In Demon Slayer, how old is Tanjiro Kamado ?

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Tanjiro Kamado, also known as the “Demon Slayer,” may be familiar to you. After returning home one evening from work he discovers that demons had taken control of his entire family; only Nezuko managed to survive but she became monster-like due to what transpired.

Tanjiro finds himself uncertain as he attempts to save his sister and return her human form; thus, his adventure has now begun!

He decides that joining the Demon Slayer Corps, where he’ll meet various demons and possibly find answers, would be his best course of action. Many of those he meets could become valuable allies while many formidable monsters await.

Never in the novel does Mild Mannered Tanjiro succumb to anger or hatred; even after death he remains an admirable persona.

In Demon Slayer, how old is Tanjiro Kamado ?

In Demon Slayer, how old is Tanjiro Kamado?

Tanjiro Kamado celebrated his 16th birthday this December 14th; therefore three years have gone by in his story so far!

Tanjiro discovered at age 13 that a monster had killed both of his parents and brother before taking possession of Nezuko’s body to make her into something other than human.

Due to what had transpired, he resolved himself to finding his sister a cure so she may regain human form and return back into society. Giyu Tomioka had informed them of monster activity near their hometown; and their mission now was saving their sister from Giyu’s murderous pursuit.

Giyu recognized Nezuko’s peculiar behavior quickly. Most demon-born individuals lose all sense of control once transformed; necuko on the other hand was different as she sought to protect Tanjiro rather than consume him.

Giyu suggests to Tanjiro that he visit Sakonji Urukodaki, his former instructor. To further hone their Demon Slaying abilities.

Tanjiro underwent two years of training before entering the Final Selection at 15 and being chosen to become a Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Character Age Chart

Listed below are the birthdays and ages of the Demon Slayer characters.

Tanjiro KamadoJuly 14th151
Nezuko KamadoDecember 28th142
Zen’itsu AgatsumaSeptember 3rd16
Inosuke HashibiraApril 22nd15
Kanao TsuyuriMay 19th16
Gen’ya ShinazugawaJanuary 7th16
Sanemi ShinazugawaNovember 9th21
Giyu TomiokaFebruary 8th213
Shinobu KochoFebruary 24th18
Tengen UzuiOctober 31st23
Mitsuir KanrojiJune 1st19
Obanai IguroSeptember 15th21
Senjurō RengokuApril 27th12
Muichiro TokitoAugust 8th14
Gyumei HimejimaAugust 23rd27
Kyojuro RengokuMay 10th20
Muzan KibutsujiN/A10,000+
TamayoJuly 2nd500+
Yushirō YamamotoN/A35
Aoi KazakiN/A16
Kagaya UbuyashikiN/A23
Sakonji UrokodakiN/A52

13 until episode 3, season 1
12 until episode 3, season 1
19 until seen again in episode 15, season 1

Just how old is Tanjiro in the first season?

At the start of season 1, Tanjiro loses his entire family due to an attack by an unspecified monster; at only 13 years old at that point.

After two years of training on Mount Sagiri under Sakonji Urukodaki, however, he reached 15 and became an accomplished ninja – in both manga and anime versions of this story it happened during chapter 5, while anime adaptations had it occur within episode three of season 1.

Tanjiro Kamada quickly joined the Demon Slayer Corps after enrolling, going on several missions very rapidly and remaining the protagonist throughout its first season as 15-year-old Tanjiro Kamada was still the protagonist.

Tanjiro’s age in the second season.

Demon Slayer season two’s Entertainment District storyline was outstanding; combat scenes were amazing and animation superb – evidence that season 2 outdid its predecessor by far! This success of Demon Slayer shows its superiority over season one.

Age of Tanjiro in Season 2. Once again, Tanjiro Kamado remains 15 years old in Season 2, just about to turn 16 due to training at Butterfly Mansion.

In the last chapter of the anime and manga, how old will Tanjiro be?

Tanjiro will turn 16 when both manga and anime end, as confirmed in chapter 204 of manga. This date can be taken as definitive evidence that Tanjiro has indeed reached 16 years.

However, the manga ends with Tanjiro dead; at its conclusion, however, we see how his great-great-grandchildren are living happily demon-free lives.

Final Words

Now you know both his age and date of birth; “Demon Slayer” will take place over an approximate yearlong timeline; his first training as a Demon Slayer only requires several chapters or episodes; finally the crucial conflict with Muzan Kibutsuji will transpire just one year from now.

Tanjiro begins this tale at 15 years old; by the conclusion of the final arc he will have reached 16!

Now, that this article has come together, please forward this to any friends who may have asked how old Tanjiro was; hopefully you found what answers they were searching for here!

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