Rosalia Net Worth 2024: Age, Height, Career, and More

Rosalia Net Worth 2024: Rosalia boasts a net worth of $49 Million USD. A singer/songwriter hailing from Spain, Rosalia released her debut international hit single with J Balvin called “Con Altura,” becoming her eighth number-one single in Spain alone since her career began. Additionally, Rosalia holds eight Latin Grammy awards as well as three MTV Video Music Awards under her name.

Who is Rosalia?

Rosala Vila Tobella, better known by her stage name Rosala, is a Spanish singer-songwriter and record producer born September 25 1993 in Sant Esteve Sesrovires near Barcelona Spain. Rosala first gained global prominence through the 2017 single Malamente which achieved international success and garnered her several award nominations; since then Rosala has established herself as one of Spain’s premier flamenco R&B artists.

Rosalia Net Worth

Rosalia Net Worth 2024

Net Worth:$49 Million
Name:Rosalia Vila Tobella
Monthly Income:$2 Million
Date of Birth:September 25, 1992
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.70 m)
Age:31 Yrs
Profession:Music Artist, Singer

Early Life

Rosalia was born on 25 September 1993 in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, near Barcelona, Spain. Raised with a musical family background she developed an interest in flamenco music and dance from an early age. As she sang and played the piano as a child and later trained as classical flamenco dancer. In 2015 she moved to Barcelona to study contemporary flamenco music at Liceu Conservatory where she blended traditional Spanish sounds with contemporary pop, R&B, and hip-hop influences. Since then her sound evolved further by incorporating element of flamenco into pop, R&B and hip-hop influences.

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In 2017 Rosalia music career took off with the release of her single Malamente. The song went on to become a hit in Spain and eventually featured on her debut album “El Mal Querer.” Critics praised its unique blend of flamenco and R&B music earning Rosalia numerous nomination and awards such as the Spanish Music Prize for Best New Artist.

Rosalia has broken free from traditional Spanish music conventions since her debut, producing music that defies expectations. J Balvin, Billie Eilish and Travis Scott have collaborated with her due to her talent. In 2019, she released “El Mal Querer”, expanding both her musical range and solidifying her position as an influential pioneer within Spanish-language music scene.

Rosalia is renowned for her music and visually stunning music video often featuring elaborate costumes and choreography. Her advocacy for feminism and LGBTQ+ rights has also been lauded.

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Rosalia Cars Collections

Rosalia recently spent $680,000 USD to buy a Ferrari Roma. She also owns a $130,000 USD Range Rover Velar.

  • Audi Q8
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Tesla Model X

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music does Rosalía make?

Rosalia stands out for her unique fusion of flamenco music with contemporary pop, R&B and hip-hop influences. Her sound captures both traditional Spanish sounds as well as cutting-edge production techniques.

When was Rosalía born?

Rosalía was born on September 25, 1993, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, a town near Barcelona, Spain.

Where did Rosalía study music?

Rosalia completed her studies at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona where she focused on contemporary flamenco music.

Who has Rosalía collaborated with?

Rosalia has worked with lot of well known musician like J Balvin, Billie Eilish and Travis Scott.

What is Rosalía known for besides her music?

Rosalia is renowned for her music her fashion sense and visually stunning music video as well as her activism and support of various social and political causes.

Does Rosalía use autotune?

Yes. Rosalía has publicly acknowledged that she uses Autotune in most of her music.


Rosalia net worth has been estimated at approximately $55 Million as of 2024; however, this may not reflect her true wealth accurately. Celebrities’ net worth can fluctuate over time depending on factors like income from music sales, touring contracts and brand deals, investment deals or income from new musical albums released.

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