Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay leaks online

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay leaks online: A Reddit user posted pre-release Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay. Reddit uploaded a small video and screenshots from an official playtester. The leak was said to include photos, clips, and a description of the full game footage that had not yet been posted.

One dungeon takes 20 minutes to complete. The leaker, Revanchisto, said that the whole game takes place in Weisshaupt at the Gray Warden headquarters.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay leaks online

The player’s character is an “Elvish Knight” who uses a sword and shield, though their character screen will show that they are actually a “Mid-Level Grey Warden.” Another knight and a female dwarf rogue complete their party. I think both models are placeholders.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay leaks online

Roots and red lyrium are everywhere as darkspawn attack Weisshaupt. Strangely, the darkspawn can use Crimson Lyrium-powered attacks and have red eyes. You’ll fight Darkspawn to reach the library. A massive dragon attacks from above. The story ends when you close the library doors and face the dragon.

The Reddit poster also calls the gameplay “similar to a hack and slash,” perhaps referencing God of War (2018), the game’s main inspiration. The movie has “drastically” improved animation, with fluid movement, stunning character hair, and sophisticated combat.

Fans are delighted to see early footage and screenshots being shared on social media despite their removal. They’re now frame-by-frame studying the new leak for clues about the game’s secrets in Weisshaupt and the revamped battle system.

These reports and leaks have us drooling until we can play the game. People who have been waiting for Dragon Age 4 news will want to jump in.

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