Honor Magic5 Series: Honor offer 100X Zoom 2023

Honor Magic5 Series: Honor, a subbrand of Huawei, produces smartphones in the HONOR Magic5 series. These devices stand out with their advanced features and sleek design. Highlights of these devices include advanced cameras large displays with sharp resolution, fast processors and long-lasting batteries. Furthermore, this series supports 5G networks and incorporates advanced AI technology. The most recent model in the lineup is Honor Magic5S.

About: Honor Magic5 Series

China recently unveiled their Honor 80 series with 160 MP cameras, but these won’t be the industry’s best cameras. Instead, we expect Honor Magic to be their flagship model and we have already seen early leaks of Honor Magic5. As we anticipate Mobile World Congress 2023 for Honor’s next flagship products – possibly including a rival to Samsung Galaxy S23 – we may see how well Honor stand against Samsung in this battle!

Honor Magic5 Series

Unverified sources have recently leaked Honor’s MWC 2023 teaser image. “Expect the Magic,” it reads, referring to Samsung Galaxy smartphone range specifically the Galaxy S23. As Samsung’s future flagships will launch early February rather than during MWC 2023 Honor hopes their Honor Magic 5 line will draw attention and demonstrate why they are optimistic about these new phones.

Honor Magic 5 cameras zoom 100x

Recently, the incredible photograph of our galaxy’s black hole taken by the Event Horizon Telescope was overshadowed by the impending release of Honor Magic 5 smartphone. Though the company has yet to announce a release date for their smartphone, MIIT has given their official blessing, suggesting it will be available shortly as their flagship model.

Honor Magic 5 prototypes all feature a triple-camera setup and the company is marketing it with the slogan “100x Zoom.” Although exact specifications of this camera remain unknown leaked information suggests it will feature an optical zoom lens capable of both 100x and 10x magnification. It is possible China may unveil these devices before Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

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