In Demon Slayer, how old is Tanjiro Kamado ?

If you’re looking for information about the birth date and age of Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, you’ve found the perfect place. If you’ve ever wondered how old Tanjiro Kamado is in this smash hit anime, I’ve got the answer for you right here.

The tale of Tanjiro Kamado, also known as the “Demon Slayer,” is one you’re probably familiar with. When he gets home from work one day, he discovers that a demon has taken the lives of his whole family. His younger sister Nezuko is the only one to survive, but she’s become a monster in the process.

Tanjiro is at a loss for direction, but he knows he must find a way to save his sister and restore her human form. His adventure has now begun!

He figures that joining the Demon Slayer Corps, where he’ll meet many of demons and perhaps uncover some answers, is the best course of action. Many of the people he encounters will become invaluable allies, and he will also face many formidable monsters.

Never once in the novel does mild-mannered Tanjiro give in to fury and hatred; even in death, he is still a lovely spirit.

In Demon Slayer, how old is Tanjiro Kamado ?

In Demon Slayer, how old is Tanjiro Kamado?

Tanjiro Kamado’s birthday is July 14th, making him 16 years old right now. Tanjiro was just 13 when the narrative started, therefore three years have passed in the novel so far!

When Tanjiro was 13 years old, he discovered that a monster had killed his parents and brother, leaving only his sister, Nezuko, alive. A demon had taken over her body, so she was no longer a human.

Because of what happened, he made up his mind to find his sister a cure so that she might return to human form. He had not yet heard of the Demon Slayer Corps. He needs to save his sister from being murdered by Giyu Tomioka, who has heard reports of a monster in the area.

Fortunately, Giyu has picked up on Nezuko’s peculiar behaviour. When a person is turned into a demon, they often lose all sense of control and develop a taste for human blood. Nezuko, on the other hand, was not like that; she was still somewhat human since she sought to defend Tanjiro rather than consuming him.

So, Giyu advises Tanjiro to seek out Sakonji Urukodaki, Giyu’s old instructor, and study under him in order to perfect his skills as a Demon Slayer.

Two years of training were required before Tanjiro was proficient with a sword. He entered the Final Selection when he was 15, and was chosen to become a Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Character Age Chart

Listed below are the birthdays and ages of the Demon Slayer characters.

Tanjiro KamadoJuly 14th151
Nezuko KamadoDecember 28th142
Zen’itsu AgatsumaSeptember 3rd16
Inosuke HashibiraApril 22nd15
Kanao TsuyuriMay 19th16
Gen’ya ShinazugawaJanuary 7th16
Sanemi ShinazugawaNovember 9th21
Giyu TomiokaFebruary 8th213
Shinobu KochoFebruary 24th18
Tengen UzuiOctober 31st23
Mitsuir KanrojiJune 1st19
Obanai IguroSeptember 15th21
Senjurō RengokuApril 27th12
Muichiro TokitoAugust 8th14
Gyumei HimejimaAugust 23rd27
Kyojuro RengokuMay 10th20
Muzan KibutsujiN/A10,000+
TamayoJuly 2nd500+
Yushirō YamamotoN/A35
Aoi KazakiN/A16
Kagaya UbuyashikiN/A23
Sakonji UrokodakiN/A52

13 until episode 3, season 1
12 until episode 3, season 1
19 until seen again in episode 15, season 1

Just how old is Tanjiro in the first season?

At the beginning of the first season, a monster kills Tanjiro’s whole family. At the time, he was just 13 years old.

After two years of training at Mount Sagiri under Sakonji Urukodaki, however, he reached the age of 15 and was considered an accomplished ninja. In the manga, this occurred in chapter 5, while in the anime, it occurred in the third episode of the first season.

After he enlisted in the Demon Slayer Corps, he went on a few missions very quickly. When the first season of the anime concluded, 15-year-old Tanjiro Kamada was still the protagonist.

Tanjiro’s age in the second season.

The Entertainment District storyline in the anime’s second season was magnificent. The combat scenes were very wild, and the animation was superb. The success of season 2 of Demon Slayer is proof that it was superior than the first.

The age of Tanjiro in the second season. The same response holds true. In season 2, Tanjiro Kamado is still 15 years old, about to be 16 after spending a few months in the Butterfly Mansion for training.

In the last chapter of the anime and manga, how old will Tanjiro be?

Tanjiro will be 16 years old when the manga and anime finish. By chapter 204 of the manga, it is established without a doubt that Tanjiro is 16 years old.

However, the manga ends with Tanjiro dead. At the conclusion, the narrative skips forward in time a few generations. The manga’s protagonists’ great-great-grandchildren are featured, showing us how they’re thriving in a demon-free world.


The age and birthdate of Tanjiro Kamado are both now at your fingertips. The whole events of “Demon Slayer” take place over the course of around a year. His first training as a Demon Slayer only takes a few chapters and episodes. The decisive conflict with Muzan Kibutsuji will take place in only a year.

At the start of the tale, Tanjiro is 15 years old, and by the end of the final arc, he will be 16 years old!

Finally, the article is complete. Please forward this post to your friends who have asked how old is Tanjiro and I hope you found the answer you were searching for!

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