Hero Cantare Tier List (April 2024)

Hero Cantare Tier List: This mobile role-playing game, Hero Cantare, is based on a WebToon. This game features the WebToon cast in a role-playing experience. There are multiple game types to choose from, including PvP, PvE, and Boss modes. Hero Cantare’s modes allow for a wide variety of play experiences, each with its own set of interesting elements.

All the information you need regarding the abilities and stats of every character in Hero Cantare can be found in this article, Hero Cantare – Tier List.

Hero Cantare Tier List

Hero Cantare Tier List

There are more than 60 playable characters in Hero Cantare, and they all have unique abilities and weaknesses. These heroes’ meta performance will determine if they are S-, A-, B-, or C-Tier. Our Hero Cantare Tier List also includes a ranking of all playable characters according to their function in the game.

  • Heroes in Tier S: Heroes in Tier S are the best in the game and should be your first choices when putting together a new team.
  • Tier A Heroes: Heroes in Tier A are seen as valuable characters, and in some ways, they can be better than heroes in Tier S.
  • Heroes in Tier B: Heroes in Tier B are better than average, and some of them could do really well in certain game modes.
  • Heroes in Tier C: Heroes in Tier C aren’t as good of a choice.
  • Tier D Heroes – Heroes in Tier D aren’t very good, but you can still use them if you’re out of other options.

Hero Cantare Tier List: S

It’s recommended that you use these playable characters as often as possible while putting together a squad. Their abilities and statistics are now the best in the metagame.

Character NameTier
Black-March BamTier-S
Crusade Mira YooTier-S
Heavenly WarlordTier-S
Jade Emperor Daewi HanTier-S
Witch of the West Mira YooTier-S
Yeon’s Flame KhunTier-S

Hero Cantare Tier List: A

Character NameTier
Yuri HaTier-A
Idol RockcrawlerTier-A
Master Pooh UpoohTier-A
God Killer ZeroTier-A

Hero Cantare Tier List: B

Character NameTier
EndorsiTier- B
ArmesTier- B
ZeroTier- B
HwaryunTier- B
Urek MazinoTier- B
Heart HeaterTier- B
Max Level WarriorTier- B
Greatsword Warrior SoraTier- B
JahadTier- B
BamTier- B
ArgyllTier- B
ArinTier- B
Green Ap-ril Yuri HaTier- B
HaetaeTier- B
Ilpyo ParkTier- B

Tier List: C

Character NameTier
D. MaschennyTier- C
DaisyTier- C
LightTier- C
Daewi HanTier- C
DarkTier- C
Choco BibiTier- C
CurtisTier- C
Khun AgueroTier- C
JackTier- C
Mira YooTier- C
OdetteTier- C
Sujin LeeTier- C
Taek JegalTier- C
ValkyrieTier- C
White AlbeldaTier- C

Tier D Heroes

Character NameTier
ClaudeTier- D
King UmaTier- D
Chi ChiTier- D
Hardcore Levelling WarriorTier- D
Manjin SangTier- D
Chi PongTier- D
Mori JinTier- D
RockcrawlerTier- D
D. Khun EdahnTier- D
LimeTier- D
LiddieTier- D
Phantom ThiefTier- D
Rak WrathraiserTier- D
Pooh UpoohTier- D
SoraTier- D

Who are Hero Cantare’s worst characters?

The worst characters in the Hero Cantare game are Mori Jin, Pooh Upooh, Rockcrawler, Phantom Thief, Sora, and Rak Wrathraiser.

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