How to Fixed ffxiv server population (Latest Update) 2023


How to Fixed ffxiv server population :When you first start playing Final Fantasy XIV, you will have to find a new territory for your character to live in. Empire selection can seem endless. Choose one that suits your play style and need. As an online massively multiplayer game, ffxiv server population offers players a selection of servers from which to choose; nonetheless, it is imperative that players choose a server that has a high player count.

He has made it his personals objective to be of assistance to anyone who is just getting started in the game. may make frequent assaults If you want to set up a PvP encounter but don’t want to enter the arena, this is one approach to finding a suitable opponent outside of the arena. We listed all Final Fantasy XIV servers in Americas, Europe, and Japan. This article has all the information you need to choose the best server location.

How to Fixed ffxiv server population

When you join a well filled Final Fantasy 14 server, many other players are always willing to help you. Many Final Fantasy XIV gamers may go over the list of available servers before picking one to play on. If so, stop reading—we’ve covered everything.

Server Populations for Final Fantasy XIV

We have created a list of Final Fantasy 14 servers according to their current and active population to make your research easier. Our guide covers Japanese, US, and European servers, which is great. You can find the best Final Fantasy 14 server using the information we offer below.

The Final Fantasy 14 server lists we give are temporary. This may change soon. This may change. As soon as we obtain the latest information on the servers indicated below, we will implement the adjustments.


Let’s check out the population numbers for each Final Fantasy XIV server right away shall we?

European Final Fantasy XIV realms

Realm NameTotal PopulationActive Population

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Final Fantasy 14 have more players than wow?

I can’t compare Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft’s player populations because I don’t have current data. Note that a game’s player base can change over time.

Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft have large dedicated player bases. Both games have won numerous awards for their innovative gameplay, compelling narrative, and supportive online communities. In the ends its up to the players them selve to decide which games they want to engage in.


Are all FFXIV servers full?

Existing subscriber to Final Fantasy XIV will be able to maintain their accounts and continue playing. Due to Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity and Square Enix inability to keeps up the game has been pulled from retail shelves and digital marketplaces.

How many people are on FFXIV server?

According to third-party sources like mmo-population, the game boasts 35.8 million paying customers and attracts 3. 4 million unique daily users.

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