How to link Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5

To link your Honkai: Star Rail account to a PS5, both HoYoverse and PlayStation(tm)Network account will be necessary.

If you do not have an account, establishing a HoYoverse account is completely free and can be completed on HoYoverse’s site.

If you don’t yet have one, registering an account on the PlayStation Network account can be quick and is free via the PlayStation website.

Once you have both an HoYoverse account and PlayStation(tm)Network account, follow these steps to link them:

  • Visit the HoYoverse Account Management Page.
  • Connect to the HoYoverse accounts you have.
  • Click on the ” Link Account” button.
  • Select a choice from the choices. Input “PlayStation(tm)Network“.
  • Enter your PlayStation(tm)Network email address and password.
  • Click”Link Account” ” Link Account” button.

Once your HoYoverse account is connected with PlayStation(tm)Network, you can log in to Honkai: Star Rail on PS5 using your HoYoverse credentials.

If you have an existing Honkai: Star Rail account for your smartphone or computer then use your HoYoverse credentials to login into the game via PS5. The game’s progress will be the same across any device that is together the same HoYoverse account.

If you already have an Account To connect your Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5

This is a comprehensive tutorial on linking to your Honkai: Star Rail account either on your mobile or computer to PlayStation 5:

  • Verify that your HoYoverse Account is connected with your PlayStation email account by visiting your HoYoverse Account Management page and selecting ” Linked Accounts.”
  • Make sure you make sure to set the PlayStation Network account’s location adequate to the location where the location of your Honkai: Star Rail character is located. In other words, if they are on the America server, that would also be the location of the location of your PSN account!
  • Open Honkai: Star Rail for PS5.
  • Go to “If you already have an account, log in directly.”
  • Input your HoYoverse account’s email address and password here.
  • Click on” Log In” ” Log In” button.

If you’ve completed the steps in this guideline, Honkai: Star Rail will appear in your PS5 and allow you to log into your account with the one you have already created.

Note that only one HoYoverse account can be linked with one PlayStation(tm)Network account.

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