Genshin Impact Akademiya Q and A: Get All 6 Correct Answers

Genshin Impact Akademiya Q and A: Are you having difficulty answering Akademiya questions in Genshin Impact? Don’t fret: we have got you covered with our handy cheat sheet with all of the correct Akademiya answers in Genshin Impact! By completing the Q&A quests in Genshin Impact Sumeru region, new quests, characters, NPC, Archon quest and exciting puzzles may become available to unlock through it all!

Genshin Impact makes talking to Akademiya and answering his questions correctly an essential goal, yet many players get stuck at this point. But don’t fret over finding answers for Akademiya; we have cheat codes available that will ensure a seamless gameplay experience without obstacles or delays! So take a look at Akademiya Answers in Genshin Impact; they are guaranteed to help you pass with 100% score.

Genshin Impact Akademiya Q and A

All 6 Correct Answers of Genshin Akademiya Q And A Genshin

Akademiya Q&A is a Daily Commission that can be obtained randomly by Genshin Impact players in Sumeru, the latest region added to the game and distinguished by its Dendro element. To complete it successfully, players need to talk with NPC Ziryab and answer three random questions that have been chosen at random from this Daily Commission. Answering all three questions correctly won’t bring any extra rewards, but can count as an achievement. Therefore, rather than guessing, focus on finding accurate answers to maximise your chances of success.

Complete all six questions correctly to unlock the “Scholarly in Sumeru” achievement and earn Primogems for your efforts. Here are all of the correct answers for all six question.

What’s the name of the Darshan with the largest number of researchers?Amurta
What’s the name of this Darshan?Spantamad
What’s the name of the tree holding up the Akademiya?Divine Tree
What’s the name of those barriers?Wall of Samiel
What’s the name of the beast?Sumpter Beast
What’s the name of the monster?Fungi

Final Words

Here are all the accurate Akademiya Q and in Genshin Impact. If you want to complete the quest quickly, make sure to answer all the questions correctly in Genshin Impact. Go ahead and answer Akademiya questions with confidence.

Note: It’s important to try answering the questions on your own first before using the cheat sheet. Using the cheat sheet may ruin the game and the satisfaction of solving the puzzles yourself.

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