Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, what is it About?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is fascinating, but is it legit or simply fanservice? Dragon Ball has spawned more than a dozen films, but none like this movie. It’s unlike previous Dragon Ball movies in many ways. The first comedy in a while. One of the few films where Goku isn’t the main character. The first CGI film in the series. In America, it’s the first Dragon Ball movie rated PG-13.

There are numerous firsts and differences, especially with Gohan and Piccolo. On a deeper level, the picture focuses more on humour than action, and significant plots are hardly hinted at. So people are questioning whether movie is legit.

Story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Piccolo is the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. He spends his days teaching Gohan’s daughter Pan how to fight. Gohan appears more interested in researching bugs than training, which frustrates him. Gohan doesn’t mind since the world is at peace and he never loved fighting.

The Red Ribbon Army convinces Dr. Gero’s son, Dr. Hero, to join and construct androids to combat evil. This is a deception since the army plans to utilise the androids to destroy the Z Fighters, but Dr. Hero doesn’t know this. When the robots escape, Piccolo must urge Gohan to return to combat. Also, Goku, Vegeta, and Brolly train for five minutes on another planet.

Who Is the Creator of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Toei Animation developed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero like all the others. The movie is entirely CGI, a first for the series. While the characters appear and sound the same, CGI animation changes how they move and interact. Goku and Vegeta merely had a cameo appearance, which has confused fans.
Who created the script may be important to Dragon Ball fans. Akira Toriyama wrote the script. As far as we can determine, the series creator is the only writer for this picture. This may indicate if Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is canon.


Despite what fans anticipated (or maybe desired), Dragon Ball SuperSuper Hero is canon. It follows Brolly Toriyama writes alone. Bulma gives two new characters work at Capsule Corp, which would explain their appearance in the following film.

Without this finale, fans might easily skip this movie. Story strands link to the previous film and build up future parts. Toriyama developed the script for the movie, and nothing is done without his consent. Toriyama wouldn’t have approved if the movie didn’t count. So yeah, Super Hero is different. Fans were disappointed. It’s canon, so enjoy.

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