How to Get Gold Cards in Monopoly GO? Step-Wise Process

How to Get Gold Cards in Monopoly GO? Gold Cards in Monopoly GO are rare and valuable cards that can only be obtained through opening sticker packs or winning tournaments, and cannot be traded with other players. Gold Cards can also be used to complete albums which will earn players rewards such as coins, properties or exclusive badges.

What are Gold Cards?

Gold cards are special stickers used to complete albums and earn rewards. Gold cards also carry additional points than regular stickers, giving players an edge when it comes to overall scoring. Furthermore, these special cards can activate certain in-game abilities like double rent or coin collection doubler.

How to Get Gold Cards in Monopoly GO? Step-Wise Process

How to Get Gold Cards in Monopoly GO

Gold Cards are the rarest and most sought-after stickers in Monopoly GO, making them invaluable assets that can help complete albums or be traded in for other stickers – or even be sold for real money! But how can you gain access to such desirable cards?

1. Open Sticker Packs

Sticker packs are one of the easiest ways to secure Gold Cards as you can earn them while playing, completing challenges or participating in events. There are also ways to purchase sticker packs directly from stores.

2. Participate in Tournaments

Tournaments offer an effective way of earning Gold Cards. By placing in the top three rankings, premium sticker packs with increased chances of containing Gold Cards may be awarded as prizes.

3. Trade with Other Players

Trading can also help you collect GoldCards that you need for your albums. It can also provide chance to add specific cards that would otherwise remain out of reach.

4. Complete Albums

As soon as you finish an album, you will receive a special sticker pack as a reward – with higher chances of containing Gold Cards than normal if the album was challenging to complete!

5. Purchase Gold Cards

As a last resort purchasing Gold Cards directly from stores may be the most costly solution; therefore this should only be undertaken if a specific Gold Card is absolutely required.

Tips for Getting More Gold Cards

  • Concentrate on opening rare sticker packs with the highest likelihood of containing Gold Cards.
  • Be patient: Collecting Gold Cards takes time; don’t get discouraged if none come immediately.
  • Trading with other players can be an excellent way to acquire the exact Gold Cards you require.
  • Complete albums to receive bonus sticker packs with an increased likelihood of containing Gold Cards.

With some patience and effort, you will collect all Gold Cards in Monopoly GO. Just remember to have fun while doing it!

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