Edge Computing: Everything you need to know

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. Traditional cloud computing uses data centres that may be remote from devices and client.


Edge computing can gather data from sensors on factory floors, analyze it in real-time and improve production methods in the manufacturing industry. To enhance safety and efficiency in freight, it can analyze data from cameras and other sensors on moving vehicles. The healthcare industry can use edge computing to process and analyze data from wearables and medical devices, such as blood glucose sensors and heart rate monitors.

Benefits of Edge Computing

One of the main benefits of edge computing is that it can greatly reduce the latency of data processing and analysis. Processing data closer to where it is created can greatly speed up response times. By lowering bandwidth required to send data to and from faraway data centres, it may also save expenses.

Edge computing


One of the biggest challenges of edge computing is the complexity of managing and maintaining distributed systems. Edge computing distributes data and processing across multiple devices and places, making it challenging to assure system service and data security. It’s also tough to organise updates and upgrades across many devices and locations, making the system management challenging.


By bringing processing and data storage closer to the point of need, edge computing speeds up responses and reduces bandwidth use. It boosts production and saves money in several industries. Managing and sustain distributed systems may be tough since it’s hard to make sure they operate and data is safe.

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