Dragon Ball: The Breakers Item Codes (April 2024)

Dragon Ball The Breakers has rapidly become one of most played online games in the world. It gives players numerous options to rise their character and make them more efficient in their gameplay The most well-known method is items codes.

Items codes let players purchase special items in games together coded items. They can be obtained by diverse ways like ordering the game in advance, taking part in tournaments, or by following the twitter account.

Dragon Ball The Breakers Item Codes

In this post we’ll look at the accurate items available in Dragon Ball The Breakers.

What is Dragon Ball The Breakers?

Dragon Ball: Players take control of one of seven survivors in order to outwit an enemy known as Raider from another dimension, their main objective being evasion of his pursuit & reaching Temporal Seam safely via Super Time Machine before time runs out, with each passing second making Raider increasingly powerful.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Item Codes (Active)

  • No legitimate cheat codes are currently available for Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Expired Codes

Redeem CodeReward
NEW YEAR2,500 Super Warrior Spirits
In-game Message230,000 Zeni, Season 1 Summon Ticket x10
Thankyouforplaying50,000 Zeni
DBTB1,500 Super Warriors Spirits
FALL202250,000 Zeni
AUTUMN1,500 Super Warrior Spirits
NOVEMBER50,000 Zeni
DECEMBER50,000 Zeni
WINTER2,500 Super Warrior Spirits
COUNTDOWN50,000 Zeni

Redeem Dragon Ball The Breakers Item Codes

To use an item code, follow these steps.

  • Launch Dragon Ball The Breakers.
  • Select “Item Code” from the main menu.
  • Enter the code & click “Redeem”.

Your inventory will now contain this item.

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