Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV: The best way to acquire

Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV: The best way to acquire: Final Fantasy XIV players should seek out Exciting Tonic. It can’t be used for crafting, but you can offer it to a special NPC to acquire a new mount. It’s difficult to find an exciting tonic. Here’s how to get the Exciting Tonic in FinalFantasy XIV.

Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

How Can I Get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV?

  • Firstly Collect Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps

These activities may reveal Treasure Maps: You will need to find Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps if you want to find Exciting Tonic and trade it for a unique mount, Pinky the elephant. You can only find these maps if you have a Disciple of the Land profession, such as Botanist, Fishing, or Mining. You might be able to find Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps, but you have to go to a certain place. Then You have to get to the area called Elpis. You can also buy them from your server’s market board, but the prices will vary.

Follow simple process after collecting Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps:

  • After collecting enough Treasure Maps
  • Work with a group to reach the end
  • Uncover a chest with many goodies.
  • A doorway may appear, allowing your group to enter a unique activity
  • Receive the Exciting Tonic as a random drop.

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