Dino Crisis Remake: What happened to the game?

Dino Crisis Remake: Life works out. Where is Capcom’s Dino Crisis? You’re not alone. Dino Crisis might be remade. A PlayStation game from 1999 called Dino Crisis was like Resident Evil with dinosaurs. Dino Crisis helped establish the survival horror genre before Silent Hill came out. We haven’t seen a Dino Crisis since 2003’s Dino Crisis 3, but some of us haven’t given up hope.

Dino Crisis Remake: Is it coming?

Dino Crisis Remake

Shinji Mikami is working with PlatinumGames and Capcom. Mikami created Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. Mikami’s Facebook page mentions a “remake” with Capcom and Platinum games. He quit Resident Evil to work on Platinum’s Vanquish.

Mikami just released Ghostwire Tokyo at Tango Gameworks. We’re not sure whether Microsoft-owned Tango is involved, but imagine if it remakes a PlayStation exclusive. Some say it’s PS2’s God Hand. Someone “claiming” to be connected to Mikami teased a God Hand remake on Reddit, although it may be a scam.

Where is Dino Crisis Remake Now?

Dino Crisis 3 stalled the franchise. In 2014, Monster Hunter Online’s Tao Weish expressed interest in a comeback.

Capcom refuted rumours of internal development in 2017, but subsequently claimed Dino Crisis might return “if a lot of players want.” Capcom promised to revive “dormant IP” and trademarked a Dino Crisis remake in 2019.

All of the aforementioned have failed. 2023’s Exoprimal is reminiscent to Dino Crisis. Most people think Dino Crisis is extinct after 19 years.

Capcom has earned a lot with its Resident Evil remakes, so bringing back Dino Crisis would be a dino-mite idea.

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