Google Bard: The ChatGPT rival is here 2024

Google Bard: Google’s experimental conversational AI service” Bard is set to launch in “the coming weeks” as a rival to ChatGPT. Like ChatGPT, this chatbot promises to answer complex questions and teach complex subjects through conversation. Plus, it will be connected to the web for “fresh, high-quality replies,” according to Google.

LaMDA powers Google’s Bard (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Like ChatGPT, this “big language model” was trained on a vast dataset and can read written human language. Google says Bard will be released to “trusted testers” today and to the public in weeks. They promise AI-powered capabilities “will begin spreading out throughout Google Search shortly,” though how exactly this will happen remains uncertain.

What exactly is Google Bard?

Bard, like ChatGPT, is a chatbot that uses deep learning techniques dubbed “big language models” like LaMDA.

Bard will debut on a “lightweight model” of LaMDA. Since this “far smaller model demands substantially less computational resources,” Google can grow the chatbot to more individuals.
AI’s early testing will blend Google’s internal testing with our external comments. Chatbots may be biassed and fuel cyberattacks, notwithstanding their advantages.

Google is “enthusiastic” about public chatbot testing, but there are hazards, which is why it’s been so careful to share Bard. ChatGPT’s spectacular ascent may have pushed Bard’s public launch.

What Can You Do Using Google Bard?

Google has demonstrated some of its capabilities, yet the extent of their impact has remained uncertain. Bard, however, is an upgrade to Google Search that could revolutionize how we search the web.

Google describes Bard as “an incubator for creativity” and a “launchpad for curiosity”, providing access to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, information about some of football’s top strikers, plus workouts designed to nurture your talents.”

Google Bard

Bard claims to use online data more comprehensively than Google Search when answering open-ended questions. Instead of simply answering basic questions like “how many keys does a piano have?”, Bard can delve deeper into more general topics like “is the piano or guitar easier to learn?”

Google promises that Search will “condense complex material and various perspectives into digestible forms” soon. Google says Bard allows you to “organize a friend’s baby shower,” compare two Oscar-nominated movies,” and get lunch recommendations based on what’s in your fridge.”

With advances in voice-activated assistance such as Google Assistant, we could soon have machines that appear to possess artificial intelligence.

Can you only get text Answers from Google Bard?

Google’s Bard, like ChatGPT, will first provide written responses to text requests. As Google has other AI technologies at their disposal, we should expect similar developments in video and audio production as well.

Google asserts that PaLM, Imagen and MusicLM, combined with LaMDA, offer “an entirely new means to interact with information”–from language and pictures to video and audio.
Google Search is making headway with AI technology, though its implementation may not be quite there yet. They’re “working to incorporate these newest AI developments into our products” by using a lightweight version of LaMDA software.

Google’s February 8 “Live from Paris” presentation will likely include Bard and how its AI capabilities will be integrated into Maps, Google Lens, and beyond.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT

Google will likely highlight Bard’s impressive skillset during a presentation on February 8th, which utilizes ChatGPT-like technologies.

Bard and ChatGPT are chatbots that utilize “big language models,” machine learning algorithms capable of creating, translating, and responding to prompts based on vast datasets.
Bard, Google’s “experimental conversational AI service,” was also trained by humans. ChatGPT lacks internet access so its understanding of events beyond 2021 may be limited.

Google claims AI “draws on information from the web” to provide timely answers. A leaked preview of Microsoft’s Bing with ChatGPT integration suggests this may soon be fully integrated with their search engine.

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