Dragon Ball: The Breakers Item Codes, Latest (December 2022)

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Item Codes: Dragon Ball: The Breakers brings Akira Toriyama’s legendary fighting anime/manga series to online survival co-op, or “asymmetrical action” In 7-versus-1, Survivor vs Raider bouts, non-superpowered characters must escape Frieza, Cell, and Buu. Free products are available. Dragon Ball: The Breakers item codes explained.

Goku Salute Emote Dragon Ball: The Breakers Item Codes (December 2022)

Dragon Ball The Breakers Item Codes

Two cosmetics, talents, and characters need a code to unlock: Goku’s Salute and the Fusion Dance emote. To unlock both of these goods, approach Code Robo in the hub area. Then, pick the option to utilise a QR code to connect your Bando Namcai ID to your account. If you don’t have a Bando Namco ID, make one up here.

After talking to the blue mail bot next to Code Robo, the Goku Salute and a Spirit Siphon will be in your mailbox.

Fusion Dance Emote Dragon Ball: The Breakers Item Codes (December 2022)

Getting the item code for the Fusion Dance emote is more harder and needs a buddy. When playing on the same platform, you and your buddy will each need to chat to Code Robo again, this time choosing the option to provide a friend link code. After receiving your five-digit code, you and your companion must switch. Enter each other’s codes to acquire your Fusion Dance emote and a Spirit Siphon ticket.
That’s all there is to know about the newest Dragon Ball: The Breakers item codes.

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