Elden Ring Pokemon Mod: Superb Elden Ring Mod Adds Pokemon

Elden Ring Pokemon Mod: An ambitious Elden Ring mod includes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. A new video shows an ambitious Elden Ring mod that crosses FromSoftware’s open world epic with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Since it came out earlier this year, Elden Ring has been a huge hit for FromSoftware. Modders help keep fans interested by producing modifications for the game.

There have been several Elden Ring modifications, but the game has also seen official content upgrades. Elden Ring introduced PvP DLC lately that unlocked the colosseums in the Lands Between. Elden Ring DLC expansions are also rumoured, although nothing formal has been confirmed by FromSoftware. While fans wait for more official post-launch material, modders will continue generating unauthorised content. This would incorporate the previously announced Pokemon mod that transforms Elden Ring into a Pokemon-themed adventure.

The Tarnished is transformed into a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainer, while Torrent is replaced by the legendary Pokemon Koraidon.

Elden Ring Pokemon Mod

Elden Ring Pokemon Mod

Elden Ring adversaries are also changed out for Paldea area Pokemon, with players facing anything from Normal-type Pokemon Lechonk to Fuecoco’s Fire/Ghost-type Skeledirge. The mod uses game’s wandering mausoleums to place Pokemon Centers on top of them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this Elden Ring Pokemon mod is presently accessible. Since Nintendo is generally proactive in protecting its IP, it would likely be removed soon. There are numerous different Elden Ring modifications for FromSoftware’s open world game, but none match the grandeur of this Pokemon one.

Arestame, the modder who produced this Elden Ring mod, has made additional tweaks for the game that have been shown off in movies like this. Not long after The Game Awards event, when someone rushed the stage during Elden Ring’s Game of the Year acceptance speech and cited Bill Clinton, Arestame made a version that introduced the former US president to the game. The Elden Ring Bill Clinton mod is one of the oddest modifications for the game, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its mods.

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